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Friday, July 21, 2017

Angry Putin threatened NATO with a symmetric response to missile defense system in Romania

The start-up of the radar station (RLS) in Romania was the last straw that broke the patience of Vladimir Putin. The response by the addressee its public threats now are not only NATO and the United States, but also Eastern European countries that agreed to host elements of missile defense. Those who had lived quietly and comfortably, will now become targets for Russian ballistic missiles, said the President.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

On the last day of war meetings all week were in Sochi, it turned out that all this time particularly bothered Vladimir Putin. It was not a campaign in Syria, which, according to the President, has been very successful. And not problems with the implementation of state defense orders. And certainly not detached from the doors “UAZ” handle. (“It’s just a curiosity, it is necessary to treat such things with humour”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov).

A storm of emotions caused by the head of state of radar station in Romania, launched in a solemn ceremony in the presence of the Prime Minister of this country, Dacian ciolos, the Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg and the first Deputy Minister of defense Robert Wark may 12.

“Recent developments indicate that the world situation is not getting better it is getting worse. I mean accommodation in Romania, a radio-locating station as one of the elements of the future missile defense system”, – so began GDP final meeting with the commanders and representatives of defense industry.

Romanian radar is a huge complex, which was built three years and has cost NATO $800 million Under its placing has been allocated 175 hectares, which housed the installation, a control center the missile batteries and mobile battery MK-41 missile-interceptors SM-3.

The deployment of the complex started at the end of 2015, and just recently announced its successful completion. The United States called the Romanian radar a key component of the European part of missile defense which will help to protect Europe from possible aggression marginal and potentially dangerous countries like North Korea and Iran, but Putin has a different point of view.

– If, using its capabilities in the media, someone can be misleading, that it does not threaten Russia and that it is solely a defensive system, then those present at this table, – then the President looked at the generals listened in silence, – No one astray will not enter. This is not a defensive system! It’s part of strategic nuclear potential of the United States on the periphery, in this case to Eastern Europe.

GDP recalled that Russia has repeatedly offered the US to refrain from this step: “We have said many times about our concerns, offered to work together, but it was rejected.” To pay for this short-sighted policy, gave to understand Putin, you have not only the Americans, but their allies in Eastern Europe:

– People who took the relevant decisions, should know that until now, they lived quietly, comfortably and safe. But now, after placing these items ABOUT, we will have to think about how to respond to threats against security of the Russian Federation, – the President warned.

In addition, the launch of the Romanian radar will inevitably lead to the violation of the Treaty on intermediate and short range. According to Putin, NATO does not resist the temptation to use to embed such missiles launchers are already on the territory of Poland.

“The conversion happens in a very short time and unnoticed for Russia. We are not even able to control it!” – complained of GDP. He stressed that after the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty a violation of the Treaty on missiles and medium-range will be the second blow to the system of international security.

All the steps of the United States (and there is still a system of “aegis”, providing for the deployment of us ABM system on ships in the Mediterranean sea) indicate the beginning of a new arms race. And although Russia, according to Putin, this race is not going to get involved, the Ministry of defence should prepare symmetrical and sensitive for NATO and its partners ‘ response. “We will go our own way, – to paraphrase the young Lenin, said the President, – the amount of funding rearmament of the army and Navy will not change, but the plans will be adjusted to respond to emerging security threats of the Russian Federation.”

Released to reporters after meeting the military Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin declined to say what exactly will be the Kremlin’s response and see if the complexes “Iskander” in the Kaliningrad region.

He stressed that the leadership of the country comprehended why elements ABOUT pododvigat to the borders of Russia: “In the event of a conflict, they don’t simply let our missiles fly”. From this we can conclude that the scientists and military engineers the aim is to teach new ballistic missiles, created in the framework of the program of rearmament, “cheat” and break through any missile defense system. This is indirectly confirmed by Rogozin himself. “The answer will be a modern, military-technical and inexpensive”, – he concluded.

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