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Friday, March 23, 2018

Dance Akhedzhakova, corn Shirvindt: how “Contemporary” thrice denied Nemirovich-Danchenko

May 14, 2016-th year on the triumphal square of Moscow had recorded the phenomenon of teleportation. All who were in this Saturday night here, not expecting that flew 60 years ago – in the mid-50s. So the legendary “Contemporary” celebrated its 60th anniversary. Among the participants in the experiment stop time was and columnist for “MK”.

photo: Sergey Nikolaev

It is really beautiful and unusual. The whole area from the monument to the poet Mayakovsky (of course including himself) to the hall of Tchaikovsky lives this evening in a different time dimension. Music about “Landyshi” that “First of may hi, the skirt flared dresses girls dancing to jaswho with the mods in the pants whistles . On the tables, lemonade, fried pies, a real ending, not motor oil – who remembers, in the school canteen were five cents. Cherries on the tables, lilacs in vases. Michael Kusnirovich, the chief ideologist and the artistic Director of the festival in the hat petelinka – the spitting image of the resort photographer somewhere in Yalta or Sochi. But we are not the resort, in the heart of the Russian capital under a cold may wind and dark skies at the historic event.

The venue of the celebrations on the occasion of the six dozens of popular theatre triumphal square, not Chistye Prudy – was not chosen randomly. It was here, on Mayakovsky square, the house 1 young troupe “Contemporary” finally found its first real home. And before that, from the day of his birth, which occurred April 15, 1956, young enthusiasts under the leadership of Oleg Efremov five years to wander at random sites. Says Alexander Shirvindt “They were given a tolerable building.” However it became the young company real home, best and favorite. But still “tolerable”: in 1974 it was destroyed.

Galina Volchek in a white poncho, elegant as always, sitting in the tent in great company – Tabakov, Gaft, Neyolova, Yevtushenko. Those who once started the theater, not knowing that their theater road will go in 60 years!!!

It is incredible that we went back to the beginning, to the area where the “Contemporary” took his first steps. We went back to his youth. Here it is written: 60, and I want to say 60 and put three exclamation marks, and question three then, too!”Thanks to the Chereshnevy Les for this holiday.

Galina Borisovna, this great woman, I see even those who stand very far away, almost at the exit of metro Mayakovskaya – after all, once broadcasted on the screen. And her words and his apostles, which for all remained Lelik despite his regalia and merits. Here he says: “Theatre, as argued by Nemirovich-Danchenko, lives 20 years, because that’s the lifetime of one generation. Contemporary three denied it, although the task was difficult: to remain a theatre of his time”. And turns to his wife Marina Zudina near – laughs, looks gorgeous in a coat of bright cornflower blue.

As Yevgeny Yevtushenko said: “a Poem – “the wolf” and reads. Remember the end:

Not in the world of theatrical marshals

smarter and stronger than our women.

Be a Wolf, but not just Pure,

The wolf — with a spotless ponds.

Speeches are few. But many verses from the middle of the last century – read them performers first, under Mayakovsky, and then with estradi-shells, of which the parks were in those years a lot. Artists of different generations read Yevtushenko, Voznesenskogo, Galich, Vysotsky, Shpalikov and other poets of the sixties. A lot of songs and dances. And, of course, memories. For example, Mikhail Shirvindt worked for a year in “contemporary” montirovschikom scenery. “Old artists remember how I hated their chairs, dragged the shields. For me it is a holiday with gray hair at the temples, with calluses on his hands”. And the mother of almost all the Olympic Champions Tatiana Tarasova at the time so fell in love with this theater, even married the actor “Contemporary”. And no matter what happened next.

Chulpan Khamatova in mind-blowing dress color radomin, known more popularly as fuchsia, arrived at the ball right out of the theatre of Nations, where he played the play.

Most of all I was touched by the rehearsal of the evening: the day before, we sang songs that sounded at the time. But us on Mayakovsky square, on the spot where stood “the Contemporary”, was empty. Here we were absolute masters. And this incredible happiness.

Here it’s like making a movie about the 50-60-ies: Actresses hairstyles how, then, dresses, jewelry humble ( poor all lived). Soviet songs sound, has long become a classic. And suddenly right at your table two elderly Actresses Liya Akhedzhakova and Taisija miholap start to dance. But not camera they are removed, and dozens of cell phones (someone manages the rousing couple make a selfie) – and this technique only foully and treacherously pulls us from the past, where everyone is so good and so soft.

Tancploschadka with couples that show a class skill and outfit in the latest style”. Jazz orchestra under the direction of Igor Butman begins “Serenade of the solar valley” – and there are few people in the audience can stand safely. Everybody dance!!! Here Mikhail Efremov, Aleksandr Kibovsky, Konstantin Raykin, Igor Sklar, Igor Ugolnikov, Vladimir Vinokur, Maxim Averin, Igor mirkurbanov, Denis Matsuev, Larisa Rubalskaya, Joseph Raihelgauz, Pavel Kaplevich, Mikhail Barshchevsky, Maria Poroshina, Eugene Safonov, Kamil Larin, Elena Zakharova, Evelina Khromchenko, Eteri levieva, – who are there only. Who is not, to no luck.

The art of making a holiday is a great art. And it’s not just loud music, expensive decorations, scrap the tables. It is, as I said, the artist Pavel Kaplevich, the nuances that create atmosphere and story. Atmosphere “Sovremennik – 60 and 60+” turned on all hundred.

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