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Friday, July 21, 2017

Decided a new unexpected favorite of the final of “Eurovision”

On Saturday in Stockholm after a tense match 26 finalists will be declared the winner of “Eurovision 2016”. Meanwhile, after the second semi-final the bookmakers and the forecasts of observers was again subjected to severe shaking. The focus was the Australian contestant DAMI Im, which has pressed from the second position to Jamal, confidently rising in the bookmakers.

Trend something reminded breakthrough Conchita Wurst in 2013 at Copenhagen, to the magical performances of the “Queen of Europop” in the second semifinal she was promised the result is not higher than 5th place.

The participant from Australia, DAMI Im. Photo: Eurovision.tv/Andres Putting (EBU)

Many of our readers, however, are still troublesome, according to their dispatches to the editor that “MK” along with its author is crazy – like, what Australia at Eurovision?! Not only you confuse it with Austria! Austria, by the way, is often confused with Australia, especially American tourists, so in Vienna on every corner hanging humorous announcements: “we Have not found a kangaroo!”. But “MK” is not mad, and concerned readers apparently did not carefully studied our stories.

Australia, the main population which is the flesh of European refugees, migrants and criminals that were deported back to prison in the past century, has always been, though distant, but dedicated europanache. The whole country! Due to the difference in time crowds of people were blown up at 5 a.m. to watch live broadcasts and always wanted to be a part of this celebration. Last year the dream came true”. Green continent became full participants of the contest, and his messenger, guy Sebastian under the joyful hooting of europanto won 5th place.

After historic entry into the European family friendly song in Vienna made a great gift, and Australia participated in the competition on General grounds, and as the winning country and the founders of the “Big five” (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy) – once in the final. Now the holidays are over, it’s tense eurobody, and this year as well as all of Australia is involved in the semifinal selection.

At a very emotional ceremony in the iconic Sydney Opera house in March next contestant DAMI Im, ethnic Korean and the winner of the Australian X Factor, was solemnly announced to Her Majesty the Queen of Europop bearded Conchita Wurst. Hall applauded and hoped that this “Royal grace” will be not only symbolic, but prophetic.

“Prophecy” almost came true on may 12 at Globe Arena for the second semi-final. “Almost” – because there is still the final “solo”. However, after the number of the Sound Of Silence (Sound of silence) is not silence, this deafening ovation of savrala huge hall that the so-called “applause rating”, which I already used as a marker in the report from the first semi-final, it became obvious – DAMI Im at this hour is the absolute leader of the race. The decibels of fan squealing and squeaking was significantly superior to all heard before – and Lazarev, and Zoe (already really from Austria), and Jamal from the Ukraine, not to mention all the others.

Today, however, there is still one test of the hall – envoys of the “Big five” with dark horses: French Amir, Spanish Barei, as well as “heir” winner of Mons Swede Frans, who goes here to the local “Justin Bieber” and drives everyone crazy fan shoots.

After the resounding success of DAMI Im barely restrained feelings:

– Came here with my whole family from Australia, they’re so worried about me, worried support. After the speech, I almost cried behind the scenes, so fantastic was the welcome from the audience. This is such a support for me!

– DAMI, probably not for nothing that itself Conchita Wurst flew to Sydney to represent you as a future contestant? She knows a lot about pop divas, right?!

– Oh, she’s so wonderful! And it was such an honor for me! I just couldn’t believe what was happening! Nor in the fact that Conchita was holding my hand and said those wonderful words – “proudly present” “proudly present”), nor the fact that I did survive this event, going to Eurovision! For years I could only dream about it!

I have often in my life ever feel emptiness around me, and I don’t know how to be. So the song is not by chance – Sound of silence – once again about the silence around, which is often maddening.

Always, for example, I wanted to sing, perform on stage, but the thought will remain with their dreams, because he was modest, not strong, afraid to make any moves. My dad, seeing as I’m worried, almost kicks made me at the time to send a request for the TV show X Factor. And to my surprise all of a sudden off it went. Also a miracle and a fairy tale!

My fans, who call themselves DamiArmy (“DAMI Army”) two years after my victory in the X Factor led the campaign for my participation in “Eurovision”, they came up with. And I thought: what is there! And when I got a call from Australian television with an offer to represent my country in the contest, I couldn’t believe it!

– On stage now, there was no noticeable notorious shyness, you’re talking about…

– Yes, I am usually very shy and quiet girl, but the energy of the stage each time does wonders with me, it is not known how and where filling me with power, forces, emotions. Reincarnation, I myself can’t explain!

– Are you among the favorites! I wish you good luck! And one of the participants or songs you would’ve said?

– Well, first and foremost for me personally – Swedish song If I Were Sorry in the performance of France, it’s so catchy, at the same time, a little bit folk, and a voice from a guy I really like. Then You Are Not Alone Duo Joe & Jake from Britain, a very Groovy thing. And, of course, You Are The Only One of Sergei Lazarev – cool electro track and clip absolutely luxurious and the room I watched, open-mouthed.

– What do you feel is going to win?

My first task was to try to reach the final. I think I got it! If it’s not crazy, now, of course, I dream about winning, about to bring his country into this competition. Although more think not about the result, but about communicating with the audience.

– Thank you and good luck!


However, if DAMI Im and “bring” their country “Eurovision”, it will come to it next year not in Australia, and, according to the regulations, one of the “Big five” – most likely in London. Although Australia and has now become part of a large europecannot family, but here can not even imagine how all this eurolabor will move to the other side of the Earth!

To participate in the finals the magic DAMI Im have under not the lucky number 13. After the draw, where participants played the first or second part of the finale, the filmmakers build further order of performance is at their discretion, to the drama of the show was the most dynamic.

Sergey Lazarev got the 18-th issue (of the 26), which is considered, according to popular cliches of “Eurovision”, a good place in the concert, because the second block, they say, much better than the speech in the beginning. Although, of course, is more than prejudice and superstition.

Meanwhile, after a brilliant performance by Jamala with a song “1944”, part (along with the hits Lazarev, DAMI Im, Amir of the Frenchman, the Swede Frans) in the list of favorites of the competition, from Ukraine came the news of the failure of the country to participate in “Eurovision 2017” in case of victory, “a man named Lazarus”, as formulated by the local official. Still considering Jamal one of the most deserving candidates to win, I honestly say, frowned on this Kiev studs (“a man named…” – yuck!) – in the address of Sergei. It looks just nasty, and shy in Stockholm to delegates at the sight Jamala – like the devil from Holy water.

Looks like a unique chance “non-political competition for public diplomacy and policy “profperity”, apparently, all the same persistently and enthusiastically hacked off at the root. It is a pity that they have not heard even Jamal, if what she said in an interview yesterday “MK”, sincerely…

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