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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Clooney in Cannes said that Trump is not going to be President of the United States

On 12 may at the Cannes film festival saw the premiere of the film jodie foster “Financial monster”. Hollywood star George Clooney takes the lead role in this popular program, in which he advises viewers how to manage their finances, and becomes the hostage of one of the spectators who lost their life savings because of his advice. The producer of the program does not stop the broadcast, and eventually the whole country is watching developments in the Studio. At a press conference in Cannes Clooney was not limited to the story of the film, and unexpectedly gave his prediction for the US presidential elections.

Photo: twitter.com/Festival_Cannes

President Donald Trump is not going to happen, – categorically said the actor. – This does not happen, because our country can not be controlled by fear.”

Interestingly, the actor himself admitted he did not much trust the news programs.

“Round-the-clock news does not mean that viewers get more news, this means that the more times they hear the same news. We have gone to get the facts and hear the truth.”

On the question of how he refers to his hero, Clooney said: “the film demonstrates how we are accustomed to the fact that some jerk can get in gear and start learning all about where to invest their money, and people to trust him, lose everything in real life. We came to a dangerous moment, when the news ceased to be simply a source of information, and become part of entertainment programming. At first you think you are so intelligent and then it turns out that no one is more stupid than you”.

Clooney also asked to explain why before each transfer it takes the hero of some stupid dance. He admitted: “When Jody brought me the script, she said she wants to make a musical film. I absolutely can’t dance, and I thought it would be fun”.

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