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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Freedom for sale: price negotiable

Russian President Putin on 13 may congratulated RTR with the 25th anniversary. He said that the news RTR “definitely enjoyed the confidence and great interest in people. And, above all, because they are the truthful”.

This joy coincides with the resignation of the entire leadership of RBC. Resigned and chief editor of “RBK”, and editor in chief of the holding, and the editor-in-chief… whether they were not truthful, or, on the contrary, too true. But everything is good in moderation.

But still good and important to have flair. Because the measure of truthfulness is changing. The novel “a Modern idyll” immortal Saltykov-Shchedrin begins with the anxious attempts of ordinary people to understand how to behave, not to punish:

“One day comes to me Alex Stepanovich and the Writer says:

— I need you darling, wait!

Of course, I was surprised. Ever since I can remember, I only do that Gogo. All my youth, all life is confined to this word.

— What you want to say?

— You are Russian, and in Russian do not understand! The weather — well, to be accustomed, perhaps, to know when to shut up, forget the hell about what to think about that, about what is commonly thought… for Example: walk more, in a food hit, a cigarette fill his letters to relatives write, and in the evening — in cards or dominoes lie in wait. So this would mean “weather.”

— Alex Stepanovich! father! but why?

— Once, my friend, to explain! Yes and don’t explain because one who does not want to understand. We are Russian; those things we just have to understand. However, I did my job, warned…”

Hero rushed to another man, to Glumov, and he is already sitting — cigarettes fills:

“— Freak you! Said wait, Oh, and hody, then. Here I himself said: report! need, brother, hold on! And not explained. Because they understand that every tendency, to the explanation is the opposite of what in Russian is known by the word “gap year”.

— Have mercy! Yes, how little we still happy with your purchase!? What other our whole life has not in the continuous samopouzdanje: wait wait!

— So, still we are in one measure happy with your purchase!, and now measure with the garnets went to move — more to a gap year is necessary, and tomorrow can be, for as and two more garnets you will throw well, and even more to have a gap year. Probably will not burst”.

Probably won’t pop. A long time ago to “reformat” NTV — we’re not broke. Closed “Vremechko”, closed some regional channels… the Famous newspaper retained the title, but the content became completely not similar to…

The scheme, in General, one and the same. Changing first owner: the former sold, new bought. (It would be more accurate to say: the former is not wanted, but was sold and the new didn’t want, but bought.) Then changing leadership. The new owner (who didn’t want to buy, but he was told) dismisses the former edition, confirms new…

And note: it’s the law, no censorship, freedom of speech! However, new editors somehow understand that it is necessary to wait a little. And every day should be a gap year all is stronger.

President Putin of Russia, congratulating VTHRC with the 25th anniversary, said, “Imagine how hard it can be to work in a continuous mode, constantly information these oven pancakes by the stove”.

Pancakes — the food is good, oily, hearty. There is nothing better than pancakes, and even vodka. You eat, get drunk and sing old Soviet song about the fifth column:

Today, a guy drinking vodka,

And tomorrow plans sells

Soviet, native, blah, plant!

Today the guy in the beard,

But tomorrow where? — in encalade!

Freedom, blah, freedom, blah, freedom!

But as sober — trying to understand: why, Oh why still not banned Saltykov-Shchedrin?!

P. S. All on the same 25 years RTR, Putin said: “Even if we do something wrong, Oh well. We have the right to say this, and people, listeners and viewers need to hear, to see an alternative point of view”.

Golden words! This “we” if something go wrong and if you guess wrong, that he has the right to say so. We would like clearer, but we can’t.

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