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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Grand paradox of “Eurovision”: why won Jamal

“Eurovision 2016” was over in Stockholm with a Grand paradox – totally unpredictable and totally fair. Arising from this conflict cognitive dissonance as supporters and critics of the victory of Ukraine, Ukrainian singer Jamala with a song “1944”, caused a state of shock and awe. And only after the first General emotional wave this state has predictably divided: one – joyful delight, others bewilderment, and even depressed anger.

Professional areproposed mosek leave, perhaps today alone – they are already advertising our find where to naturalise relish. Calling Jamal to her song the best room contest at the first rehearsal (which then it was impossible to fend off a string of media), even I did not expect such an outcome.

Little did I have favorite numbers same band Regina of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Moscow “Eurovision-2009” with the song Bistra Voda – 9th place, though burst! But the song is still a pleasure, sometimes the Studio listening…

Predskazuemo was more of a victory DAMI Im with her SIA-such a powerful ballad Sound of Silence. But frisky breakthrough the Aussies have a professional jury at the very beginning of voting, immediately aroused the alarm and suspicion. After all the pandemonium with the new algorithm announcements separately the results of voting of jury and spectators was started just to the intrigue of unpredictability remained until the last, and not as in previous years, when the middle of the vote, the audience has already guessed the final outcome and often switched their televisions to other channels, messing up the statistics and ratings. “So, DAMI will win?! he thought, ” Is still Lazarev?!”.

A sea of compliments and Sergey Lazarev, Philip Kirkorov! Snide grimace of fate did not deprive them of the presence of spirit and dignity, and they found it within themselves to congratulate the noble and Jamal, and Ukraine with the victory that it was hard to imagine at the General informational background that prevailed in our media space in the days of the competition.

But there is no need to be a prophet to understand how deep and understandable was their disappointment, when at the last second, already beating nearest rival Jamal, with its 323 points in televoting and has ALREADY become the winner of the audience award with 360 points, Sergey suddenly finds himself in third place when the computer, shuffle lines, add on the points from the jury, where our pop hero was only fifth.

Out, as in the report of Lenin on the tax in kind, is formally correct, but in fact a mockery. DAMI Im, who won the jury left the second. Lazarev, who won eurosportall, we’ve remained with “bronze” – i.e. with the nose. Both formal winner in flight! And never winning Jamal did all the pen and was such with a Crystal microphone Grand prizers! But the figures – a stubborn thing. Priiplyusovali was not designated, and the points from which came the tricky castling. Before this “kitchen” was invisible. The intrigue of the event organizers, I must say, was a success!

Even more unbearable, Mr. Lazarus should be in thoughts that, when Bilan won in 2008, profille and no one asked. Their scores were a backup in case, for example, unexpected loss of televoting, which, incidentally, happened to t.A.T.u. in 2003 in Riga. That is, if it weren’t for those innovative “freaks”, at Sheremetyevo would land on Sunday our new eurotripping! To calm yourself can except the fact that Bilan would not have won in this situation because “backup” then the voices were not in his favor.

However, all the three main finalists present “Performed” – Jamal, DAMI Im, Sergey Lazarev is more than worthy of not only its result, and each victory. But on Olympus, only one place. Australian to the public was, apparently, a few puppet. Lazarev jury “not doljubili” possibly for didacticism of the notorious “Euroformat” – not a song, but a living illustration in the tutorial contest. And “unformatted” Jamal, apart from the fact that the singer filigree, made a winning bet on something that is so sentimental audience loves the personal story and poignant soulfulness that has always distinguished the winners of the last years: the same Bilan, Marija šerifović, or Conchita Wurst with the Swede Mons for all their stylistic raznovidnosti.


Ah, Yes, another damned politician! Where do without her? After all, it only many will now explain why once again “flooded” Russia.

On the item “the debriefing” should of course note that, in contrast to 2014, when Russia pretty discouraged old Europe unexpected “vossoedinenie” outburst, and the sisters Tolmachev in Copenhagen because of this mercilessly zabyivay (though gave them 7th place!), now in Stockholm our messenger Lazarev was accompanied by exceptionally enthusiastic and interested reception. However, as Polina Gagarina last year in Vienna. The talk about “political disaster” in case of a victory of Russia on “Eurovision”, of course, was carried out. That said, however, that this victory was considered quite likely.

And, of course, would not want to offend anyone, but seems to be a fabulist Ivan Krylov sevetal everyone in the school curriculum: “other Than the gossips take to work, not the best eh, godfather, back?”. Before poking around in the politically motivated vote in other countries, should not wonder why Jamal didn’t get any points from our jury? So poorly made? Same question, by the way, is to ask the jury about Ukrainian Sergey Lazarev. And without waiting for a reply from both sides, shouting: “shame!

Fortunately, unlike the agitprop mosek (that wanted not to remember!) viewers of our countries, despite all the propaganda ogallalas, were wiser, more humane and more fair having made a genuine breakthrough in common sense. As well, however, that the organizers have divided the data on voting, since we now know that the citizens of Ukraine gave Russia the maximum 12 points! And the citizens of Russia said Ukraine more modest, but generous – a solid ten!

And when Jamal issued a press release stating that does not give interviews to the Russian media, it did not generalize, but quite understandable want to protect themselves from the not so decent people and provocations, than she had no time to deal. Anyway, “MK – media to the core of the Russian – Ukrainian singer in an interview refused.

No matter how speculated about the “true motives” of the song “1944”, the artist kept to the correctness of the wording, in spite of all its emotionality, which, of course, called to her from the audience and the European press genuine sympathy.

– I was sure that, if you sing, tell the truth and about the truth, it somehow will affect people, ” explained Jamal their motives and feelings on winning the press conference late at night after eurofinal, – My song is dedicated not only to personal history, the fate of my great-grandmother, but it applies to all those people on Earth that have in the past experienced tragedies such as the Holocaust. When I was preparing for my speech, then again listened to the great soundtrack by Itzhak Perlman for the movie “Schindler’s List”. This is an incredible work! I wish my song, maybe not so great, but would concern the same subject…

The Ukrainian press, however, differs, sometimes, no less briskness than our media. On provocative hypothetical question: “Won Ukraine, your homeland of Crimea, would you like to “Eurovision 2017″ next year, it took in the liberation of the Crimea?”, – Jamal replied as briefly, and so diplomatic: “Eurovision” in Ukraine, don’t know where, but certainly in Ukraine”. At this point, leading a press conference breathed a sigh of relief.

Executive producer of the contest Jon Ola sand, passing the Ukrainian delegation “invitation certificate” to the next “Eurovision”, for its part, tried in his parting words to describe not only hope, but also anxiety:

– I was in 2005 at Eurovision in Kiev as head of the delegation and I am sure that the next competition will be held at the same high level. The overall situation in Europe gives us confidence that every delegation, every journalist, every fan, who wants to go to Ukraine, be safe, and we will hold a competition just like in any other European country…

The apparent concern of Mr. Sanda was confirmed by a question from LGBT activist (yeah, not only Lazarus, so tortured!) that “rainbow rating organization ILGA monitor issues of equality, Ukraine holds the 44th place out of 49 in Europe, and whether LGBT people to feel safe, if you go to Ukraine next year? “Of course!”, – as briefly and convincingly answered Jamal.


Meanwhile, despite all the squabbling, bickering, confrontation, Eurovision has once again become an exciting music festival where the artist and his song in the spotlight, and technology every year make this classic tandem in an increasingly exciting spectacle. This is Yana Rudkovskaya once had almost on the ridge in ten to drag the borders of the huge disk of plastic ice for the room Believe that the singing Bilan in the arena fluttered Evgeni Plushenko. Now his Majesty the mapping builds a bigger picture of any scenery. The main tool of action – the voice of the musician – is an increasingly intricate inlay, in order to achieve the main thing – the empathy of the viewer.

Most “long lasting” competition noted 60-letie, has gone beyond the continent, were admitted to Australia, started to broadcast in China and America, in connection with the final came in person himself and Justin Timberlake performed a new song. Honestly, if he participated in the competition, another question – would be able to break out of the semifinals…

However, “Europe is again going through a difficult period – said the presenter måns Zelmerlow, last year’s winner, and now shaped the Swedish pop king, – why it is so important that despite all the difficulties and differences we are United by music”.

Happily agreeing to this appeal, 42 countries of this contest were the best I could, to avoid “politically motivated voting, but they do it anyway does not always work…

Read online broadcast of the final of Eurovision-2016

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