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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Wealth makes people unhappy

Emily’s Bianchi of Emory University in Atlanta and Katelin CSW at the University of Minnesota found that a large amount of money does not make people happier. On the contrary, rich people become more withdrawn and prefer loneliness as meetings with friends and, to an even greater extent, communication with relatives and neighbors.

After analyzing the results of an earlier survey, the researchers came to the conclusion that people with a high income annually devote evenings less communication than those who earn little. With friends wealthy people communicated several even more than poor, and relatives and neighbors — significantly less.

Experts came to the conclusion that high income causes a person to think more about the work and provokes him to rely mostly on himself. Because of this, one eventually ceases to receive pleasure from communication with others, which leads to his “isolation”. The fact that, in General, rich people communicate less with family and more with friends, experts see another possible explanation: often people with low income are financially dependent on their own relatives, while for those who to a greater extent guaranteed, such is generally not covered. Decrease time to communicate with its neighbors can be explained by the fact that poor people can often ask a neighbor to help when you fix the faucet or mowing the lawn, while someone with a lot of money in this situation is likely to hire a specialist. Thus, wealth frees people from the “practical” need to maintain good relations with family and neighbors, and it changes his criteria when choosing a circle of friends.

Recently various specialists repeatedly addressed the question, can money make a person happier, and came to quite different conclusions. In particular, the British psychologists, representing the University of Stirling and University of Nottingham in March found that happiness does not depend on wages — in any case, a rise in income virtually never makes a person feel happier in the long run. Thus the pay cut to make a man unhappier in some cases, it may — according to the researchers, this is due not so much directly with the falling income, but with the fact that this deprives a person of a necessary sense of stability.

At the same time, researchers from the University of Cambridge recently stated that people, in a way, can buy happiness for money, if the funds will be spent, taking into account features of its psychology. But another group of scientists from Peking University, found that, does he feel he is a rich man, depends on how it is demanding to the beauty of his companion.

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