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Friday, February 23, 2018

The apartment Bulgakov opened its anniversary

Have inconspicuous estetiki on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya, 35A, p. 1, there are queues. All eager for the communal dead with holes in the walls, timbered floors and soot on the ceiling. Here from 1927 to 1934 he lived Mikhail Bulgakov: wrote and burned the first edition of the Master and Margarita, created the play “Running” and “the Cabal of hypocrites, talking on the phone with Stalin. The apartment opened the exhibition “Manuscripts don’t burn” to the 125th anniversary of the writer on the first two days, but because of the crazy influx of visitors the exhibition was extended for a week. Then it will close for a major overhaul approximately two years.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

20 people crowd around the lemon house at the corner of Bolshaya Pirogovskaya and Abrikosovskogo lane. In the walls of the hallway pierced through a wide hole where you can see the most part of the apartment: the kids laughing with pleasure, peeping through the holes with the parents in the next room. There’s four of them: cramped, concrete, plaster and brick, but it is cozy and mystical. In the middle of the room are piled chic compared to the decoration of glass showcases with exhibits.

Chief among them — preserved page of the first edition of “the Master and Margarita” by the RSL. For such values and a room to match — Bulgakov’s old office, where he “with his own hands threw into the stove the draft of a novel about the devil”, as he wrote in a letter to the Soviet government. Here, the writer burned the first draft of “a Theatrical novel”. It is possible that the soot on the walls preserved from the flames that erupted on the day of writing a Chapter on fire in the apartment of Berlioz. Bulgakov did not cause the fire — feared flood of books, and himself extinguished the fire.

From the pages of the novel coexists one of the angry letters to the government, in which the writer complains that his plays do not make, and asked permission to emigrate. After this kind of treatment in an apartment at pirogovka called Stalin and said: “We have your letter read with friends, you it will a favorable outcome will be”.

The same hole in the wall. Photo: Evgeny Chesnokov

Another of the curious items — Opera glasses of the writer. In it, he “watched the moon — a novel”, noted in his diary Elena Bulgakov. In the next room, right on the bricks hang two copies of the literary journal “Moskva”, which published the “Theatrical novel”. As the editor of the edition, Konstantin Simonov came to this apartment to Elena Bulgakova and called the dead man” a bad name, which will replace the specified Bulgakov genre works — “theatrical novel”.

By the way, in this apartment Mikhail Afanasyevich lived not only with Elena Bulgakova, but also from second wife Love Bilozerka. After the course, riding Belozerskaya beginning to receive the jockeys. Bulgakov didn’t like it, and once he told her: “This is intolerable, even Dostoevsky did not work under these conditions!” To which his wife retorted: “You’re not Dostoevsky!”

— The last few of decades, the apartment has held engineering, municipal service district, ” said Museum Director Peter Mansilla Cruz. Here sat the housing office was located and dispatch of the district Khamovniki is a very Bulgakov’s story

Art street art Home of Bulgakov, or to save wall Tsoi (13 photos)

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