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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Britain has managed to get himself a special status in the EU

David Cameron managed to negotiate the leadership of the European Union the special status of great Britain and seven-year “reservation” for the non-admission of migrants from other EU countries for their social benefits. While London was denied the right to influence monetary policy in the Euro area. A referendum on maintaining Britain’s membership in the EU will pass in time, but now Cameron will be a strong case in favor of the “European home”, experts say.

UK agreed with the European Union on granting it a special status in the European Union. Defense mechanism social system of the country will be “on” for seven years without right of renewal. About these historical decisions on the results of the negotiations with the EU leadership said in his microblog on Twitter, British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Other EU countries, especially in Eastern Europe, is unlikely to achieve such preferences”

On Saturday, the Prime Minister intends to present his Cabinet agreement on the reform of the membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union.

In addition, Cameron announced that the date scheduled by the government a referendum on whether to remain Britain in the EU, will be announced after a Cabinet meeting.

“Most likely it will be June”, – said the Prime Minister.

The above mentioned mechanism of the social protection system in the UK, which the journalists called “emergency braking” system, which would allow the UK to restrict access to social benefits for migrants from other EU member States, if it succeeds to prove the excessive burden on the social system. The issue of social benefits to migrants was a key point of contention of Cameron and a number of EU countries, primarily Eastern European.

We will note that earlier on Friday, the European source reported that the negotiations about the terms of Britain’s membership in the EU is facing a critical situation. Had to cancel a scheduled session of the EU and to extend the negotiations. “The session scheduled for 15.00 at the average Greenwich mean time (18.00 GMT), was cancelled, and the meeting of the leaders moved earlier for dinner, and asked them to book the hotel tomorrow,” said the source.

The Euro zone without a veto

Not to say that the three-day debate in Brussels ended in complete acceptance of the British demands.

The leadership of the European Union, responding to the wishes of Cameron with regard to “emergency braking”, when it refused to London in the veto on the monetary decisions in the Euro area. Britain, which with the introduction of the Euro chose to retain the pound, is now required to introduce a new multicurrency European Union, which would mean the recognition that the unification of all EU countries in the Eurozone impossible. “London won the right to participate in the discussion of monetary policy in the Eurozone, but not the right to veto it”, – told RIA “news” the source in Brussels.

Opinion continental neighbors, Britain, it seems, expressed German Chancellor Angela Merkel: she said that all countries of the European Union want to preserve British membership, but not everyone is ready to accept its terms. While Merkel said that Cameron’s demands for change is largely justified by the EU and they need to be taken into account, but the transaction with London should not prevent greater integration of member countries of the Eurozone.

“Total victory ES”

The agreement of the UK and the EU on the special status says about the overall win and beneficial to both parties, said in comments the newspaper VIEW researcher of the Institute of Europe RAS, head of Department of European integration MGIMO Nikolay Kaveshnikov.

“Actually it was not so much on migrants or even about immigrants from Eastern Europe – said the expert. – Britain wanted special conditions of membership in the European Union – that this was a discussion. It was about the special status of sterling, about a whole range of political and economic demands. The fact that the agreement was reached, suggests that London has been successful. Now Cameron can say to their citizens that he defended the interests of their people and country.”

The interviewer noted that the EU also benefits from this agreement. “The requirements of the UK supported by almost all the major countries of the EU. This suggests that they are beneficial to the UK remaining in the Union. Britain is a very large and significant member of the EU. London has a special and specific position within the EU. The compromise reached is a common victory of the EU. Now the British Prime Minister will be able to safely hold a referendum on independence and to campaign for the preservation of Britain’s membership in the EU. On the grounds that the agreement”, – added the analyst.

The expert stressed that the UK has always had a special status in the EU. “Other countries, especially in Eastern Europe, is unlikely to achieve such benefits. Therefore, no one inside the EU will not resist to this agreement” – summed up Kaveshnikov.

Red card Cameron

As said before, the British TV channel Sky News, Cameron is seeking from their European colleagues agreed on the “enable protection mechanism” of the social system in the UK for a period of 13 years.

This mechanism has previously appeared in the press as the “emergency brake”, which involves a system which would allow the UK and any other EU country to restrict access to social benefits for migrants from other EU States, if it is substantiated that the social system of the country places an undue load. The summit was meant to discuss the details of implementing exceptions in the system of social protection. One of them concerns the period during which immigrants from other EU countries may be deprived of social benefits in the UK.

Shortly before the end of negotiations, David Cameron claimed that Britain would not recede from their claims, previously put forward by the European Union. “We negotiated until five in the morning. However, I will make a deal only if Britain will get what she needs, ‘ said Cameron. – We will be glad, if you need to stay until Sunday, but I already told my wife and kids about it,” he added.

At the EU summit may be approved by the project change the terms of Britain’s membership in the European Union. Cameron’s requirements relate to four areas: competition, sovereignty, social policy and economic governance. The main requirement for welfare benefits for migrants from other EU countries. So, London is the right not to pay benefits during the first four years after arriving in Britain. Against this requirement are the Eastern European countries, mainly Poland.

Against one of the requirements of the highly expressed by French President Francois Hollande. He considers unacceptable the mechanism of veto on questions of financial regulation. In particular, it does not suit Britain proposed the principle of multiple currencies of the European Union. “The desire of France to implement financial regulation throughout Europe and that there was no right of veto or of interference so that we can deal with speculation and financial crises the same way everywhere and with the same structures”, – he stressed.

The Prime Minister also planned to achieve the introduction of the so-called “red card”, which will allow national parliaments to veto EU laws. This requirement does not support neither Germany nor France as the main EU countries. The emergence of such a system may lead to the collapse of the core principles of the European Union, as repeatedly declared by the leaders of the member States of the Association. However, Cameron has consistently advocated the idea of introducing a right of veto, and against closer Union within the EU.

Brexit is becoming more real

That differences between Britain and the EU persist, said Donald Tusk. “Our views differ on some political issues, and I understand that it would be difficult to overcome them”, – he said during the talks. However, he said that managed to gain some progress.

But Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said of the negotiations more pessimistic. “Made some tentative steps forward on migration crisis and steps back on the deal with Britain. Before coming here I was more optimistic,” – said Renzi after the first day of the summit. But Irish Prime Minister ENDA Kenny announced that an agreement with London may take longer than previously thought.

The Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel on Friday announced that the agreement with Britain should be reached at the current summit. “There’s no second chance, we must reach agreement today,” he told reporters.

Possible withdrawal of Britain from the EU is worrying the representatives of many European countries. So, the Prime Minister of Estonia Taavi Rõivas on Friday said that this turn of events will not bring anything good for both sides. “We all, of course, pursue our national interests, but we must also keep in mind that if the UK leaves the EU, we all get nothing”, – he noted.

Meanwhile, some countries insist that the agreements with great Britain were issued in the form of a document or agreement, noted British Financial Times. This opinion is shared by Belgium and France. They offer the newspaper called “article about self-destruction”, according to which in the final communique of EU summit in Brussels should be spelled out that the agreement with great Britain is definitive and does not imply a second round of talks.

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