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Monday, February 26, 2018

Andrei Konchalovsky: “I would put the play in the West if you paid me”

Andrei Konchalovsky summarized the important stages of life – eight years of working on a Chekhov trilogy in the theater. He put the pieces in the same sequence, as written by their playwright: first “Uncle Vanya” and “Three sisters”, was “the Cherry garden”. Leading roles in plays, of course, got the spouse of the Director Yulia Vysotskaya, which has established itself not only as first-class cook, but also a talented actress. She and the entire cast was present at the press conference Konchalovsky in the Mossovet theatre, where Andrey was talking about…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

About the trilogy: “For us it is one piece, covering most of Chekhov’s life. His drama reflects all the stages not just the way of the writer, but also Russia. Here we tried to understand our country through the Russian people. The idea was that one team worked in three performances. And my dream is to play them in one day, two already showed in London, but three will be torture for us and the audience. It’s important that visitors not thought about the time, so we do performances as soon as possible, but not faster than you need”.

About the actors: “Jane Ratkov–the longest appeared in one of the performances of bare, although I have never naked, as in Chekhov, they can not be. And as soon as I saw Pavel Derevyanko, realized that it would be an interesting antithesis of cinema, which 40 years ago we worked on “Uncle Vanya”. Larisa Kuznetsova first played the nurse in “Uncle Vanya”, then transformed in the role of Olga in “Three sisters” and has completely changed roles, becoming the Charlotte in “the Cherry orchard”. In every performance there is a core, around which everything is concentrated, and if not, then there is no unity. Our made-Irina Kartasheva, Alexander Domogarov and Julia Vysotskaya. The latter had to break themselves, to grow into the role.

I play sitting, it has corrupted artists. And they are beings who need to train the animal part of the body. She’s lazy, requires a sweet, coffee, cigarettes.”

About Chekhov: Anton Pavlovich asked, why translate his works into French and added that the French do not understand and will be missed. Although there are outstanding Directors (Peter brook and Giorgio Strehler), presenting outstanding reading Chekhov. But mostly, the idea of Chekhov in the West is a delicate shell which is not filled with any sense. By the way, all that is put in Europe about Russia, too romantic and does not correspond to reality. I would put the play in the West if you paid me”.

Andrei Konchalovsky has summed up the results of work on the Chekhov trilogy (25 photos)

About the audience: “it is Better the Russian audience in the world, if only in Latin America, where I was not. Coming to the Russian theatre, my foreign friends marvel at the full hall, the fact that the audience stand for a long time and give flowers. This was in England only in the sixteenth century. Russian audience is appreciative and sensitive; in Europe this is not. We should appreciate our viewers and preserve them for Russian theatre”.

About himself: “Since the first “Uncle Vanya” it’s been 40 years. I became older, I had more artificial teeth, much put. But if today I decided again to put those same projects, they would have been different. Life is in development, so I did not hesitate to change an opinion. When I say the word “relevant” – I feel sick. Like Bach, Mozart and Czechs may be relevant? True when care, if not care, it is not true”.

About Russia: “Our country is a country of scarcity, but that’s OK: we’ve gotten used to it over the years. What to do? Brush your teeth in the morning, not to write past the toilet. Seriously speaking, we don’t have enough respect for each other. We have the concept of respect is part of love or fear is wrong. A lack of respect to the author, has a sincere understanding of its purpose.”

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