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Saturday, March 24, 2018

In the preparation of the first transplant involved the head of the Russian scientists

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero in collaboration with his Chinese counterpart Shen Xiaoping published a series of articles in which reported some details about the upcoming unique transplant surgery of the head. According to doctors, these materials will enable all countries to ensure that all stages of the experiment fully developed.

Articles published in a special issue of the journal professional medical Surgery on the Protocol of transplantation of the head GEMENI HEAVEN and the course of the preparation for the experiment. In particular, in the present study are found ways ways to minimize the damage of nerve fibers in the separation of the head, to protect brain cells from death due to “oxygen starvation” and to prevent the unbearable pain after the transplant. It is also reported that a key role in addressing issues related to the protection of brain during surgery, played Russian surgeons and the Russian scientific development. In particular, during the experiment will be used established in the Institute of biological physics USSR Academy of drug needed to provide oxygen to the brain, as well as a substantial prolongation of the life of the organs of the body, which will change the head.

It is reported that the operation will last at least an hour, and in order to minimize the danger to the brain due to a lack of oxygen and nutrients for such a long time, the head will at the time of the experiment is connected to the circulatory system of another person and chilled to a temperature of 29-33 degrees. In addition to this, the articles talks about similar with the impending transplant experiments on animals conducted by researchers to date.

The first person whom the scientists plan to transplant his head will become a Russian programmer Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from spinal amyotrophy of Werding–Hoffmann causing atrophy of muscles and deformation of the skeleton. For the coming operation, the Russian looks with great optimism and compares it with the first manned flight to the moon. At the same time, some experts refer to the experiment rather skeptical, claiming that global science is still only at the very beginning of the path to such transactions. Many also claim that the impending operation and the preceding experiments on monkeys controversial from an ethical point of view. Anyway, as previously reported, the transplantation can be made at the end of next year.

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