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Friday, March 23, 2018

All about choice!

In difficult times of crisis it’s time to think about where to go next. “Oil superpower” — this is clearly not a long-term strategy for the future. And especially not a strategy — corruption, eating up resources and “blah-blah-blah” about the special way that we all did not begin to go. That means we need to find some more solid ground and more effective motion vectors. And here there is an obvious catch: with all the richness of choice in fact a vicious circle. Verbal battles are many, but the shifts still no. On the contrary, the situation is day by day getting worse. Why is this happening and what to do about it?

The media, experts, politicians persistently to convince us that the country has escalated the fighting patriots and liberals. And liberals both systemic and not systemic (also called fifth column). And this motley fighting now, they say, is the main intrigue.

Patriots (aka statists) for getting up off its knees and for power. A prerequisite of belonging to their circle is to support the President, whose name in Patriotic rhetoric is inseparable from the concept of the Motherland.

The system the liberals remain a prisoner of his delusions, but sometimes it is right (otherwise, why would they still hold in the government?). Sistemdeki, on the contrary, against getting up off its knees and therefore enemies. In the eyes of the propaganda they are such small animals, which seems to be worthless, but very dangerous. The sign of equality between the liberals and national-traitors to put, of course, impossible, but “approximately equal to”. Not two parallel bar, and the two wavy lines.

The division of the political space of the country into patriots and liberals constantly advertised. Satisfied with this, think both sides. Patriots day win over the opponent, and the liberals, despite their permanent destruction, tightly held in a public space. But at the same time retain their positions in government, Central Bank, corporations.

In General — that the choice that is offered by the propaganda: if you’re in a country you patriots and Putin, if against you, you are not worthy of the Russians, and the enemy. As a valid alternative is the system the liberals — they are more lenient regime, but without denying Putin. Being in this camp is not very welcome, but in overall career does not spoil.

It would be desirable to adopt this convenient concept of choice, you need to face the truth: such a division of society into groups from the beginning to the end of a propaganda fake. Ideological opposition between them nothing more than a theater. Only by understanding this, we can see a real alternative.

Of course, in Russia many true patriots. Even sure that the vast majority of them. Because almost everyone in our country wants her good. And supporters of the liberal theories, and staunch opponents of economic freedoms equally can be like the patriots or not. Patriot, in my opinion, is generally outside ideologies and national ideas.

But propaganda has its own patriots — it clearly shows that it is only those who don’t rock the boat, that is not to criticize the government and personally Vladimir Putin. Patriot, it turns out, is equal to the loyalist conformist. And birthplace, as Russia would be unobtrusively identified with the current political regime. Accordingly, prominent patriots — those who are now in power, close to the President. And everything they do, by definition, Patriotic.

But is it? Every day we hear not only about corruption but also about the withdrawal of capital abroad, about the fortunes and salaries of people in the proximity to the power Olympus — and not in the contour of the liberals. Their children, like the children of liberal oligarchs, study abroad. There’s also their families use the services of high-quality medicine. Where they go when they want to relax? Wherever the liberals in Paris, Milan, Prague. But the majority of them — civil servants, Directors of state companies and state corporations, established in the era of the “war on oligarchs”. Is this true patriotism?

And where to watch patriot, the President, around which all this is happening? And moreover, how can a patriot, if he is in power, calm look at what is happening to the country? With a nation governed by the people, the only ideology which — the personal fortunes?

We are told the President is busy with foreign policy. Yes, I think this is the little Patriotic that we have. However, how is this policy? Without the simultaneous strengthening of the state, its economy, suppression of corruption, the restrictions of the export of capital. The President has repeatedly offered to do all this, but if he supported these ideas, it is only in words.

However, as it is possible to achieve something outside if internally everything is falling and crumbling? I think real patriotism should be effective, and in this case it implies the implementation of reforms. It’s not right, but the duty of the President, if he really wants to make Russia the country-winner. But, it seems, a priority of the government is not it, but the privileges of the elite. And because of the emphasis she does not convert, and propaganda. In exchange for the preservation of power and wealth pseudo sell virtuality to the people: that a strong state, the alleged growth of the country and the revival of its greatness. In fact, the reality is far from introduce pictures. Poke your finger into any industry — it will fall.

What about the liberals? They do not seem to welcome the kings of the state order and oppose the usurpation of power. But in fact they mostly represent the interests of super-rich people — not just the first and the second round of the oligarchy. They differ from statists because they do not control the same resources do not have direct access to the first person, not have the same benefits and privileges, cannot count on a generous budget flows. Democratic rhetoric for them is just a propaganda tool. Sure, they come to power, they are exactly the same on their knees or buy the press, will begin to manipulate political parties and elections, and generally will do so, as the current government, to preserve their privileged position.

The struggle between liberals and patriots is intraspecific, but not ideological. The head of the corner they have a common creed — freedom exploitation of resources and the lack of control of the people. Therefore, influential circles nor statesmen, nor government liberals do not conduct economic reforms, support the falling and the industry is not going to limit financial speculation. They both are in fact carried out liberal policies and supported a free market (read “freedom of allocation of capital and output them abroad”), giving place to a really strong state that would ensure the development of the country, but inevitably would limit their privileges. Also they are not fighting corruption — well you won’t be in his right mind to fight with yourself? It would have been schizophrenia.

The President in this situation is not on the side of society. The latter is interested in the reforms in curbing elite. But there is no change, the rate in fact remains the same, despite the growing statist rhetoric. Putin resolves conflicts between clans, but not reforming the clan system.

So, what is actually before us a choice? I think to choose between interest groups, the alpha and omega of which is money for power and power for money, does not make sense. They can take care of her. The real choice that, whether we like it or not, we have to do is choose between a clan and a corrupt state government, derived from the oligarchy and became a defender of the interests of the whole society. Supporting the economy, protecting our rights, and leading a Patriotic foreign policy.

To implement this choice, the modern Russian society is vital to form a third force that can change the situation. Created on the basis of one or more parties or movements, this force needs to develop and propose new social system, able to counter any usurpation of power — whether the power of the dictator, oligarchs, or corrupt officials. In the Constitution of a real separation of powers and the system of control mechanisms, not giving power to subjugate the electoral commissions, parties, the press, public men. And the maximum limit corruption.

The coming elections provide a chance to test whether it is possible to approach this problem without shocks.

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