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Friday, March 16, 2018

Those arriving at the Cannes film festival, meets Danila Kozlovsky

Those who arrived for the Cannes film festival in the second day of work, met with personnel from the Russian movie “the Crew” by Nikolai Lebedev. With the programs opened that day at the Cannes film market on all arriving at nice airport watching the starring Danila Kozlovsky. Behind him – the distress aircraft and disdain Vladimir Mashkov who also played in this movie.

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

Danila Kozlovsky

Russia this year – perhaps as a chief guest “the lady” at the ball the pompous film market, leading its history since 1959. A reception was held in honor of his discovery, not as luxurious as usual. The sky exploded with fireworks. Arranged a dinner party without fanfare. Some live in difficult times. Recently at the Cannes film market is elected in any one country, which is in the focus of attention. This year the headliner was Russia. On this occasion, the Directorate of the festival have prepared a menu with a Russian accent.

We are celebrating the Year of the movie, and the wise guide of the Cannes film festival once again demonstrated that politics is politics and art above all else. Another question: what we can do on this site to show the world today? And the answer is not optimistic.

Officially opened the Russian pavilion right on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. He slightly changed his location. On its former territory is now located, the Hungarian representation. Well, Russia grabbed himself a twice larger area than it was before. But still, at the opening ceremony of the pavilion was a terrible crush and crush. But what is surprising. Arrive Russian filmmakers – known as an actress and Director Vera Glagoleva, and just starting. They present their projects. And virtually do everything on a voluntary basis, at their own expense. They did not pay for. They buy tickets and accreditation. It is strange that even in a movie Year things like this happen. I wonder what the funds are generously allocated by the state for the maintenance of pompous campaign called “Year of movie”?

In the main competition showed the film “I, Daniel Blake,” British classic Ken Loach. The master as always on top. And years it is not a hindrance. His cinema as life itself, and it seems that appear in it are not actors, and ordinary people of the outlying areas of the city. They live a hard life, losing everything, and sometimes nothing, are forced to go to social places where they are free food. And it is humiliating for them. If a person is ill, he even in such highly developed country as the UK becomes an outsider, abandoned to their fate. To receive monetary compensation is impossible. Ill e longer than three months – you refuse to support. Nothing to live on. Turn off the electricity in the house, deprived of basic necessities. The person is forced to look for a job corresponding to his physical condition. But find it almost impossible. The situation is hopeless. Our colleagues from the UK confirm that’s how it happens. Support can not be expected from the state. One way out – death. But here’s the strange feeling of something traveled feel in this picture. Already know brand style Loach and do not expect anything new from him, it was like watching another series of well-known film. And the festival is alive with the newness, the opening of new territories. In the early days in Cannes this feeling we while nobody gave.

The second day opened and the second most important competition program “Special view”, which involved the film “Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. There’s no red carpet, the atmosphere of the business. However, on a scene have invited the jury headed by Swiss actress Marthe Keller, who starred in Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “black Eyes”. When the CEO of the Cannes film festival Thierry Fremaux gave her a word and handed the microphone, this Mature lady somehow started hopping like a little girl and abandon introductory words. But she still had to say a few words. And then each of the jury members had to say in their native language. Attempts to move to universal English were foiled. And we heard French, German and Spanish speech. And then came on the scene 30 representatives of film-opening “Special look”, so half of the stalls was empty. This is rarely seen. The program was opened with the painting “the Clash” Mohamed Diab, resurrecting the events of 2011 in the streets of Cairo. We have already seen very strong film about the Arab “spring”. Life itself has made them a powerful statement. It was the documentary movie that was often not the Egyptians, and Europeans. And so time passed, something to reflect on a new stage of history and show what happened, using artistic means. In gaming the picture on the subject of the Egyptian revolution is the desire for the truth of life and even the documentary, but to achieve the power of the documentary camera, the filmmakers still failed.

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