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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ukraine turns Eurovision into a political podium

Ukraine will refuse from participation in “Eurovision-2017” in case of victory in Stockholm Russian Sergey Lazarev. At least, this officially Ukrainian representatives. Similar blackmail not only comical and contrary to the apolitical status pop-contest – once again he confirms the model’s relationship to Europe, which is proclaimed by the Ukrainian elite.

Ukraine will refuse from participation in the international musical competition “Eurovision” in 2017, if on Saturday night in Stockholm to win the Russian representative, the singer Sergey Lazarev. This was stated on his page in Facebook the organizer of participation of Ukrainian artists in “Eurovision”, the General Director of the National television company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania.

“Ukraine’s position looks ridiculous, not to say ugly”

The words Alasania responded ironically the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov. “Ukraine may withdraw from the Eurovision song contest in case of victory of Russia. Scared. And why not go out anywhere where there is Russia, – the UN, OSCE, FIFA, and so on?” he said in his “Twitter”.

“Ukraine’s position looks ridiculous”

Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov also not without irony reacted to the threat of Ukraine. According to him, “all Europe would cry from the fact that a great European power, Ukraine will not participate in the contest “Eurovision”. “This is ridiculous. This is the position of a failed state which is highly declarative and sought to Europe, which today refuses to participate in “Eurovision”, – said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

He stressed that such a musical event should not be politicized, because it is conceived as a harmless Teddy competitions. “Statements by Ukraine are contrary to the status of this competition. Ukraine’s position looks ridiculous, not to say ugly,” – said the expert, adding that what is happening shouldn’t even be called an attempt of political blackmail Europe, “because they themselves need to be some powerful, organic and all want a part of this community.”

According to him, with all the stretching Ukraine can only claim “some geographical affiliation to the European continent.” “In all other respects is absolutely unnecessary sixth, not even a fifth wheel that can be tilt wheel European carts,” – said Alexey Martynov.

“No self-respecting man would not do such statements”

In turn, the political scientist, member of the Council for interethnic relations under the President of Russia Bogdan Bezpalko believes the behavior of Ukraine is inadequate. “Eurovision” is a musical creative competition. Here valid emotions, resentment and similar statements. But I totally understand why direct Ukrainian Railways has put the Polish rocker Wojciech Balczun who likes to make erotic clips. Here it would be was the same place somewhere at the “Eurovision”, – Bezpalko said the newspaper VIEW.

Statements of Kiev about the “Eurovision” expert called “yet another stage of schizophrenia the Ukrainian elite”. “This creative contest Ukraine is trying to subjugate, as well as once in a similar way she tried to crush the referendum in the Netherlands. In my opinion, this shows once again the pettiness and inferiority complex of the Ukrainian elite. No self-respecting person, a person or group would not make such statements,” he said.

At the finish line

We will remind, Sergey Lazarev took place in the final of the Eurovision song contest in the first semi-final, which took place in the Swedish capital Stockholm on Tuesday. At the competition, the singer sings the song You Are The Only One that even before the “Eurovision” has got to the leading positions of European charts.

Lazarev heads the list of favorites of the competition; his winning bet often. According to a number of companies taking bets, first place in the list to win is Russia, followed by Ukraine, France, Sweden, the following three places claimed by Armenia, Australia and Malta.

Earlier in the week in Stockholm was held the solemn ceremony devoted to the beginning of the competition. On the red carpet in Stockholm City Hall, the representative of Ukraine, singer of Crimean Tatar origin Jamala (Susanna Dzhamaladinova), which also has a serious chance to win the competition, appeared with the Ukrainian flag. However, showing national symbols in his Instagram, the singer mixed up the sequence of colors of the flag, which gave occasion for jokes on the social networks.

“This political camp”

The representatives of Ukraine persistently trying to politicize the contest, not paying attention to the requirements of the manual of “Eurovision”. As reported Life.ru held on the eve of the speech, the Jamala media representatives of Ukraine turned into a political rally.

“During her speech, reporters have launched in the press center of the musical contest real “political camp” lined up in a long line with flags of Ukraine, – informs a portal. – Despite the fact that the contest organizers have repeatedly urged countries to refrain from political gestures, representatives of the Ukrainian delegation did not respond to warnings. During a speech Jamala reporters actively shouted “Glory to Ukraine!”, posing in the cameras of European television stations.

In addition, the Russian pranker Vovan (Dmitry Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov) argue that Jamal told them about the political subtext performed her song “1944”. Posing as the assistants of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Vova, and Lexus asked the singer to tell, about what is sung in her song. Earlier, the actress claimed that the song dedicated to the deportation of Crimean Tatars under Stalin.

However, in an interview with the Romanian Jamal admitted that the song has not only historical, but also political implications, and it talks about the reunification of Russia and Crimea in 2014.

“About yourself”

Back in February, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Ruslan Balbec urged Kiev not to make of “Eurovision” is a farce and not to speculate on tragedy more than half a century ago.

“The Ukrainian authorities will try to use a song Jamala for political purposes, capitalizing on the tragedy for the Crimean Tatar people to the European audience to impose an artificially created image of the alleged persecution of the Crimean Tatars in the Russian Crimea”, – said Balbec.

He also urged not to speculate on the feelings of the Tatars and not to politicize the events associated with the deportation. “We urge you not to allow the transformation of “Eurovision” from a reputable international cultural competition in the orchestrated political spectacle,” said Balbec.

Crimean authorities fear that the talented singer can “to use as a weapon to spawn new speculation around the Crimean Tatar people”. “The use of artists in political provocations usually leads to people’s rejection. Jamal runs the risk of unknowingly becoming complicit in the blockade of the Crimea”, – concluded the Balbec.

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