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Thursday, March 15, 2018

“Dangerous driving” was separated from “aggressive”

The government intends in may to adopt a resolution on the introduction of the term “dangerous driving” and the punishment for it. As to what constitutes “dangerous driving”, was conducted a special public discussion with representatives of the expert community. The participants of the meeting told the newspaper VIEW, than “dangerous driving” is different from “aggressive”.

Only administrative liability

Thursday held a public discussion about the introduction of traffic rules and the administrative code of the new term “dangerous driving”. The event was attended by many auto experts, journalists, representatives of the government.

“And dangerous, aggressive driving is primarily people, aggressive people behind the wheel, not speed”

Yet not all issues have been resolved, but after a month or two, according to first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, this work will come to a logical end. “We’ll take some time in order that this phrase (“dangerous driving”) to work on. Let’s try to do this during April so that in may, the decree of the government just went,” quotes his words TASS.

First Vice Prime Minister proposed to introduce an administrative penalty for “dangerous driving”, “I support that by dangerous driving need not now proceed to a criminal penalty, we must determine administrative responsibility. It can be very serious and strict, but still it is the administrative responsibility”, – he said. Shuvalov also proposes to prohibit the drivers of official cars with flashing lights “dangerous driving”. According to him, permit it may only have drivers specially protected persons of the state.

In turn, open the government prepared to discuss changes to traffic reports, according to which “dangerous driving” are maneuvers of vehicles such as drift, the movement between the lanes, rebuilding of lanes and “vigilantism” in the form of overtaking and sudden braking in front of behind the car, reports RIA “Novosti”.

Following the meeting with the newspaper LOOK talked one of its members – Chairman of the “Guild of driving schools” Sergey Lobarev. “Today, we heard different points of view. And many people supported us that it is necessary to define the exact criteria for the different disorders and methods of fixation in the framework of the concept of “dangerous driving”, – he told.

Lobarev agree with Shuvalov, on criminal responsibility while talking is not enough administrative. Overall, he called for the introduction of innovations gradually. After this meeting, the working group, which includes Lobarev, within a month will prepare additional comments and suggestions on the specification of “dangerous driving”. A month later, probably will be the second such meeting, which will be placed dot the i.

Radical proposals Liksutov

According to Sergei Lobarev, for the most stringent measures against “dangerous drivers” at the meeting were the head of diptrans Moscow Maxim Liksutov. He said that the traffic police must be given the opportunity to remove the law for reckless driving and once for a period of not less than six months.

“The second sentence – need to increase penalties for the driver and tie the fine to the cost of the car”, – said Liksutov, adding that to determine the cost of the machine can be “either through the hull or through guides, which use the customs authorities to determine the cost of the car”.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction, the representative of the popular front Vyacheslav Lysakov called the idea of linking the amount of the fine for violation of traffic rules with the cost of the car devoid of meaning because it is explained “only by the desire to motorists as large punitive amount.” There is no logic in this sentence, the Deputy did not see, RIA “Novosti”.

“I suggest to equate speeding over 60 kilometres per hour to the term “dangerous driving” – as suggested Maxim Liksutov. He explained that in the city it is impossible to exceed the speed limit in the excess of 60 kilometers per hour, maneuvering dangerously and without creating problems for other drivers on the road.

Many members of the professional community did not agree with the initiatives Liksutov, said Sergey Lobarev.

With malicious intent

Also Lobarev voiced his idea to separate “dangerous driving”, that is, the creation of obstacles to other road users, from “aggressive”. In the first case we are talking about unintentional actions, often forced, and the second with malicious intent.

“The second sentence – need to increase penalties for the driver and tie the fine to the cost of the car”

“You ride on the road, see a child ran out, he rolled the ball, you brake hard or go left, right, change lanes, creating a hazard for other participants. But it is a necessary measure. You should not be punished for it. And the existing fixing devices can not determine that you didn’t do this with malicious intent,” he voiced one of the problems.

Thus, the expert autotoolset proposes to amend the term “dangerous driving” more the notion of “act committed with malicious intent”, which should already come with serious consequences.

Another difficulty in applying the concept of “dangerous driving” is one of fixation fall under the category of violations – “rebuild in heavy traffic when all lanes are busy” (“checkers game”). Given that per second at a speed of 90 km/h the vehicle travels at 25 m, it is proposed to commit this violation in time for 5-7 seconds, or the distance of 250-300 meters.

In addition, the issues so far is the wording of such violation like “failure to comply with a lateral interval”. The introduction of this paragraph without specifying can lead to the fact that any motorcycle rider, moving between the rows, will also be the “dangerous driver”.

There are many problems

The head of the Commission on social policy and quality of life of citizens of the Public chamber of Vladimir Slepak, who also attended the meeting, said the newspaper OPINION that “dangerous driving” – a detail, and to solve the problem, turning a blind eye to others, will not work. Among others, he listed the poor condition of roads, poor technical condition of vehicles, sale and purchase of vehicle inspection certificates and medical certificates are not always correct work of the traffic police.

“And dangerous, aggressive driving is primarily people, aggressive people behind the wheel, not the speed, not the arguments about the cost of cars”, – he said. The expert urged not to focus on “dangerous driving” and to think about the complex of measures aimed at improving road safety.

First of all have to help public oversight of this sphere. Here Slepak cited the example of the work of the organization “Public inspector” in Tatarstan. We are talking about informational resources, tracking the violations. For example, people see how the driver hit a man on a Zebra, they shoot it on a camera phone and send the “controller”. This resource must work across Russia, the expert believes. Everyone should have access to affordable mobile application that allows you to report violations of the rules.

We would add that the problem of “dangerous driving” has long been discussed. 28 March, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev instructed to organize a broad debate, after which it was held this meeting. “There should be no ambiguity,” he said. About the same time and again told the newspaper VIEW various automotive experts.

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