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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Putin praised Russian TV for a truthful “information.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday 13 may called for the division of VGTRK in Sochi and congratulated the staff on the 25th anniversary. The head of state noted that people like the news feeds of RTR, because they are “truthful and informative”. In General, he believes that the Russian TV struggles with the world’s monopoly on information, so it is criticized. The President also made the assumption that making “information pancakes” in continuous operation is very difficult.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In the opinion of the President of the Russian monopoly in the information sphere is always harmful. He believes that “even if we do something wrong, we have the right to say this to the listeners and viewers saw an alternative point of view.

Putin added that once Russia manages to overcome the monopoly on the world’s media, once it is “criticized” the most severe way. The Russian head of state believes that Russian news programs unfairly called “propaganda of some kind,” reports “Interfax”.

GDP also noted Newswires, referring to the employees of VGTRK. He said that news have “the confidence and interest,” primarily because they are “truthful and very informative and interesting.”

“Can you imagine how hard it is to work in a continuous mode, constantly information these oven pancakes by the stove” – he said.

The President also announced that he had signed a decree awarding orders and medals of more than fifty current and former employees of VGTRK.

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