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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shary on closing the “Peacemaker”: Not those revealed mitten

Kiev’s “Peacemaker”, specializing in the publication of data “separatists” and “agents of the Kremlin”, was closed after Washington and Brussels expressed indignation at the disclosure about the journalists of the world media, working in the Donbass. Under pressure from the West, trying to give his players a civilized shape, Kiev has to contain the “patriots” who played in the struggle against the enemies of the people.

On Friday, its closing announced by the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”, supervised by member of Parliament (and at the same time the adviser to the interior Minister) Anton Gerashchenko, and previously published personal data of about 4 thousand accredited in the Donbass journalists from different countries.

“It was a collective denunciation is not so much state, how many frostbitten “patriots”

Have disclosed personal information about employees is not only “hostile” RT and TASS, but “bi-Bi-si”, Reuters, CNN, Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, al-Jazeera and other media. Members of the media crowd were accused of “aiding terrorist organizations”.

The stuffing was attracted could not help but attract the attention of the disturbed world community. However, the website started to publish the data “separatists” and “agents of the Kremlin” since August 2014. A number of media have noticed that in the “Peacemaker” before the murder of the former Deputy from Party of regions Oleg Kalashnikov and a journalist and writer Oles Elder appeared their personal data. What, in particular, on the eve reminded the Russian foreign Ministry.

7 October 2015 the Deputy Gerashchenko urged users of the site “Peacemaker” to place “what is known” about the Russian military involved in the operation in Syria to (literally) “ISIS and their counterparts in Russia, which many in the Caucasus, then would be able to find them and take revenge according to the canons of Shariah”.

And this time on the information resource administered by the adviser to the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, were posted the names of foreign correspondents, publications, where they work, their position, country of origin, mobile phone numbers, email addresses and dates on the uncontrolled Ukrainian government territory.

Games “patriots” will continue

Note that the immediate supervisor “Peacemaker” was not the last person in the Ukrainian elite, having a direct relation to Donbass “ATO” – Gregory Tuck, the head of the Luhansk civil-military administration from July 2015 to April of this year, and is currently the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

Apparently, the “patriots” close to the leadership of the Ukrainian security forces will not back down from his. Another adviser to Arsen Avakov, the former acting Minister of emergency situations of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak promised to create new resources instead of the site “Peacemaker”. Shkiriak said that the closure of the site “Peacemaker” loss to Ukraine in the information confrontation with Russia. “However, this is not the end. Coming soon – launch of new information technology projects of counter-terrorism and counter threats to national security”, – Shkiryak wrote on Friday on his page on Facebook.

“Taking into account the reaction of the anti-Ukrainian-minded journalists”

The message on the site “Peacemaker”, explaining his closure, was couched in aggressive tones, and least of all resembled an apology for the apparent violation of personal and professional rights of journalists.

“Taking into account the reaction of the publication of the list of journalists, as well as the requirements of the Commissioner for human rights Valeria Lutkovska, always concerned and anxious of the European Union and anti-Ukrainian-minded journalists of Ukraine headed by the Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Tetiana Popova, the center “Peacemaker” made the difficult decision to close the website”, – stated in the message.

“Swoop” of the site Gerashchenko and tuks on “forever preoccupied the European Union” is clear. Disclosure of your personal information, violate several international rules on the rights and freedoms, has not only condemned the Russian foreign Ministry and the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky. Its deep concern about the safety of journalists was expressed by the OSCE representative on freedom of the media Dunja Mijatovic. But the important thing – condemning the hacking was made by the U.S. state Department.

Repression and terror in Ukraine statement on the closure of the “Peacemaker” was not mentioned the reaction of Americans, but the Kiev authorities, apparently, are unable to disregard it.

The Prosecutor’s office of Kiev on 11 may, a criminal case from-for messages on the publication of personal data of journalists and, later, the SBU has promised not to prosecute members of the media for his work in the Donbass.

A condemnation was made by the Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Tetiana Popova, for which he received the epithet “anti-tuned”. “The publication is a threat and the image of Ukraine and life of journalists, some journalists have already informed us about the threats they received,” – said the Deputy Minister in the air of “Gromadske.TV”.

Then the Deputy Gerashchenko complained in his Facebook on… persecution. “After the criminal case against employees of the project “Peacemaker” at the request of a group of Ukrainian and foreign journalists, persecution, organized individual media of Ukraine in connection with charges of publishing personal data, as well as in connection with the requirements of the EU representative about blocking these site, the anonymous group of hackers – patriots of Ukraine adopted the decision on the closure of the project “Peacemaker” – wrote the curator of the site.

“Most likely, again in something plunge”

“Of course, they were afraid of the reaction of the European Union – said in comments the newspaper VIEW, the journalist and video blogger Anatoly Shary. – They can plenty to sneer about “forever Horny” of the EU, but actually they are frightened. In a normal state (I mean Ukraine) after this prosecute – and on serious articles. You can’t just close the site, as in Ukraine.”

If the representatives of the Western media wanted to, they would have filed appropriate lawsuits, and definitely to be won, says Shary. “It would have been wiser and less materialistic, would submit claims to the state of Ukraine – this would have been fun,” adds the source.

Crimes were committed “Peacemaker” for two years, but now they “opened the mouth” not on those to whom it is necessary – in the list were the European journalists, said Shary. “Even if there were Ukrainian journalists, there would be no such resonance, it would not turn out what happened. Max, if I were Ukrainian “grant-eaters” that are associated with certain international organizations, the source continues. – But the adviser to the Minister have gone too far, finding himself, apparently, very smart. If the head of the interior Ministry such advisors, you can imagine the level of mental development of the head”.

Shary believes that the authors of “Peacemaker” is likely to create a similar project – “maybe more accurate, but given the level of mental development, they are likely again in something plunge”. In fact, a confirmation that the process continues can serve as the above-quoted statement of the Advisor Avakov Zoryan Shkiryak.

The source recalls that, as press Secretary to interior Minister Avakov, Artem Shevchenko published fake, fabricated video, which the Governor of Odessa Mikhail Saakashvili allegedly meets with a certain oligarch. “I this video was exposed, the exposure became known. And what would have happened in any other state? This press Secretary would have just thrown out as a kitten behind the door. But the person who posted the fake video about the Governor of one of the regions, remains the press Secretary of the Minister. So I think that there is nothing wrong with Anton Gerashchenko will not, in General, it will feel quite normal”.

Bludgeon for the unwanted

“The site “Peacemaker” was originally created as a huge, brutal bludgeon all the unwanted. Moreover, the bludgeon – in the literal sense, he hit and killed this unhappy and frightened all the others. It is a collective denunciation is not so much state, how many frostbitten “patriots”: “arias and Ukrainian, who first indulge in a club, a bat and a gun, and then thinking about something while yelling “Glory to Ukraine!”, – recalled in conversation with the newspaper LOOK former editor of the newspaper “Kiev Telegraph”, journalist and political analyst Volodymyr Skachko.

“This bludgeon was intended against “wool” and “Colorado” and suddenly he endangered several hundred Western journalists,” – said the source, Recalling that “stoned patriots” everyone who worked in the DNR or LNR – “jackets, servants of the Kremlin, Putin’s agents. Drench them!”. “Someone could get hurt, and naturally, this would cause a terrible outcry against Ukraine, which all normal people consider more and more neo-fascist, in any case, the national fascist country,” said Skachko. He recalled that “the task of the supervisors in Washington to bleach and whitewash these people, to give them a semblance of pseudo-democracy”.

Utilization of “patriots”

Therefore, in parallel with the use of “patriots” is “the process of their utilization: part wanted to dispose of in the civil war in Donbass, the reasonable part has tried to incorporate, deputies, governors, local councils, the rest of the “Guliaev folk” delete: “the Party “Svoboda” was not allowed in Parliament, “Aydar” even the United States called neo-Nazi and refused to help. Therefore, some battalions were disbanded, some people planted. “In fairness, I must say that in Ukrainian jails not only opponents of the regime, but “over-zealous supporters,” said spike, noting that their number is about fifty-fifty.

Now that’s close and “Peacemaker”. Moreover, the closure of the site “on orders from outside says that it is not only power dependent but also its support: and the Nazis and neo-Nazis waiting for handouts”, the spokesman said, and recalled the words of Sharikova from “the Dog heart”: “without food I can not stay”. “That Gerashchenko without food do not agree. Pay him the money, he will call to kill. Not pay, but will cicnet – he’ll shut up,” said the source.

Will remain an Advisor

The jump is sure that scandal with the “Peacemaker” is unlikely to affect the position of Gerashchenko: “the baton is not his position. It is possible to take in hands, can be put into a corner, you can drown,” said the source. Yes, Gerashchenko has its official status of the adviser to the interior Minister and MP, but the Verkhovna Rada, according to the latest data, trust only 4.6% of respondents, and this according to close to the power of the Center Razumkov, he added.

So Gerashchenko will continue to be Avakov’s adviser, the source said: “One of the forms of promotion of the “heroes of Maidan” – awarding status all sorts of things, little access to small globochem from the common trough. They are trying to keep under control, then feeding, then podtykova, then the carrot, then the stick. So will keep, he’s not going anywhere,” summed up the jump.

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