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Sunday, February 18, 2018

In anticipation of aliens

We only save the aliens. We are on this Earth and with themselves ponatvorili. And we continue to create.

photo: Alex geldings

The discrepancy

Affects the discrepancy, so that there is a flagrant contradiction of the lofty words about the need for the greater good and petty stupidity, and even cruelty in daily existence who are concerned about the welfare of people: one enlightened Russian Empress strangled her husband, the other had damage bears in the Summer garden, the revolutionaries were mercilessly killed and executed their opponents… And at the same time rapists and serial killers — what they are caring husbands, fathers how to love their kids.


The best justification of his own envy — of others, of course, undeserved success.


The dying tree and the human aging are very similar: thinning crown, fly around the surface of leaves fluttering Hobbies, wither prostrate in the space branch ambitions, slowing the current of the desires inside the body, is the naked callous stick, the skeleton still flexible, only a short to withstand the pressure of winds and rains, unrelenting existence.


If a person is talented in one field, and talented in many other areas. Good observation. I want to add something: if the person is incompetent, it is incompetent in everything, for whatever undertook.

The poor dears

Where were, where we watched the animal defenders when in space, at one end, sent the Squirrel and the Arrow? What did the aliens? It is not a pity poor dogs?


Women treat their men as domestic cattle: exploit in the tail and mane, goad, only from time to time regret, especially when you will drive to death. There may even cry. But to spare beforehand — no, not given. Rare women pull even a worthless man to the maximum possible height of his abilities, and sometimes on a level that exceeds its ceiling, generously gives him another and their talents.

A common mistake

Typical error: doing good to a man, believing that contribute to a reliable Bank, and when they want to get at least a fraction of the return, running into failure, and even direct supertaste. ATM broken? Fireproof the cell is tightly closed. Why? Because this is the mechanism device of man.

You can not blame

The next generation always comes to ready. It is impossible for anyone to blame.


In an artificial pond lazily goldfish swam. Was fascinated to watch them for hours. Why — for aesthetic purposes — not to put those fish in swimming pools (pre-abusharif)? So pleasing to the eye during training or a relaxing bathing? After all, the man purposely surrounds himself with beauty. But try to encounter during a water stop on such fish, to touch her hand… most Unpleasant, slippery creature! Beauty best admired at a distance.

The Casting Of Fate

Every day we pass the casting of Fate, though not always aware of that. And those who are aware, stretched to our host, fearing not to please. As she wants — do what you want — you will get up, take away, take away without asking permission. So sit quietly, presepialis, don’t draw attention.


The man differs from the animal?

A pension!

Let them try an old decrepit elephant or owl to say: “We honestly all his life worked and now deserved peace and relaxation, as well as financial security and health care.”

Animals do not understand them and tear for the arrogance to shreds.

The conquest of man — humanism. Kindness towards the elderly and the weak. This important feature distinguishes man from animal.


Thousands of generations of chickens, sheep, geese, cows did not die a natural death — for the happiness of ordinary people.

The stewards of dishes

Gone are the days when prices in stores for the holiday were lowered, to lift people’s spirits, now for the holiday price increase for what it is, of course, lowered mood (this by itself and without such measures takes place), and from the natural desire not to miss, to seize the opportunity for enrichment, it is understandable: everyone wants to be treated for the well set table, that the stewards of foods and use situation — so predatory animals are tucked (and then there’s the tucked and planned production.


Version of the murder of Chechens convenient to all parties, but primarily the one that the entire civilized world saw how difficult life in Russia: not only in Paris, London and Amsterdam, but also in Moscow brazen act of Islamic terrorists, Putin’s not easy in such circumstances to preserve democracy…


When the drunk Yeltsin conducted the orchestra in Germany, he was blamed (and still blame): de dropped the prestige of a great power. And when sober John Kerry arrives in Russia to a serious negotiation and bringing a guitar on this cute banter. And consider the inconsistency is excusable. For Kerry — the messenger and the representative of the free world. What he wants, does, behaves as it sees fit. And we cringe and any deviation from the Protocol is perceived as a slap in the face of his benevolent and great power, as disrespectful to himself, buttoned up, to myself — afraid to think and live nitrofurano.

The territory of the tragedy

…Mourn what happened a hundred years ago the Armenian genocide. What has changed in the world over the past period? The law is unchanging, outdoor Lavoisier: how many of something in one place will be the same in another will arrive. In this case: how many were killed in the previous volumes of the tragedy, so many will be executed in later times, how many victims, so many will remain.

Two truths

A message stating that the economic crisis we overcome (or will be overcome), is encouraging. But puzzling information about the fact that in Moscow suspended the construction of several shopping centers. What rationale lies behind this message about frozen construction sites? Apparently, a sober understanding: the buyers in the near future will not increase. Why? Where will they go? So from simple newspaper articles follows: to overcome the crisis yet Oh how far. The bright prospects are not looked through. So even if we agreed with our politicians, economists, futurologists among themselves: what to expect — reduction of retail space or a complete victory over the crisis?

Who is to blame

If economists are to blame for the current situation in Russia, it is only because they are forced to assent to policies that brought the country to a standstill. Of course, economists and many times but they, like other citizens, want to eat, so they try their best even intimidating, hard to please public opinion, recklessly and in his own way (within the limits of their remaining capacity). Blagovesta. And other categories of workers — is not bound hand and foot? Dogmas, prohibitions, inspections, raids… All of us — is it not a hostage of the political situation?

Coat and lining

For broadcast by politicians, bankers, ordinary citizens always is personal gain and self-interest. The coat can be public, but the lining is always personal.

The latest slap in the face

Cuba — latest graceful slap in the face inflicted by Obama of Russia. How much we had hopes and songs of the island of Freedom, how many hopes and hymns, “And speaks enthusiastically Fidel: courage knows the purpose”… And after the Cuban missile crisis, expansionary after decryption: CUBA — communism off the coast of America — inglorious the tumultuous romantic hugs and a calm, businesslike and confident celebration of the United States. I wish we were as calm and economically, not loud, not zahvalnosti — annexing Crimea. Money talks a lot. The retinue of satellites need to contain. Stop with their ambitions, the beggars and impostors!

Enfeeblement of

The deeper grows old humanity, the young stubborn. Plastic surgery to rejuvenate it is called revolutions and wars.

Youth and old age

Youth looking forward to her once and nothing to look back. The old age has no future, she eyes turned back to where there was a wonderful, vibrant event, where there was plenty of time ahead. Well conceived and Promishlena human life that Willy-nilly go back and re-creation, you suffer. Not going anywhere from the painful transgressions. Even Stalin was a monster, sent trusted messengers to find out what became of the girl he seduced in distant exile, and her child, whom he never saw. Even it killed millions of people worried about the fate of these two. One thing — millions of destroyed — abstract, vague, blurry picture. And if you take each ragged life force, if you remember the lost friends, whom he knew from a young age, you get unbearable torment.

About ease

Light can only be the road to hell.

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