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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Doping scandal around Sharapova fit into a campaign of discrediting Russian sport

For doping tennis player Maria Sharapova at least a year will be suspended from participation in competitions. Now she will skip the upcoming summer Olympic games. Observers note that last shaft of doping scandals involving Russia have occurred by chance. Athletes of many countries caught doping, but that the Russian are trying to punish under the full program.

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko said that his Agency warned athletes and the Federation that Meldonium found in the blood of tennis player Maria Sharapova, from 1 January 2016 included in the list of prohibited substances. “In all these cases it is necessary to understand the athlete himself applies it. Coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, leaders of the Federation should be responsible for it. The worst thing is that the athlete is suffering”, – said the Minister TASS.

“It’s clear that everyone is willing to give back in Russia, but we will still survive the attacks”

A year without games

According to him, the use of the Meldonium Russian athletes will still be revealed. “After the holidays more will gather Federation. Not for me to announce, but such cases will still be to the delight of our “friends”. It’s not a system. People who do this, understood the responsibility”, – he said.

Earlier the sports Ministry refused to comment on the situation with Russian athletes in the samples which detected prohibited substance, pending investigation and adjudication of anti-doping organization. The corresponding statement posted on the official website of the Department.

On the eve of Sharapova announced that her sample taken during the Australian Open in 2016, was found a prohibited drug Meldonium. On the same day it became known that the doping sample Russian figure skater Ekaterina Bobrova also found Meldonium.

The first hearing in the case of Sharapova will take place on 23 March in London, as reported by Sky Sports journalist Paul Kelso. If it is proved that she took the drug intentionally to improve their athletic performance, it is threatened with disqualification for four years. Sharapova will be temporarily suspended from participation in the competition from 12 of March.

The President of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) Craig reedy confirmed that Sharapova found guilty of using a prohibited drug, reports AP. In such situations, the athletes are punished by disqualification for one year, said reedy.

Forget about the Olympic games

Well-known sports commentator, world champion and silver Olympic medalist in athletics Olga Bogoslovskaya admitted that he does not understand why a drug that Sharapova took 10 years, suddenly was banned. “Why now he was in the list of banned drugs? The impression is that digging under the Russian sports. Lately under the scope of anti-doping services fall exclusively Russian athletes”, – said the theological VIEW newspaper.

She has no doubt that Sharapova will skip the upcoming summer Olympic games. “I feel sorry for Sharapova. Apparently the attorneys advised her demeanor. Like many of the athletes representing the US when they get in a similar situation, now she sprinkles ashes on his head,” she explains the behavior of athletes.

This talk about punishment for Sharapova is still early. “I don’t know how it will go. However, with a very famous American athlete Tyson Gaem received loyal. He was still serving the period of Ineligibility to one year, and he performed at last year’s world Cup, although all the canons are not supposed to act on it. Maybe Mary will hire a very strong lawyers, who will defend her the truth, as they defended the truth of Tyson Gaye”, – believes the theological.

“There must be relief in punishment

The President of Federation of tennis of Russia Shamil Tarpischev said the Agency “R-Sport” that failed the doping test will not affect the Russian tennis in General. “Let it be said that we don’t play at the Olympics now. No threat to Russian tennis after the doping of the sample Sharapova no. Maria continues his career after this,” said the Tarpischev.

And the former world number one fifth Anna Chakvetadze is hoping for relief in punishment for Sharapova. “It is a blow, did not expect to hear about it. Me until tonight it seemed that our sport is clean. Judge for yourself. Knew how tougher anti-doping test, it seemed to me that in this regard, everything should be smooth sailing. Don’t agree that this is the only shot Maria Sharapova, is a blow to the entire sport. Maria is one of the brightest representatives of tennis, and you lose a star of this magnitude is not just a shame, and wrong. I think that will be punishment, presumably, six months,” said Chakvetadze.

She recalled that the Olympic games “on the nose”, and “Mary is one of the main contenders for the medals”. “Want to see it at the Games made in whatever became. She admitted her guilt, I think, needs to be relief in punishment. I hope that it will be six months. If she will be able to compete at the Olympics, it will be great news for all the fans,” added Chakvetadze.

That this story should not have a negative impact on all Russian sport, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sports and Affairs of youth Alexander Sherin. “If Maria Sharapova has confessed to doping, she must be an adult of sound mind and blessed memory knows what he’s talking about,” he said RSN. – In any case, each should be liable individually. If a Russian athlete admits to doping, it does not mean that the stigma should fall on the Russian sports”.

On the eve Mutko noted that Russian doctors should pay more attention to his duties. “The drug is worthless. Not giving anything. They said: it is necessary to carefully athletes, doctors, trainers”, – he complained.

“All the athletes are helping your body”

Bohoslovska believes that now is massive attack on the Russian athletes. And what is happening “in the context of the General political situation”.

“This topic is not new, it takes roots in Ancient Greece. The first Olympic Champions used a variety of drugs to help your body in one way or another heavy nagruzkoi situation. It is no secret that all athletes are helping your body in one way or another. It is clear that now everyone is willing to give back in Russia, but we will survive these attacks. If the state is such people who win in sports battles, show the strength of the nation, then this nation is strong all over each other,” she said.

She stressed that on hearing also of the Ethiopian and Kenyan doping scandals, but they don’t have such resonance, as with the Russian athletes.” “After the Olympic games was such a wave that Kenyan, Ethiopian and Jamaican sprinters are not very honest in terms of the use of illegal drugs. But something quickly all shrunken! Someone was given a month, anyone three months of disqualification… And Russia in this regard receives in full. I don’t tend to associate the use of drugs that help to digest the load, with the ideology of anti-doping agencies. What kind of harm you can tell if Sharapova took ten years Meldonium?” – asks she.

Bohoslovska believes that the time has come to revise the list of prohibited substances and to make only those that “cause real harm to health”. “Only such an ideology must be brought to the international Olympic Committee,” she said.

The most decorated

Sharapova five times won the tournament series “Grand slam”, she has also won a victory in the Federation Cup and silver medal of the Olympic games in London in singles. In total she won 38 tournaments of Female tennis Association (VTA), 35 in singles. At the moment she is ranked seventh in the world rankings.

Bobrova and her partner in dancing on ice Dmitry Solovyov because of the positive results of doping tests will miss the upcoming world Cup in the United States. In early February, Meldonium has also been detected in the doping sample Russian cyclist Eduard Vorganov.

Meldonium belongs to a class of S4 (hormone and metabolic modulators) of WADA prohibited list. Meldonium (Mildronate) is used in sports to increase endurance of the organism to high physical loads during training and to high neuro-mental stress during competitions. The detection in an athlete’s sample this substance is a violation of anti-doping rules from 1 January 2016.

The author of a series of movies about doping in Russian sport, Hyo Seppelt said earlier that Meldonium has been identified from Russian athletes in 724 cases of 4316 during the study in 2015. This week German television showed new film Seppelt on doping in Russia called “the red herring of Russia” (Top Secret Doping: Russia’s Red Herrings).

Seppelt questioned the fact that Russia in recent months have taken decisive steps to combat doping. In particular, the author accuses the new head of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Anna Antselevich that it is during his work in this organization on a different position was agreed with the athletes about the time they pass the doping tests.

Seppelt says he has an audio recording of conversation of the current instructor for the RUSADA with one of the athletes. It is worth noting that the voice of Antselovich in the film are not heard – the text is a female voice recites in German. In addition, in Russian athletics, according to the journalist, there is still the practice of selling banned drugs to athletes people close to them.

Seppelt also consider accidental death of the former Executive Director RUSADA Nikita Kamaeva, which supposedly shortly before his death was to convey to foreign media and information about doping in Russian sport, wearing a revelatory character.

We will remind, in Geneva on 9 November held a press conference with WADA, where an independent Commission has accused Russia of numerous anti-doping rule violation and recommended to disqualify Russian athletes from participation in competitions under its auspices, including the 2016 Olympics.

On 14 November, the IAAF Council decided to suspend the membership of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) and temporarily disqualify Russian athletes from participation in competitions under the auspices of the organization.

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