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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Historians have found evidence of ancient “world war”

More than three thousand years ago, the then existing civilization has faced in the global conflict, which could be called “world war zero”. This was stated by the group of Swiss historians who study the Bronze age. The Trojan war, according to researchers, was one of the final episodes of this major event.

According to the theory of researchers, unleashed an unprecedented for its time on the scale of the conflict, the people whose role in world history so far was estimated not too highly — luvici. Studying the texts of the Hittites, kindred, which is a more known civilizations, historians came to the conclusion that about 3 200 years ago luvisi, United in an independent state, conquered the Hittites, and went to Egypt, giving rise to the so-called invasion of “sea peoples”. The danger presented by these tribes was the reason for the unification of the peoples of the Mycenaean civilization of prehistoric Greece. They attacked luvisi and destroyed some major cities, which they owned, including Troy — about these events, according to historians, and is told in “the Iliad” by Homer, reports The New Scientist.

A group of researchers under the leadership of Eberhard Zangger argues that in favor of their theory are the numerous written testimonies, as well as satellite images and archaeological finds. However, many experts reacted to the new version of skeptical. In particular, some experts accuse Eberhard Zangger that he with too great confidence refers to the facts mentioned in the works of Homer, considering some of them are almost full-fledged historical evidence. Some researchers, in particular, Michael Galati of the University of Mississippi, and don’t like the term “world war zero” proposed by historians — the scientist believes that it is unlikely that such a phrase.

At the same time, some researchers have noted that the new theory, even if it is not confirmed, spurs the interest of many researchers to the history of the series have not been well studied civilizations and historical periods, which is largely valuable in itself.

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