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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Jodie foster admitted that her heroes are men – losers

The most talented female filmmaker and two-time winner of the award “Oscar” for best actress in the films “the Accused” and “silence of the lambs”, jodie foster arrived at the 69th Cannes film festival with his competition film “Financial monster”.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

For a photo shoot before the press conference, Jody came in a simple white dress without jewelry, with invisible makeup and silvery sandals on high heels. On the background of his players, actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts, she looked cheerful girl, but he answered questions very seriously.

– Jody, do you agree with those who call your film a pre-election platform of Bernie Sanders?

– The film has political aspects, but I do not agree that it is mostly platform Sanders. The main character is taking a film crew hostage, embodies the rage now felt by many that live on the margins because of the abuses of information technology and dominance of the financial system. But more about it screams tramp, not Bernie.

– Someone shoots a movie like that?

– Now very rare films that try to be deep, and stay in the mainstream. These movies all day long, and I think that people want to watch the tape, which force them to think and feel.

– Is it easy for you to assemble such a stellar cast?

– No, especially a lot of doubts were regarding Julia Roberts. I even asked George Clooney sent her a script to faster to failure.

– You control everything on the set or give rein to the actors?

– It is not necessary to control the actors. When I made my first film, I liked them very controlled, and it was a big mistake. But now I trust the actors, because they know their characters better than anyone.

Heroine tape – brave women!

– Yes, the film has a very strong female characters, while men on the contrary are trying to cope with feelings of failure and gain the approval of women, which was disappointing.

Is this your first time in Cannes?

– No, the fourth. And exactly 40 years ago I first set foot on the promenade de La Croisette with “Taxi driver” by Martin Scorsese.

Cannes has changed a lot over that time?

– In those days it was a more chaotic, and photographers were everywhere. Then there was the Palace. The red carpet was at the Carlton.

– What do you mean for this city?

– I had before that, but Cannes marked the beginning of my acting career… this is a Great honour to be back here 40 years later, because it is a platform for auteur cinema. And a great honor to be with such Directors as Pedro Almodovar and Jim Yarmush.

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