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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

General Igor Konashenkov — 50!

The appearance of the Russian army over the past few years has changed dramatically. The army has updated not only technically by adopting the latest designs, but also became more open to society. The result was not long in coming, now, our armed forces pride of the whole country, and the strength and power of Russian weapons openly recognized even by NATO. Much of the credit for these achievements belongs to the press service of the defense Ministry and primarily its leader, major-General Igor Konashenkov, which may 15, celebrates birthday — he turned 50 years old.

photo: Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Igor Konashenkov war on you. Chechnya, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Syria… He has visited all the “hot spots”.

Probably, after graduating in 1988 with honors from the faculty of engineering of the Zhytomyr higher military school of radio electronics of air defense, he, then a young officer, did not even suspect that his main task will be protecting the skies of Russia, and the harsh and sometimes cruel battles in the information space. Won these battles Igor Konashenkov very simple – he personally went with journalists where not yet verse in fire fighting and were given the opportunity to work, to obtain information not from terse summaries of the military posts, and “live”. A supporter of informal and friendly communication Igor Konashenkov for military journalists, first and foremost, senior fellow, the man who will always help in difficult times.

As head of the press service and information of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, Konashenkov has ensured that the military is now in the lead for the openness of the work and citation.

The high rank of major-General, received in 2013 had no impact on his attitude to work and to journalists. Igor Konashenkov not holed up in the offices, he is always at the forefront. After the beginning of military operations in Syria, the General became the face of the Ministry of defense, a man who is now recognized and in Russia and abroad. Sharp, sometimes with the use of army humor answers on the stuffing information by the Western media, have become as they say in youth – “chip” of the General. They evoke an approving smile in Russia and baffled foreign speakers. Konashenkov, despite the high workload, together with journalists travels to Syria telling and showing in the place of work of the Russian aerospace forces, the establishment of the peace process currently underway in that Arab country.

The phrase “no comment” in the lexicon Konashenkov not included. To say that the General is doing for the Russian military journalism a lot, then do not say anything. Numerous competitions organized by the defense Ministry, awards to outstanding, all of which allows colleagues to feel that their work is necessary for our army and country.

Editor in chief “MK” Pavel GUSEV.


Congratulations also joins the First Secretary of the Union of journalists of Moscow Lyudmila SHCHERBINA:

– C 2006, the Union of journalists of Moscow conducts for journalists working in “hot spots” courses “Bastion”. To do this, we involved the press service of the security forces, but the greatest attention pays our courses and specifically of the Ministry of defense Igor Konashenkov. He is one of the organizers and participants of these courses. We hold classes directly on the polygons of the Ministry of defense, starting from Kaliningrad and ending with the Far East, under the direct leadership of the military Department, which allocates to us for training military specialists wonderful. And for that we are very grateful to the Game Konashenkova. And we are especially grateful to General Konashenkov for openness of the military Department press.

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