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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vladimir Skachko: My colleagues declared enemies

Chief editor of the Kyiv newspaper told how the Ukrainian media turned into a propaganda machine

June 2, 2014, 20:50

Text: Mikhail Moshkin, Marina Baltaeva

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“It’s not even censorship, it’s a combination of censorship with the control. Censorship is a ban on ideas at the time of admission all the same though lung critical eye. Here criticism is not allowed at all”, – said the newspaper VIEW chief editor of “Kyiv Telegraph” Vladimir Skachko. He described the pressure exerted he and his colleagues are trying to defend a different position than the majority of Ukrainian journalists.

That the Kiev regime is all in the name of de-Russification of maximum, experts told earlier in interview to the newspaper VIEW. According to them, it is against such a policy and directed the rebellion in the South-East.

According to observers, one of the tasks of de-Russification – a ban on Russian language and culture. At the same time it is imposed “maximum Ukrainization”. The main task – to make Ukraine the “anti-Russia”. TV channels have become one of the mainstays of the Kiev regime, it also interrupted the broadcasting of Russian TV channels.

Chief editor of “Kyiv Telegraph” Vladimir Skachko said the newspaper VIEW on how gradually the Kiev authorities have submitted almost all Ukrainian journalism.

OPINION: Vladimir Sergeevich, how is it that in many Ukrainian media has developed a friendly anti-Russian consensus?

Vladimir Skachko: This is the General line of people that fuel the journalistic community of the Western grants. Moreover, increasingly reduced the level of Ukrainian journalism.

People whose consciousness is not “disfigured” intelligence, very easy to buy into jingoistic slogans. And if we feed well, then people become a paid “professional Ukrainians” who for the love of Ukraine, want to obtain money, and big. What is most interesting, they get it.

Western grantors in Ukraine was engaged in the reformation of public consciousness, brainwashing, the creation of agents of influence, which received a resounding name of “civil society activists”. They concluded from the “orange revolution” in 2004. Then if they relied on the people’s protest, over the nine years they have created a well-trained militants.

Vladimir Skachko (photo: Grigory Sysoev/RIA Novosti)

On the other hand, they have created agents of influence, the so-called third sector, is configured exclusively Pro-Western, and ensured the arrival of these civil society activists in almost all more or less visible media – primarily on TV. People just work there in the given key: “Russia is the enemy”.

A segment of journalism that tried to reflect not even a Russophile, but different, more or less objective point of view, tried to show that the West is not so good, were obstructed. The next day after the coup on February 22 journalists, Pro-Russian, encouraged to declare persona non grata in the information space.

OPINION: However, before the closing of the editions of the case has not yet reached…

V. S.: They close completely the other way. Or hacker attacks, or overlapping financial flows, pressure on the owners of these Newspapers. The last paper, which was – “2000” – just filled up the hacking so-called kibersotnya Maidan.

For example, I’m editor – in-chief of the newspaper “Kiev Telegraph”. The owner has no funds on it. Sell it it doesn’t, so we exist in the mode of the Internet resource at the newspaper, and the newspaper is dead. We are in limbo. At any moment we may be close.

Thank God, physical impact is not reached: while all limited to the most severe trolling, threats on social networks, via e-mail. Declare a person an enemy in the blogosphere. I’m one of those declared persona non grata. If I could you list what you send me! A guide to the study of serial killers, insults, threats.

A great number of my colleagues who were declared enemies, went to Moscow and there nestled. It’s a stupid position, you need to fight here.

OPINION: Maybe, still there are differences in tone from different publications? For example, someone sympathizes with Tymoshenko, someone- Poroshenko

V. S.: almost no Differences. It highlights on the cake. The cake shared, and the cherry one green, the other red. Main mainstream: “Russia is the enemy”. The fact that they are fighting among themselves, that is, of course, the prototype of the future cracks, splits.

Applied Russophobia began to give its fruits – Moscow really began to consider the number one enemy more and more broad masses of the population. Blame all the troubles, not stupidity, not idleness, not servility, and Moscow, which dreams of how supposedly shit Ukrainians.

OPINION: approximately What percentage of the people of Kiev believe that the only way to solve the problems of the South-East is to destroy “separatists”?

V. S.: About two-thirds of Kiev, unfortunately, was very receptive. The people killed the ability to look objectively. The question is always: either-or.

OPINION: So these two-thirds believe all the messages for example, that in Donetsk fighting mainly Chechens?

V. S.: Yes, in the immature brain it’s all very easy hammered… 23 years later exhibit all the same attitudes that emerged in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, which provided 92% of the votes in the referendum for the independence of Ukraine. Then the whole media campaign was based on the famous principle: “Who ate our bacon? Moskal. Who leads our girls in the office? Moskal. Who eats our vodka without eating? Moskal. Now, if we Moskal expel, everything will remain to us, and we begin to live”. The same nonsense is being implemented now.

Severe economic, social situation, civil war, stress, polluted city, unimaginable crowds, wandering the city with shouts, slogans, bats in their hands, all this drives people into depression. As they say, stupid patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Very easy to create stereotypes and mass hysteria, especially on Patriotic grounds.

It’s not even censorship, it’s a combination of censorship with the control. Censorship is a ban on ideas at the time of admission all the same though lung critical eye. Here criticism is not allowed at all. Freedom of speech exists in Ukraine, media freedom is not at all. Some publications – exceptions, but they confirm the General rule.

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