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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The results of the Eurovision song contest: the political order or the audience is foolish

Philip Kirkorov – Oh, I’ll give him that! – prolific producer, whose eyes flash at the word “Eurovision”, but this year Sergey Lazarev had to go to Sweden with Sergey Lavrov. In the final, when the jury put the marks, the Minister would have to stand next to our competitor, I almost hugged him by the shoulders, and heartfelt, but that slightly sarcastic smile. Mysterious. Pointedly. As he is able. And when the next assessment would fall to a “zero” or sought to it, in the person of the Minister of foreign Affairs had to slip in a gentle shadow, which would say: “well…”, “yeah…”, “Okay…”

And they’d have freaked out. He refused to put “zero” where the audience gave a lot of heart and soul. Because between the professional rating and the audience’s sympathy, of course, can be the difference. But not the abyss. Otherwise one of voting is stupid. And consider the fool the audience – it’s a spit in the soul of the whole audience.

The current Eurovision song contest, which brought Russia the third place – honorable of course, because it is also contrary to! – finally turned the music contest into a political one. We’ve waited for this. I thought it would be last year. But then the jury still decided not to behave so shameless and blatantly politicized, still disguised personal preferences under professional criticism, tried to save face and to simulate objectivity. And this broke.

Well, it happens.


Resentment. Envy. Rejection. Even a rejection. Maybe somewhere and hatred. That’s what was behind some of the assessments of some members of the jury. And it was so clearly what caused not even a grudge – laughter. But, each of us although, of course, not laurels, but after a laugh, remember. And about Belarus, Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, we evaluate on merit, presumably, against the wishes of the others, too. Not blind.

Officiating at the Eurovision song contest was another stone against Russia. Another veiled offer to repent. To find in ourselves the sins and vices. To inflate an inferiority complex. And once again hysterically ask,”Why in the world do not like Russia?”

Although it is necessary to ask different. A little, but in a different way.

And what Europe we love?

For the first place in the world by area? For the outputs to more than a dozen seas and three of the four existing oceans? For natural resources? For an almost perfect landscape? Note: the fact that we live as we live, that we do not have to Europe any of the internal problems. For what we are – a nuclear power? For the leading position in outer areas? Or we must love the stranger returned, contrary to the political interests of the Crimea? Perhaps, for the movement “Immortal regiment”, which this year has covered many countries of Europe?

It would seem, “Here it is! Yes! Of course! Over the last, certainly!” We defeated fascism? Liberated Europe at the cost of millions of lives of Soviet people? …And you know what a great moral debt that will never be paid, and the need constantly to feel a deep sense of gratitude, and transmit them from generation to generation – the most severe of moral tests that can befall a nation? No, the Russians do not know. Because they never have nothing to anyone must. Even so, in General a mere trifle in the scale of world politics as a victory in the Eurovision song contest.

And let Ukraine takes the competition in 2017. it’s very necessary. Just desperately. And for the affirmation. And to attract the attention of all Europe. And as a little moral pie for the Ukrainians: “We appreciated! Europe with us! Will not leave! Everything will be fine! Ever…” And, by the way, Eurovision has shown the important, perhaps most important: people of Russia – they remain for Ukraine, ordinary Ukrainians and for Russians. So let no offense and sarcasm will give them the victory at the Eurovision song contest. And won’t despite voiced in the final threat from them that, say, if Russia wins, they in Moscow will not come, to boycott the next contest.

Europe says that Russia won the Second World war and not Russia won the Eurovision song contest in 2016… Okay. Suppose that in 2017 the capital of the competition will be Kiev. I hope the contestant from Russia Iosif Kobzon accompanied by the Symphony orchestra of the Ministry of Defence under the baton of Valery Khalilov will sing there at the end of “Victory Day”. Let and in English.

Not in order to prove the axiom, as it is known, needs no proof. And not even in order to win the Eurovision song contest 2017.

Just to remind you about a lot of things…

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