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Friday, March 16, 2018

The head of the popular choir — “MK”: “My first audience was a communal apartment”

Mikhail Turkish, we met on the anniversary of his choir — glorious group was 25 years old.

Photo: press service of the choir.

— Michael, your team was 25 years old, there is life after the jubilee?

— I really like the statement of the elders: “the Anniversary is a disaster with a touch of the holiday.” But this is when the age 60, 70. However, there are examples! Vladimir Zeldin in its 101 current artist! And there are only some 25! So after that life just is. Big and beautiful. This is the age when people already believe you will not fail. Believe so that lead to us their children! At the evening concert! We have fifty kids in the hall. I sometimes can’t believe my eyes. It is the highest degree of confidence — to lead the child to an adult concert. And I very clearly understand that everything that happens on the stage, will be good for them. Not in a destructive way.

— You such attitude to the profession taught by the teachers or the life itself?

— I was at the time in the Gnesin music school taught me many things. In school we were taught by Soviet musicians, teachers disinterested. They had a very good tradition, the soul, the heart, and they all gave us. Without a paycheck! We need to work out. It’s karma. And I do have to work for your entire family. For all relatives of my mother who died in the Great Patriotic war, they were buried alive. I have for them and for all to work out! And I have been given the chance! My father is a unique person, a member of the breakthrough of the siege of Leningrad, he was called to the first day of the war, of a hundred of those recruits, only three returned. In July of the 41st went to the front in August of ‘ 45, returned on foot from Berlin. Survivors — so he called himself.

— You like your father? I feel like a heir of that generation?

— My great-uncle, the champion of Europe on Sambo, Ilya Tsipursky, said, “what did you do in the Kremlin, could make only two people: your father and you.” And I didn’t understand at first what he meant, but then I thought: what did my father? as he broke through? 97 have lived such difficult years, and the whole of Stalinism, and in a communal apartment, and my elder brother was sick as a child, and it was necessary to pull, to nurse, to earn. And this war pass. And to come from the Mogilev region in 18 years to learn. One! And to study at the pedagogical College, and then to the Academy of foreign trade. What is this? And I have a certain code of responsibility, he is. To the family of the deceased mother, to my father and then… the Responsibility for musicians, which I joined and said “Guys! You will not be ashamed to tell their wives that you are a musician! They will say: “Well, che, you, muzykantskii, two-bit actor. Engaged to the real thing! Out people earn money! What are you there?” So I took this responsibility, and they proudly say “We are artists!” And it’s not narcissism, but a recognition of the people who come see their growth, mastery and become their crazy fans. The Turetsky Choir is the right bearing force, which distributes the best music, carefully onselectionchange our responsibility to the public.

Mikhail Turkish parents went through the war. Photo: press service of the choir.

— The concept of “chorus” is, frankly, completely non-profit. How did you manage to achieve such popularity, working with this musical form?

— The secret of success in our Soviet musical education. We learned from the best! For example, Sveshnikov choral school, where we have four guys. Because in 80-ies, when we went there, it was a secondary school — the best in the USSR. The best! Of the two thousand boys to learn took only twenty! And finished ten! The Institute of music in 80 years — this is the best progressive school. Now, of course, stagnation occurs, culture has ceased to be an ideology and has become a service, where the service, there is a lot of math and a little of God’s Providence. But we never for a moment did not stop, did not change the profession, improved in your case. Did polyphonic singing of great artistic project. This is a unique concept when on stage you can hear the operetta, musical, fun classics, Opera, popular, rock Opera, rock ballads, rock-n-roll, folk songs, songs by Soviet composers, retroshare, variety art and folklore. That is, throughout the show the viewer gets a cut of the best musical pieces in a simple and accessible form.

Six years ago you created a unique women’s project — SOPRANO. As it reacted to the singers in the choir? Not jealous?

“Are you jealous, of course, but one must admit that the Turetsky Choir I’m closer, because then I combine the position of the head with the role of the artist. In a SOPRANO I have a slightly different function: producer and mentor. I have been watching the development of the solo, think up creative strategy of making a music product — that’s the area of my responsibility. And yet most of the time I spend with the men’s team, so it is a sin to be jealous. As I always joke, I’m married to a Turkish Choir and SOPRANO — this is the mistress, and she knew what goes. (Laughs.) Seriously, I love the women’s team, I believe that all of the participants and what they do, is a unique coincidence. In 2009 was conducted a huge casting. In order to select not just girls of marriageable age — sung year on stage and successfully married, — I studied the history of each. They all started studying music at the age of three, when I came to music school, and among them there is not one which would have been in this profession by accident. It’s a great team, and I put him in all his soul, and spark creative.

— Do you have a favorite audience, maybe the most responsive or the most understanding?

— For me the highest, the biggest rating of the concert is the moment when the guard in the room suddenly starts to come to life and sing along. This is the highest recognition. When people every day at work, he is focused on other things, but nothing with him can not do. And speaking of the audience, it is all important to us in any hall, in any city. It is the people who entrust us with their time, their interest, because they might prefer another artist on the market a great choice. But if we trust, we should justify that trust, so we give ourselves to the public as a whole.

— May 9, given the history of your family, probably, a very special day for you?

Very am sensitive to this holiday. My father before his 97 years went to Gorky Park, Izmailovo! He was an old theater-goer, he was an important poetry, recitals, to the end of his days reading poetry. He was 92 years old when he came to my concert at the concert hall “Oktyabrsky”, Saint-Petersburg — a city which he defended, had rewards and for the defense of Leningrad, and the order of the red banner, and various medals. And he took the microphone and read a poem there: “We are less and less, but it was a lot of us, but we were so much that it broke the road. Our souls are rattled…” And you know, he stands with a microphone, and once in the hall the feeling of an era, of history. Immediately everyone stood up. Such an impressive audience came to the concert, pathetic, and these people stood up, like children, because they felt such energy! To me our sound guy then said, “I frost went through the skin when he started to read it!” And he has no anxiety: no hand shaking, nothing… And how was the father able to instantly switch! When he realized that took away the mood of the public in some wrong directions — immediately amused the audience. To him came a girl of 25 years, flowers made. One of our artists says, “Boris, let me help you down!” And the father: “I’m a lady!” And went with her. Around the hall flashed a smile — a people returned to its previous state.

The Maestro’s daughters. Photo: press service of the choir.

— He told you something special about the war? Maybe a non-glossy, darker side?

— Of course, I questioned it, I was already 28 years old, and I said, “Come on tell me, or you for 28 years, said 28 words!” And he told me what life is. As they sat in the trenches, ate there the flour with water, famine, 52 kg weight was, and the friend says to him, “Come into the shop, two cans of corned beef steal!” And my father agreed: “let’s Go!” And at four in the morning he wakes up: “let’s Go!” And the father says, “do Not go! I’m afraid! Want, but I’m afraid!” And the guy went on, and in the evening he was shot! And that’s all! That means survivors! There would be no Turetsky Choir! And I have realized how much a pound is dashing. And I have 9 of may is not “grandpa for the Victory”, the Pope later gave birth to me in 50 years. But I managed to grab, to understand everything. And mother throughout the war took place — was a nurse of the hospital in Gorky. So for me, may 9 is a holiday special, and we did a special programme “Victory Song”. Last year he performed with her on Poklonnaya hill, where there were 150 thousand people, and the whole place sang with us the best songs of the war years. This year we were in Sevastopol.

— You grew up in, so in Moscow communal apartment? Started to sing in childhood?

— I started singing a year and two months, it was a fan thing! I sang in the bathroom, and I hated the neighbors. That’s because I always sang in a squeaky voice but still played the flute! And we had a neighbor — old driver, a Bolshevik, I just could not stand! He never had any children, and it was hard for him. Immediately arose and the national question… Shouted: “Damn! Jew face! Rest!” I was eight years old…

Photo: press service of the choir.

— Felt pressure of the fifth paragraph?

— Oh, how you felt. And to my mother he threatened: “We Zionists live!”. And she said, “And you’re a fascist!”. He took the phone, said: “Fascist Alekseev listening!”. This was the late ‘ 60s. Israeli military campaign was just coming political confrontation. And I was real young. And then he got sick, paralyzed him, and they have the accident happened in the room with the pipes, and he fell to the floor and began to choke. I pulled him out. I was 12 years old! I life he saved. And he then with his wife came to my mom and said, “We’re old people! The same mistake we did! You are incredible! You are stunning! We’re so sorry! We’re such idiots!” Well, something like that. Communal! But I have this communal loved! I was there for its first audience. My gig was the then popular song “Purple haze”, which I sang for the older brother and his friends. He put me on a chair, and no longer had anything to say, all the girls were his! So he won their hearts!

— What is this strange gift you have made recently — gave the Orthodox cross? Is something a hint?

— The story of the cross was unexpected, and I don’t really understand what it was. Happened all during our anniversary concert — April 24, palm Sunday. The choir performed music of different peoples and different epochs, and was Christ’s Aria from the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”. Conversation with God the Father, it’s such a conceptual Aria. Well, after this Aria, someone could theoretically give it to the cross. But gave some reason after the popular Jewish song “Hava Nagila”. More like a provocation than a gift, to be honest…

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