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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The jury of “Eurovision” was a professional political

“Eurovision 2016” has become the Prime example of how direct democracy differs from representative. As a result, Ukraine exults: born in Kyrgyzstan, the daughter of Armenian and Crimean Tatar Susanna Dzhamaladinova brought to Kiev’s second victory. The Crimean authorities have already advised the former metropolis, where to get money to host the contest next year to sell the Western part of the country Poland.

However, with what money to hold the next festival, Ukraine, perhaps, will understand itself – it’s that insignificant part of sovereignty, which the Kiev authorities still have.

“The Ukrainian minproperty can go and retire in full force. Despite more than two years to indoctrinate the citizens of Ukraine, “the Russian aggression”, in people it didn’t work”

Despite the poverty of the state budget, the oligarchs, which have increased his fortune as President Petro Poroshenko would be able to chip in and provide those guests who are not afraid to come to Kiev.

For us more interesting is how the voting went down. Perhaps the “Eurovision 2016” has become one of the most illustrative examples of how direct democracy differs from representative. Or rather, how the so called professional jury are contrary to the position of the peoples of the participating countries.

The most striking example demonstrated, of course, the winner country. In Ukraine the audience gave to the representative of Russia Sergey Lazarev maximum possible 12 points. Ukrainian minproperty can go and retire in full force. Despite more than two years to indoctrinate the citizens of Ukraine, “the Russian aggression”, in people it didn’t work.

The Ukrainian people gave the Russian representative in the first place. The Ukrainian jury is still zero. What could be more visible?

Also Russia took the first place at televoting Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Germany. On the second place put Russia Hungary, Greece, Israel, Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, Slovenia, Czech Republic, San Marino. Third place was given Georgia, Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Croatia, Britain.

Less than all of the Russian artist gave viewers of Denmark and the Netherlands are 4 and 3 points respectively.

The jury hypothetically had to “adjust” the opinion of the people – just as it is assumed that democratically elected authorities should control, based on the opinion of people.

It turned out that in the EU there are exactly two countries where the jury is not very different from folk. This is Greece and Cyprus. Viewers of these countries has put Russia in second place, and jury – at first. Also first place Russia gave the jury of Belarus and Azerbaijan. The jury of Armenia, by the way, Russia gave only two points – probably due to resentment toward Russia’s desire to remain above the fray during the recent escalation of the Karabakh conflict.

The zeros of Russia has put Georgia, Poland, Denmark, Slovenia, Israel, Macedonia and some other countries. But it is important not so much zero us how many concurrent 12 – to Ukraine. If this is not a political vote – then what can be called political?

Low assessed Russia, and aspiring to the EU of the Serbian jury – they also put Ukraine on the first place, and Russia “the bounty” was given one point and tenth place.

 Thus, if we leave aside the artistic merits of the songs that probably impacted some viewers and some very principled members of the jury, from a political point of view, the following picture emerges: citizens of most European countries or is well disposed to Russia. Against Ukraine they also did not have – for the simple reason that despite a quarter century of nation-building, revolution and now the war, the average European still does not realize that Ukraine is not just independent of Moscow, the country, and a country that is sharply hostile to Russia. So in their minds there is no dichotomy “Or for Russia or for Ukraine.”

Also the vast majority of countries there is no clear division “for Armenia or for Azerbaijan, “for Greece or for Turkey”, “Serbia or Kosovo”, “of Britain or Argentina”. Bilateral conflicts have little concern citizens of third countries and to seek somewhere signs of “support” is stupid and pointless.

Russia is still well treated on Ukraine and Russia to Ukraine. “Resentment” Armenia “insufficient” support during the recent escalation of the conflict also has under itself the slightest reason, this country we still appreciate and love – the first place and according to the audience and the jury. As, however, and Azerbaijan, which took second place in the jury vote and fifth in the folk.

Russian jury has shown itself to be politicized only in relation to Ukraine, sending it to the second place from the end rather than the beginning, unlike the audience. But it would be strange if all judges were politicized, and we only put the refined connoisseurs of pure art.

But it is important to emphasize that the majority of other items, the opinion of our audiences and our jury is not so drastic. The second exception is Britain, which the jury put at fifth place, and the audience – on the 25th, the last.

So at the end of the contest Ukraine can be congratulated for their political victory despite the lack of willingness to provide financial support and immediately to abolish visas, the European authorities are ready to accept such overtures as “Eurovision”. Clearly politicized the vote of the majority of the European jury confirms it. That is the only thing help is likely to be limited.

And Russia has once again received the confirmation that the citizens of most of the States around us, including Ukraine, belong to our country without the hostility, which they vigorously develop propaganda and which are regularly faced by many users of Facebook. Russophobia inherent only in separate representatives of political elite, what makes you think – and whether European democracy reflects the opinion of European voters?

We also again proved that no attributed to our “hatred” towards Ukraine in Russia and there was not. Kiev authorities punitive “ATO” us to love not for that, and the Ukrainian people, including such exotic its representatives, both born in Kyrgyzstan Armenian-Tatar, we continue to love and appreciate.

In all these overt and covert European political landscape, the black sheep is Australia. Antipodes frostily reacted to Russian and to Ukrainian songs, giving them a 5 and 8 points, respectively, according to viewers. Jury with “kangaroo island” has given Ukraine two points, and the us – none at all. Since any claims to Australia, not one European country is not and was not, the second place – perhaps the only truly reflecting the dignity of the musical numbers.

The popular vote was won by Russia. And the fact that the jury of most of Europe was completely contrary to folk, makes this victory even more valuable. Perhaps assessing how their representatives are voting for the music competition, the Europeans will think more seriously about how to behave in those who must Express their interests in politics.

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