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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Oligarch Kurchenko became the supplier of Russian fuel for the needs of the armed forces of Ukraine

This, at first glance, completely absurd statement a reality. Can anyone imagine what one person can supply fuel to the Republic of Donbass and the armed forces of Ukraine?

photo: youtube.com

Sergey Kurchenko.

Sergey Kurchenko became a monopolist in the supply of Russian fuel for the needs of the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics. Young tycoon features prominently in corruption scandals in Ukraine, in Russia and the recent past in the Donbass. The short supply of gas to Donbass, resonant murder and intimidation objectionable officials, and now and frauds with fuel – the card tycoon.

Recently, in Lugansk took place the meeting with participation of the Head LNR Igor Carpentry. At the meeting it was announced figures which showed that only 30% of Russian gas is imported legally and is subject to excise tax LC. Everything else – smuggling. In the period from January to April is officially in the LC were imported 3,700 tons monthly, at the required 9600 tons. This Republic is no shortage in fuel. This fact is ample proof that the scheme of fuel smuggling from Russia to Luhansk and then to the Ukraine, which according to media reports, Kurchenko was building up again. As you know, a liter of gasoline in Lugansk is on 20 roubles is cheaper, than in Ukraine. That’s why Ukrainian oligarchs – sponsors of the nationalist battalions, able to count every penny to buy smuggled fuel from Russian accomplices of the fugitive oligarch. The scheme was approved and personally assisted in its implementation on the Ukrainian side the Head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Borys Lozhkin, a longtime partner Kurchenko. For example, in the acclaimed “the Panama document” Lozhkin is a shareholder of “Integrity international holding limited. This company participated in the sale of the holding media Sergey Kurchenko. In Lugansk partner Kurchenko on issues of smuggling became head of the MGB – a former Lieutenant Colonel of the SBU Leonid beekeeper. In the days of Ukraine he was involved in the fight against smuggling, and in fact its protected. The same he continued to do already in the LC. This applies not only to fuel. But also food, drugs, weapons. Both from Russia and in Russia.

Controlling the formal and informal deliveries of the Russian fuel Kurchenko with the agility manages to sit on two chairs. On the one hand – a direct commercial profit, mostly from smuggled fuel, with which the Republic does not receive excise taxes on various sources in the amount of 15-20 million rubles a month. On the other hand, carrying out transit deliveries of fuel to Ukraine, under the guise of employees of the SBU, which, as we know, the former does not happen, Kurchenko performs the direct orders of the administration Poroshenko and personally Boris Lozhkin. This allows him to retain his Ukrainian assets.

Purchased by none Mediaholding Kurchenko created an image of the fugitive oligarch, in order to be able to build a criminal scheme in Russia. However, really thanks Lojkine and the work carried out by Kurchenko, Ukrainian investigators he stopped to wonder. In 2014 the security Service of Ukraine officially announced that the Agency continues to look for assets businessman Sergei Kurchenko, and also reported about the arrest of his property at half a billion hryvnia – we are talking about “16 properties, including 3 – abroad, 7 aircraft, 38 vehicles, including VIP-class 15 Mercedes-Benz, 2 BMW, 2 Porsche, 1 Bentley Continental, 3 Lexus, 2 Toyota Camry’s, 1 Aston Martin”. The security Service added that “as a result of criminal schemes Kurchenko Ukraine the damage at least 4 billion”. As it turned out, in reality, all “search” the fugitive billionaire Kurchenko nothing more than a fiction, organized by the presidential administration to cover Kurchenko. According to documents provided by counsel Andrew Fedora, representing the interests of Serhiy Kurchenko, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that “no criminal cases where the suspect is S. V. Kurchenko, is NOT currently under investigation”. And in the Main investigation Department criminal cases against Kurchenko S. V. is not registered. Neither is there direct evidence that Kurchenko is valid not only for their own selfish interests robbing the people of Donbass, but at the direct behest of Kiev.

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