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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gennady Belyaev: With the Swedes more will not work

“Pad was clear. But it was superimposed and political contradictions. In those days there was a conflict in the Baltic sea, when our fighter jets flew over the American destroyer “Donald cook”, – told the newspaper LOOK the head of the Russian part of the international experiment involving aircraft M-55 Gennady Belyaev. He commented on the conflict of the expedition with the Swedish authorities.

The Russian aircraft M-55 “Geophysica”, which was supposed to take part in the research project StratoClim for the study of the upper atmosphere, violated the terms of your permit to stay in Sweden and therefore left the country, said the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom. The incident happened back in April, but the Swedes commented on it only yesterday.

“Saturday and Sunday at the Swedish Ministry of defense was responsible only the duty officer”

“Aircraft M-55 “Geophysica” was chartered by the German research group in the framework of the European project StratoClim. The term of the authorization expires on the same day,” – said the representative of the press service of the defense Ministry of Sweden Jesper Fun, reports TASS.

“The plane could arrive earlier than 15 April and had to leave our country on this day. We allowed him to stay in Kiruna, first to 17, then to 18 April. We received an application on prolongation of permission for test flights, but it was rejected,” he added, without saying, why did not renew the request.

The Russian aircraft M-55 because of the unique characteristics of altitude and mass of payload to two tons earlier repeatedly involved in conducting high-altitude studies of the upper atmosphere in the framework of the international European scientific expeditions. In Sweden he had to make a few test flights to check the work installed in the European scientific equipment.

With the aircraft in the Swedish city of Kiruna profit of nearly 70 specialists from different countries, but the Swedes were adamant.

Another version of non-participation M-55 in test flight the newspaper LOOK told the head of the Russian part of the international expedition Gennady Belyaev.

OPINION: Gennadiy Vyacheslavovich, what happened?

Gennady Belyaev: We received permission from the Ministry of transport of Sweden for the entire period. But it turned out that there had to be a second permit has already been provided through the Swedish Ministry of defence. While initially we were supposed to arrive in the first half of April, actually for technical reasons came second, 15 th. And it was the last day of the application for the Swedish military, which even I knew nothing, being in Russia, and found out only after arriving in Sweden. If I flew the 16-th number, we would not be missed in the airspace of Sweden, and so missed out on the last day of the action “military applications”, then to send back.

OPINION: With the second application, for the military, happened just a technical snafu?

G. B.: I Think, Yes. We did everything as usual. We are not the first time I arrive in Sweden. In Kiruna spent three months in 2003, three months – in 2010, a month in 2011. from Here flew and sat on Svalbard. First there were no problems. Especially since we brought an experimental aircraft, not a military, it should not fall under the jurisdiction of the local Ministry of defence. Flew on a valid request from the Ministry of transport of Sweden, it was stated in our flight-plan, was approved in Brussels.

OPINION: What happened next?

Gennady Belyaev believed that the incident in Sweden are guilty of policy (photo: video still)

G. B.: We safely crossed the Russian-Finnish border, the Finnish-Swedish. And on 15 April landed in the Swedish Kiruna. And when landed, started calling from the Embassy, reasoning and investigation first, to the frustrated period for a flight in early April and missing permission, which we didn’t know. In the end, to extend the “military solution” we were not given.

OPINION: there have Been attempts to negotiate with the Swedes, to explain the situation?

G. B.: Of Course. All said, let’s please extend. Still, it’s not even Russian project, but a common European. It involved many people from different countries, we brought four containers of equipment, everything is put on the plane Friday night. By the way, and with Friday it turned out badly. On Saturday and Sunday at the Swedish Ministry of defense was responsible only the duty officer. The situation began to be considered only from Monday. it was an attempt to force us to leave the country on Sunday.

OPINION: Who else is involved in this project, which countries?

G. B.: It is a European project, involving 26 different organizations from different countries. It is funded by the Council of Europe. Russia provides the aircraft, and the Europeans – equipment to him.

OPINION: have been preparing for this launch?

G. B.: About two years. Although it is not the main expedition. The main will be in July – August in India. We have 20 years of experience with the European Commission with the use of this aircraft. We flew over a huge number of outlets worldwide. The project involves the Germans, the Italians etc through their embassies tried to explain to the Swedes that happened to the paper disagreement without malice that this is not Russian some threat information you want to gather that this is a common big project.

OPINION: it was Difficult to collect the equipment, and then quickly dismantled?

G. B.: the Plane was almost fully prepared. It established more than 20 devices weighing from 12 kg to 170 kg – the most heavy. Got everything checked out and the next day were ready to roll out. But the demand came in the evening-night immediately.

OPINION: You explain everything is just bureaucratic overlay or something else?

G. B.: the Plate was clear. But it was superimposed and political contradictions, in my opinion. In those days there was a conflict in the Baltic sea, when our fighter jets flew over the American destroyer “Donald cook” and made a “barrel” about U.S. intelligence RC-135. If already after it became known that one of the permissions there, the Swedes would understand the essence of the issue and have extended the application, all would be well. In the presence of good will to renew it for an hour.

OPINION: Now that you have prevented “trained” in Sweden, the summer campaign of the plane ripped off? And will you continue to work with the Swedes?

G. B.: With the Swedes more will not work. In Sweden was to be held, a test campaign. She wore a deep scientific meaning. We just had to make sure that all devices are working. Each device is responsible for one kind of measurement: a for ozone, the other for nitrogen dioxide, the third – for the particulate pollution. They are all made in a single execution, each has a separate Institute from different countries, each institution is going to do so for years.

But we managed in Sweden to put them and even connect. Saw that they are controlled from the cockpit, turn on / off to give out response signals. All hangar work was completed, leaving only on the street to roll out with the engine running. Before this stage, and we stopped. But in General, flew not in vain.

Now at the beginning of the summer expedition will be an additional meet in one of the European countries. Presumably, it will be Italy. There again, select all the devices and see how they work, before moving to India.

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