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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Trick or treat?

Mr. President, at the end of this letter will be written “thank you” but it’s premature to rejoice you do not need. As for the title, this legendary question first asked by the robbers on the road. And now he’s set on all roads, even the smallest.

Wednesday, 11 may 2016, in Moscow, Yurovskaya street car hit two-year-old. Driving the car (license plate 948 IN MIND 197) was a middle-aged woman — that is, life experience she already has.

Knocking Zahara (2014 birth), she went on. And when her car was able to hold, people to hear:

— You’re lucky I stopped at all!

…You, Mr. President, may wonder: why, they say I write about ordinary accident? But on your Direct line with the people of Russia you among others were asked and all idle questions (such as: what school they train the President?), and here it is much more important.

In addition, this accident has to you personally some relevance.

The child was shot down in that place, which we told you in the letter under the heading “Trail of Federal significance” (“MK”, 25 April 2016).

photo: Alexander Minkin
Moscow. 11 may 2016. “Four-lane Federal highway”.

There in black and white it was written that the village Yurovo, Moscow (CJSC) is a track width of 3 meters. It was worn every day thousands of cars, constantly threatening the lives of people and children, knocking dogs and cats.

The residents are to suffer and be afraid, the community decided to install the barriers, a local MP fully supported, the Council did not object. But the barriers have infuriated some respectable gentlemen who are from the region to Moscow liked to ride through the village: 5 minutes faster.

Lord filed in court, the prosecution is somehow supported them, all of them somehow supported.

In Tushino court of sorts — peak-peak-peak — and supporting all sorts of — peak-peak-peak — argued that this is a Federal road, a four-lane road with sidewalks… This, in particular, said an employee of the state motor roads Alibekova V. A., a lady of middle age — that is, life experience she already has.

The villagers tried to convince the court that there are no four lanes, not two, no sidewalks. And the D. A. S. shouted in court that the sidewalks are there, but in the photos they are not visible because covered with snow. The D. S. has not only life experience, but also knowledge of the history of the Soviet Union, because the question about the name-the patronymic answers: “Andropov”.

We you, Mr. President, wrote about all this on 25 April, and 26 April (coincidentally) held the last hearing. The judge Cakes Roman Borisovich passed the decision: to consider the track Federal highway, barriers to remove.

He was asked to go to the place, to see with your own eyes, but he refused. You know, Mr. President, judge Kulicheva there’s life experience — otherwise it could not be a judge, you would not have appointed, right? This his experience, it seems, and told him that it is not necessary to go to the village (although the drive there he was not more than 20 minutes). Even the video he refused to look…

Two weeks later, the car hit the child, the boy in the hospital, parents hope that all will end well.

Probably for Postovoj Elena Vitalievna born in 1973, who was driving, also all will end well. After all, she’s not wanted, because it was an accident “negligently”.

And judge the Cakes didn’t want to, and Prosecutor S., and Kalybekova of GBU, and the plaintiffs Skidanov A. G., Kuznetsova E. V., Ryabov A. N., Zachinsky V. G., Moskalev, M. S., Korotkov, S. N., and their main zealous and energetic co-plaintiff V. Tomarov — all of them, of course, didn’t want to.

Or rather, they didn’t care. The plaintiffs acted merely out of convenience (5 minute savings). And all the others who supported them, worked either for the sake of justice, whether for the sake of money. The same question: trick or treat?

We call here the names of all these people, to give them a promise. If misfortune happens and someone will die under the wheels of the masters, for which the inhabitants of the village Yurovo just garbage obstacle in the road, we all called invite to the funeral. Invite through the newspaper.

Goodbye, fulfilling the wishes of Postovoy E. V., we tell her “thank you very much for that it all stopped.”

We would love to say thank you, Mr. President. If you read the letter of April 25, jabbing a finger at a newspaper, you wouldn’t have even had to say the word “understand”. For those who work with you, this poke of a finger would suffice. And on April 26 the court would take a different decision.

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