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Monday, March 19, 2018

Britain has no sense to fight for Gibraltar

In attempts to prevent a positive outcome of the June referendum on the British exit from the EU, the ruling party armed with an unexpected argument – status of Gibraltar. Whether the loss of control that rock is so important for London? And he thinks the population of Gibraltar in view that opened before him the prospects?

That a possible British exit from the EU could threaten “the security and sovereignty of Gibraltar,” said the head of the foreign Office, Philip Hammond. His word is one of the elements of psychological manipulation of the people of Gibraltar on the eve of the referendum about a possible British exit from the EU, which is scheduled for June 23. London believes that the voices of such exotic systems within the Kingdom can be critical, and in recent years the ruling tories, the plebiscite and initiated, making every effort so that citizens voted against it. Made EU compromise her quite happy, and parting with the EU are fraught with various risks, including financial.

“Franco did not allow the German and Italian troops to make their own operation to capture Gibraltar, which greatly angered Hitler, and Mussolini.”

To Gibraltar are not subject to the European norms and rules of the economy, including agriculture. Upon this rock nothing to sow and reap not, but the fact alarming. In the UK there are very selectively approached the common European notions of the national economy. Gibraltar formally as it is in the EU but is not subject to the Schengen agreement, EU agricultural policy (the main problem for all), it became the customs territory of the EU, and therefore there is, for example, VAT. But the other part of the UK, much more “indigenous”, such as the Isle of man and channel Islands, do not enter the EU. It’s as if the Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands will not be included in the CIS, and Kamchatka – the CSTO apart from Federal ratification of international agreements.

While the importance of Gibraltar as a military base and fortress, locking the entrance to the Mediterranean sea, lost long ago. The “Golden age” of Gibraltar was XVIII, he was already English rule, although the fortress of London was almost by accident and for a long time did not pay attention to it. Then the population of the rock became regulated, it was restored and survived a couple of sieges, but the military did not matter in the First world war, when the military operations in the Mediterranean sea has not been conducted. During the Second world war Franco teetered between all the main players, did not dare to storm the rock, not to engage in open confrontation with Britain. Moreover, did not allow the German and Italian troops to make their own operation to capture Gibraltar, which greatly angered Hitler, and Mussolini.

While the European Union was formed – slowly and gradually, performatives already forgotten the Common market in highly regulated bureaucratic system, Gibraltar lived in a touching world of smuggling and gangsterism. With each new enlargement of the EU and the creation of the next strict rules economic regulations, the situation became more and more fun. It is understandable why the population of the rock stubbornly clings to exclusive status. They – the subjects of the Queen, that gives them special rights to move around the world and economic opportunities, but, on the other hand, they enjoy tax benefits, unthinkable in the UK. The tax legislation of Gibraltar copied from Hong Kong, but the relationship between London and Madrid about this rock is still regulated by agreements and norms, in the truest medieval sense of the word.

For example, the circumstances of construction of the international airport and control over the isthmus are still governed by the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 that ended the War of the Spanish succession. The practice of the time territorial concessions took place with regard to the surrounding area. In particular, the question of ownership of the isthmus was determined by the distance of two cannon shot,” and, of course, meant the firing range and triggered the beginning of the eighteenth century, not modern artillery. On this basis, the authorities of Gibraltar refuse to negotiate with Madrid on the question of the ownership of the airport and the isthmus, as there was previously situated the FORTS of Torre del Diablo and El Molino.

“Undoubted right” of great Britain on the isthmus still relies on “two cannon shots”. However, most such disputes using the old terminology and the equally ancient treaties stems not from London, but directly from the authorities of Gibraltar. It is the local authorities are interested in maintaining British control of the rock, and in Association with Spain seen as a threat to its privileged economic and social status. The constant appeal to the conventions of the times to Napoleon introduces modern diplomacy in a stupor, but this has to be considered, since their technically not been canceled. Even Franco agreed to discuss the problem in this spirit, although the public generally denied the British right to Gibraltar. London, in turn, “recognizes the existence of a dispute”, but all the negotiations again, do not go beyond discussion of the statutes and the subsequent peace of Utrecht in 1739 to the Treaty of Seville.

The presence of the EU only added spice to the situation, but it is the Gibraltar walking funny on the British flag in the truest sense of the word, in order to prevent their full entry into the EU or Association with Spain. By and large, with Spain and the Spanish culture of the local population have nothing in common. In Spanish they say from case to case, the local dialect of English (Anita) is replete with not only Spanish words, but also Arabic, Maltese, Hebrew. But with centuries-old smuggling business connects them with every day living.

It is on the loss of the exclusive status of Gibraltar after a possible British exit from the EU and decided to push Hammond. From a technological point of view it is, however, so the argument, because special conditions of location of Gibraltar in the EU will allow local government to engage in an endless trade with Brussels on the continuation of the present situation on a permanent basis. Got the same Gibraltar last year of independent status in the League, and entry into the European football Association for some time regarded as a stepping stone to higher status and the former colonies, and partly recognized States. The only caveat is that Gibraltar does not claim to be independent, and fights for the preservation of special economic status within the United Kingdom and EU at the same time.

It is easy to predict that this kind of propaganda campaign will be carried out in Scotland, and in Wales, and in Northern Ireland. In each case, the national characteristics would be brought to the point of absurdity, but in the case of Gibraltar, Hammond was a bit much. In mid-April the Her Majesty’s ship opened fire on the Spanish patrol boat Rio Cadena, who for some reason tried to prevent the American nuclear submarine “Florida” approach to Gibraltar pier for a scheduled stop. Americans do have the unrestricted right to enter the port of Gibraltar, so that the actions of the Spanish ship were regarded in London as “unworthy of a NATO ally”, and in “the Spaniards are playing a dangerous game”. Most likely, this is a slight exaggeration, perhaps, not the election of the properties, but merely attempt to justify the position of London before the face of the main ally – the United States, which is sensitive about this kind of insubordination and wants to know nothing about stretching since the middle Ages local European problem. Whether it was the initiative of the commander of the patrol boat, is still unknown.

It is unlikely that the Gibraltar may be a fundamental problem for the EU. Rather, its very existence – the ordinary case of European bureaucracy, which failed completely to absorb, as well as many other national and historical characteristics of Europe. But inside the UK is now going to be any national characteristics to achieve the desired result of the referendum. They let Brussels know what they have in the back yard going on.

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