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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Hunting for the state order

Long ago fell into disrepair, old Russian hunting, such as bee-keeping, procurement, and implementation of decoy ducks, complete with dotacii hunting and the extraction of the Firebird. The fact is that many of the traditional Russian hunting, as noted by experts, a very low-profit, they are not dominated by a trophy and not meat, and aesthetics.

It would seem that it did not take much time and almost completely forgotten podivka wolves. Even if you close your eyes to the fact that specialists abildinov remained on the fingers, so still and gray predators that live in the Western limits, the barrier has put the international sanctions. Therefore, in the last quarter century among national hunts have become increasingly popular hunt for budget money.

The most common, widespread and real commercial object mining, of course, is the state order. Attracts hunters from across the country, what a beast this variegated, motley, suitable for commercial production, being both small and large. Hunting for it all season, all weather and very profitable, because the state order has not require a long study of the habits of a wild beast. In this respect, in recent years, he’s almost tame and is getting closer to a pet. According to some estimates, the feeding of this animal spends almost a third of the money of the total budget of the country.

Despite the fact that the ongoing effort to allocate the state order exclusively on large farms and farmsteads creates significant difficulties for joyful and profitable fishing, for its exciting hunting in the state order exceeds even the hunt for traction under setter or looped fishing grouse.

Despite the apparent obstacles, hunting for the state order is truly democratic: government order inhabits every latitude — from Kaliningrad to Chukotka. Someone wants to get on with government Contracting even a tuft of wool or pieces of well-tanned leather. Did, for example, in the Irkutsk region, decided to purchase 150 gift diaries with gold-embossed for the price from 2.7 to 6.2 thousand rubles apiece. And someone, according to the investigation, had already fucked 25 million rubles from the state order to install air conditioners in state buildings, like, say, the chief Builder of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. What are the hunting regulations have been violated, decide Basmanny court arrested a “hunter” until 2 may.

Since the time mortgage auctions hunting for the state order is carried out predominantly by small forces, and after the abolition of serfdom, when not every landowner could not afford the cost of maintaining the pack of hounds, several packs of hounds, “repair” dogs, riding horses, staff and equipment.

And now by the grace of God and the Fiat goncharnyi themselves organize and conduct the hunt using only their subordinates, while the chiefs also “Zor”. Sometimes genetico joins Vyestnik — hired official, who is accompanied by canes venatici the hunter to the state and they work together to create a small enterprise specifically for such hunts. Although, for example, the Ministry of culture, the hunt for budget money has been organized with landowner big way: now seems like a whopping 72 of the investigator looking for hunters for restoration orders. It is unknown, how about 10 thousand couriers.

And while the hunters are actively fighting for the right to parforsnaya hunting to pursue an odorous imitation of a Fox, and with the beast, our officials can still afford to whistle grouse the state money, enjoy the music of the rut, meet the dawn in a tent under coficine expensive “Mercedes” in the fog.

Simon Semyonitch


It dawned on

■ It would be very good if someone was not better.

■ Best that can be done by a fool, is to do nothing.

Vladimir Kafanov


■ In his heart he is a poet in life, too; and the wife who married him at a time when Russia, the poet was more than just a poet.

■ If you believe the rumors, we are doing well; albeit without rumors shows that it really is true…

■ Science we in decline not because of poor academics, but because a lot was clever, professing them.

■ With her favorite Paradise, of course, in a tent, but not as far outside Moscow…

Gianni Giannini


Leading — Ganguli Gvilava, E-mail: satira@mk.ru

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