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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Discussion of anti-terrorist amendments Spring in the state Duma resulted in a storm of scandal

Discussion anti-terrorist and anti-extremist amendments in the Duma passed rapidly: the Faction of the Communist party, the liberal democratic party and the independent MP Dmitry Gudkov has sharply criticized Irina Spring.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

We will remind that the Deputy of Spring and Senator Viktor Ozerov amendments require, in particular, extrajudicial ban on travel abroad for citizens suspected of extremism, the possibility of the deprivation of Russians with dual citizenship citizenship of the Russian Federation, prison sentences for “international terrorists” since the age of 14, storing all Internet data of Russians, from social networks to correspondence in instant messengers) for 3 years, etc.

The most dramatic was the statement of the representative of LDPR Sergey Ivanov. In the beginning he asked the Deputy of Spring, why the measures that it suggests are so “soft”, not whether or not to enter the shooting for treason and betrayal of the party (recall that a Spring, now consisting of the “United Russia”, — comes from “Apple”).

After that, Ivanov questioned that the increase in terms of criminal punishment will frighten the terrorists and called the amendments a “pure marriage”. The MP recalled how in the Soviet Union, working as a Turner at a factory, saw effective work of the police, who found the bayonet from his colleagues. According to Ivanov, the current document has nothing to do with anti-terrorist activities and will not be able to increase the security of the country.

Largely agreed with Ivanov and the representative of the Communist party Yuri sinelschikov, who said that the increase in sentences for terrorists will not lead to anything, as prison, they are not afraid. After that, Sinel’shchikov, however, proposed to repeal them for the moratorium on the death penalty, and introduce the confiscation of property. When these corrections, the Communist party, he said, support the idea of Spring. The LDPR refused to do so without radical revisions of the document.

Read about the government’s support for Spring.

Dmitry Gudkov, in turn, drew attention not only to violations of the rights of citizens (rights, according to him, the concern in Russia, only inspectors of traffic police), but also on the harm of amendments for business. Thus, according to the mentioned expert evaluation, create a database of user information Runet for 3 years will require $ 200 billion, and this money will be taken from the pockets of voters.

In addition, Gudkov has compared the creation of such a base with the formation of a system of Orwellian “Big brother” and also noted that the idea does not focus on the fight against terrorism, and on the formation of total control over society.

Spring in his response, rejected, however, all of the claims. In her opinion, in USA the situation with human rights is much worse, and criminals are not people: “you need to Protect not the rights of criminals, and people.”

At the moment the amendments made to the hours of voting (at 17.00) in the first reading.

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