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Monday, March 12, 2018

At the Cannes film festival Kirill Serebrennikov brought the bracelet Schoolgirls

At the 69th Cannes film festival in the program “Special look” showed the film “Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. Cheer for its creators came to the Moscow support group – brothers Igor and Vadim Vernici, Sati Spivakov, playing “Gogol-center” in performance “Machine Mueller”.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Kirill Serebrennikov and Victor Isakov

On the stage, in addition to the Director and the actors Peter Skvortsov, Alexander Gorchilin – all as befits in Cannes in black suits, Victoria Isakova dressed in a white coat and a young producer Ilya Stewart. Before the screening of Kirill Serebrennikov said: “We so easily made this film with love, light breath. I hope that you get lucky, and artists today will play well.” He told a story that happened in the last day of shooting: “I was approached by a girl-a schoolgirl and gave a bracelet with the words “”Take it to Cannes. And I’ve got him.” Then it was impossible to assume that it will happen. Bracelet Kirill Serebrennikov brought with them. Visited the show of German playwright Marius von Mayenburg, on the play which put the performance in “Gogol –center”, and that now the pieces of silver film. He, according to Serebrennikov, did not attend the premiere in Moscow for political reasons, and now every effort was made that he was in Cannes. Sorry, that was not here Julia Aug, who played one of the best roles in the film. It first appears on the screen: a poor single mother working three jobs for the sake of the son, and he grows hard as a teenager haunts her.

In the role of a son Veni Ugine is a graduate of School-Studio of Moscow art theatre Peter starlings. On the voyage the young hero does not want to go because it offends his religious feelings. While quietly in front of his mother peeing and not flushing after themselves. At home they are without embarrassment discuss the problem of uncontrolled erection. The mother believes the son of a drug addict: how else to explain everything that was happening to him. The blame and ready to kill, if necessary, to not interfere with live. And will incur terrible sin, afraid of tenderness classmate, who in gratitude will begin to give him a hug and a classmate catches them. Venya is lecturing the mother, preaching in the school. Each lesson ends with a scandal – he will undress before the goal, wearing a suit and the monkeys come jumping over desks. And all in the name of God. The mother thinks would be better if he jerked off. But where in his head, obsessive thoughts about the Lord, is not clear. I have the feeling that he did not believe in him, just is nonsense like a mental patient. Venya resembles not so much a frantic believer, how many wounded on his human head.

Teachers live with their concerns. Progressive biology teacher played by Victoria Isakova goes to work on a moped, openly making out with a PE teacher while students on the beach. The disciples, however, and will give a light, tan like nudists. Elena Lvovna Venia believes Jewish. How else to explain her hatred of him. And she earnestly wants to understand how he came to such a life. Can’t help you nor the headmaster, played by the lovely Svetlana Bragarnik, nor the priest, a leading school in the basics of Orthodoxy. One day the teacher handed out to pupils as a visual aid carrots and condoms to learn to use them correctly. It is necessary to engage in sexual education. She believes that homosexuality is nothing unnatural, science is proven. It’ll end horribly.

Venja tries to help a classmate, who has one leg shorter than the other, all over him bullied. A guy will constantly take off his pants, and his fellow preachers to recite as a prayer the words of healing, the leg grew. Hall at this moment, laughing – the situation is ridiculous. Born feeling, which they say constantly adults and adolescents. The biology teacher will conduct a whole investigation and come to the assumption: “Is Jesus a homosexual?”

The picture is relevant, and it is made well, okay, except that the music is too Intrusive in the most dramatic moments. Religious fanaticism is devoted not to the first film. A strong impression a few years ago, produced for the Berlinale picture “way of the cross” Dietrich Brueggemann about a young girl clericalism ruined their own family, and it seems to her that she was always brought before the Supreme court. Ulrich Seidl took a beautiful film “Paradise. Faith”, where an adult woman experiences an almost carnal love for Jesus. These films evoked strong emotions, they have a lot of meanings. In “the Pupil” all obvious on the surface. It lacks emotional force. When the blame rides with a giant cross in the bus, taking him to school, and the outcome can be anything, these images could be powerful. And when the murdered boy’s teacher warns of possible death, all this does not work. And the drama gave a good reason for that.

By coincidence, before the screening of “Student”, the premiere of the film in the main competition “Fierce MA”. Took him a prominent French filmmaker Bruno Dumont about a family of cannibals, devouring the aristocracy. And those headed heroine Juliette Binoche furiously cry out to the Lord to lead them to misfortune. Anybody out there: nudists, gay men, girl in boy’s clothes. All played with Frank grotesque, seemingly, possible only in the theatre. And the people there fly like a bird, even the inflated bubble is a COP. And this fictional world believe more than realistic stories. Dumont has repeatedly sent to the people of the adversary in the form of Satan, and the conversation about the meaning of life was become a space.

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