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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Russia needs to overcome the divide on “white” and “red”

The joy of realizing national unity in the ranks of the “Immortal regiment” on the Day of the Victory is marred by topic, day after day, remaining one of the most discussed in society. The reaction to the icon of Nicholas II in the hands of the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya shows that without agreement on key issues of our past we have no future.

“Immortal regiment” was a powerful incentive to the attainment of genuine national unity – for starters at least through such an important awareness many of its possibility. We made the second – after the Crimea – the most important step to gathering of the Russian people, to the cause.

“Red and white are in the past – and have become part of our millennial history”

Strange seem so annoying reproof marginal opponents of the “Immortal regiment” – here, look, “Echo” wrote something, and someone else was spreading slander about the paid participants. Why bother to mention it and who cares? One of the achievements of the campaign is an opportunity to get away from so actively imposed on us agenda “of the dispute with the hostile-minded liberals”. With whom and what to argue, if we are dealing with a professional or innate Russophobia?

Thank God, we finally crossed into the level of awareness of the self-sufficiency of Russia. The absolute majority agrees that we don’t need to prove anything neither external nor internal to the West. This is the most important achievement of recent years.

But, refusing throwing beads, we fall into the next trap – it starts with a showdown between their already. And this is the most dangerous test: the split within the embryonic unity “Immortal regiment”. The Russian again, check for unity – are you white or red? We have not passed this test 100 and 25 years ago – and have no right in the third time step on the same rake. The story Poklonskaya – a vivid example of how the split works.

Crimean Prosecutor became one of the symbols of Russian spring. Almost immediately it became clear that Natalia is not just Orthodox, but also monarchist, particularly honouring the family of the Royal martyrs. The Royal martyrs were canonized as saints in 2000, but their worship was before (and generally the Church abroad canonized Nicholas II family still in 1981). Poklonskaya rose from their icons, for her they are Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky or St. Seraphim of Sarov.

A large part of the Orthodox are supporters of the restoration of the monarchy in Russia. This, of course, not through the reincarnation of caste system that was a hundred years ago, and through the approval of the Russian autocracy on a new social basis. That Poklonskaya was in the ranks of the “Immortal regiment” with the icon of Tsar-Martyr was not with her part of a deliberate political gesture. “Civic procession”, as is called the “Immortal regiment”, brings together all people wishing to honor the memory of their ancestors and, more broadly, the Russian soldiers. Yes, in the great Patriotic war – but why not bring and portraits of participants in other wars?

What in the hands of Poklonskaya was an icon, not a portrait, generally translates the conversation to another plane – we will be in an Orthodox country to forbid people to go with icons? But even if you perceive the icon as it is done by unbelievers as a portrait – the last Emperor really has no place in the ranks of the “Immortal regiment”?

Was Nikolai the Russian soldier? Of course – as commander in chief and Colonel of the Russian army, as a man who gave nearly three years of his life the first war with the Germans. It does not worth to say, if not for the amazing reaction that followed on the appearance Poklonski with the icon of the Royal Martyr.

What is only couldn’t blame her – from pulling through vlasovskiy to the humiliation of veterans, from anti-communism to the desire to replace the red Victory white. Immediately discovered and monarchical conspiracy – at least Poklonskaya, as well as the maximum and Putin himself: our neck want to hang the landlords and the aristocracy, to take away the last of the remaining social gains of the Communist era. Streams of dirt were poured on Nicholas II – then the entire set from “bloody” to “wuss” and “traitor”.

Of course, it is very serious – ten months before the centennial anniversary of the Russian disaster we saw visible contours of the social schism. Disaster, let me remind you there were 2 (15) March 1917, and not “October revolution” – because it is a forced abdication of the Emperor, commander in chief opened the Pandora’s box, starting the most terrible in Russian history confusion.

Infernal hatred of the last Emperor it is difficult to explain – even if you don’t think he was a Saint and a good ruler, you would seem to be terrified of his terrible death. And the saddest thing – the figure of the last king shares the Russian people, patriots and statesmen, those who understand the importance of a strong government and strong state for the preservation and development of Russian people. What is the reason and how can we overcome this split?

You have to understand that red and white are in the past – and become a part of our thousand-year history. Neither Nicholas II, nor Stalin nor Brezhnev could be a benchmark for the future – their experience, their quest, their contributions, and the error, you need to study and try to understand. Socio-economic and political structure of Russia in the early or mid-20th century is impossible to recreate – we need to invent, to invent a new form for national development. And the main lesson of the post-Soviet years is that now virtually the vast majority of society, including the bulk of the power, understands that a new form is impossible to build for outlandish patterns. It should have its own, unique, independent.

And while hard-won, synthesizing our historical experience, and all without exception – and the Soviet and Imperial, and pre-Petrine. Of course, each of these formations, and so included elements of the previous one. But the gap of 1917 was too strong, and he created the part of anti-Soviet-minded forces an illusion, then what, a hundred years ago, broke a national path that we need to continue canceling the “Soviet time”.

This first naive and then a dangerous idea actively played out in the 90-ies and who took power by liberal cosmopolitans. There is no single history of Russia, there is a “scoop” and the class of the St. Petersburg Empire, we will cancel first and a parody second, we will build for a better entry into the “Golden billion”. But it is impossible to undo – the people will not allow.

The Soviet system is absolutely understandable and natural for most even current residents of Russia. And no formation Russia will not be viable unless it will include all that was best in the Soviet system.

Similarly national Russian feeling, both religious and national, crushed by Soviet internationalism, already never will return into the Procrustean bed of multiculturalism and tolerance.

The moral foundations of Economics can’t be what they were before 1917 – no class society in Russia won’t last two generations. Strong and sustainable social inequality is impossible in Russia, having experience of being a socialist. Attempt to establish the capitalist system with the oligarchy (especially resulting from theft of the banal common ownership) will lead in the medium term only to social and political turmoil.

But will not accept total elimination of private ownership of the means of production – so must be worked out essentially a new socio-economic model, effective and consistent with national values.

In all fairness – that’s the key definition that Russia, which wants to see the Russian people. It is clear that absolute justice is unattainable. But most importantly, the very structure of the state, that is, its institutions and economy, were geared toward that goal.

Russian has experienced a severe century in its history – after two world and one civil war, incurring huge losses and raising their own state on a huge high. And collapses with him a quarter century ago – so that it seemed to many that we no longer stand up. But return, and return – that’s only if you will learn lessons and will not allow to pit us against each other in pointless asking who is red and who is white.

Red and white, and Nicholas II, and Joseph Stalin, and Denikin, and beetles – they’re all mixed together, and all in us, and all can help us to build a great Russia. Because now we can take from each of them the best, right, national. After all, we are able to do, without being distracted by a whisper over my left shoulder, to agree about what we believe so?

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