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Monday, March 19, 2018

Timeout: “we were viewed as white Raven”

Back in 1989 formed the first historical team “Time Out” became for the avant-garde scene. The absolute uniqueness of the group is that the participants call it “motologicheskii ensemble music” where mitologia – a special science, the concept, the movement, the essence of which is labeled with one, incomprehensible to an uninitiated listener the word.

Alexander Minaev. Photo: Sergey Lukanin

Many years ago Alexander Minaev (aka Akaki Nazario Sirbistan) told me in an interview that mitologia – “the science of buzz, but not from alcohol and drugs, and from communion and even from unpleasant situations,” explaining that even in the time of the Soviet Union team toured the vast expanses of the homeland under sad circumstances, but out of despair was born a huge hope for the future. She flourished in all works “Timeout”, which has music and waltzes, and punk rock, and metal, and generally anything you want, but at concerts there is a real theatrical action – fans dress up in fancy costumes, “cool light bulbs” (special motologicheskii ritual) and become complicit in the celebration. May 14 the band will celebrate the 25th anniversary motologicheskii movement in the Stereo club Hall. Before the concert Alexander told “MK”, how her life on the stage today, what’s missing from radio today and why it makes no sense to release a full album.

– Alexander, does it change over the years, the attitude to their work, to life in General?

– Honestly, no. We continue to receive from what we do, fun and we plan to make this a very long time, so do not expect too much (laughs).

– Your team has appeared in the music space when there were strong protests in Russian rock, dark, philosophical lyrics. Yes, all Russian musicians then for the most part differed excessive seriousness, and there is a cheerful phenomenon as “Time-Out”. You haven’t felt outsiders?

– We felt very well, we rather looked at as a white Raven. There were moments when we even took off fashionable and then popular wideopened, because we did not look like rockers. We didn’t go in the black leather jackets and boots-the Cossacks. We somehow this is easier treated. Yes, by and large we are not called rock band, we still motologicheskii ensemble music, so were never in the gang. And continue their creativity and life.

– To the issue of mitologii: how did it happen, what a joke that appeared in the radio station SNC, turned into a movement and concept?

– I wouldn’t call it a joke. Was a guest live, 1991, the month of may. We were invited to visit a very famous then DJ Yury Spiridonov. It was our old friend, we traveled a lot together on tour: he worked as a presenter on the concerts and knew us inside out with all of our antics. He invited us to his transfer that was not boring, and we showed all that capable. Then invited us to her Stas Namin and said, “Guys, let’s make your authoring program where you as the lead will give all what you did during this hour the guests of Spiridonov. Grab yourself two hours a week.” We didn’t know how it’s done, but agreed and rushed on the air with the program “Straiteneth! The Kwacha has arrived!”.

– At the time it was possible the emergence of such programs. Radio SNC and many witnesses at the time recall as a separate, powerful story. What do you think, is it possible the occurrence of such phenomena at this scale, and is there any possibility to so loudly announce itself in a talented avant-garde figures?

– On the one hand, today there is the Internet, and each can show itself in all beauty, in his own way – it’s easier. On the other, because of this there is such great competition that the enormous number of slag are sometimes lost diamonds. However, there is a third side of the coin: an awl in a sack can not hide that talent in any case find the way, because there are many examples of how people through the network has captured the hearts of millions, took to the big stage, where they still feel good. And at the time SNC was the only such station to be there, it was almost impossible, and I think what we got there is a matter of chance. The fact that Stas Namin, being a man of broad views, aired all this “lawlessness”, – today the situation is exceptional. I’m not sure who some of the current program Directors would be able to afford it, though, if such a transfer appears, it will be a bomb on the Russian radio market.

– That is, the audience still feels some aesthetic hunger?

But you have to try! Unfortunately, what is happening in radio today, is determined by a very small group of people. Those who sit at the helm of stations, by and large are biased choices, and there is a huge reservoir of people who don’t need it and interested, they miss the “carelessness” in the best sense of the word. So, frankly, I would place some radio-officer may be, would risk and give, say, at night the opportunity to revel in the present active, fun and creative leading to those who could not sleep, could laugh.

– A counter world of plastic, pop, show business with the alternative scene. What is this alternative? How powerful and talented she is?

– You know, I’m afraid you found a bad source on this topic, because I do not understand, neither in that, nor in another. I only do mitologia, I still think this is the most progressive musical movement, and it interests me. Of course, I hear vaguely that somewhere something is happening, but, in fact, I’m not interested, and I am deeply this topic is not studied. “If the stars are lit it means that somebody needs it”, so someone benefits from that, even if the producers who make money off of it (laughs).

Photo: Jan Schreyer

– Well. Then let about mitologia – how it develops and changes today? Appear in it, as in any science, new discoveries?

– Of course. It would be kind of uncomfortable in front of people, if during the past 25 years, we have remained at the same level. Imagine a child who was born, the years go, but it looks the same and lying in diapers with a pacifier in his mouth. Of course, the development goes on, things change. But to describe all the transformation during a single interview in a few words is almost impossible. We’ve already lived a life of 25 years, so it is better to come to the concert and see what it turned into at the moment, or at least to look in the Internet. Even though we can’t love, but still there are present and show all their resources on new works video.

– And how is your audience, is it changing? Aging or getting younger?

– I would say that it is not age, but in a good way spreads (laughs). Boys turn into men, girls into beautiful women and the wonderful that they bring a large number of children. In my experience, no one knows who gets more fun – parents who know how to work the flashlights, or the children themselves that give fathers and mothers a head start. The audience is very different. The best part is that we have it.

– Moreover, the viewers also become part of the show: “Timeout” appears on the stage a kind of theatrical musical band, arranging interactive with their fans beyond the traditional concert format.

– Matology and can not exist without an audience: in our live show more interesting to watch watching. If someone has the opportunity to quietly sit on the sidelines, watching both the stage and in the hall, this experience will be most valuable and fascinating. I myself sometimes forget the lyrics, when you look at the dance floor and see what there doing people, it’s very inspiring. After that, begin to sing louder, play and give a wide variety of “monogram”.

– You do not often indulge fans with new albums. Last – “Cabbage” – was released in 2010. Why is this happening?

– Honestly, I don’t see the feasibility of the releases on physical media. The song’s are written, they appear on our resources on the Internet in large numbers, sometimes in this format, which we hardly would began to publish them on the discs. For example, we recorded a medley of old material in new arrangements, new sound. Turned out the ten-minute track. On the radio this compilation never in my life will not revolve. All work we immediately spread in the network, and to sell people for money that is already there, somehow conscience does not allow. And then I’m not sure that already having songs downloaded in the form, someone will want to pay money, which in this case will simply cover the costs of producing the records.

– Tell us what you do now, besides preparing for the concert.

– We are not prepared. We are in quite a relaxed state, get pleasure from life, we accumulate the energy in order to throw it at the anniversary show. We will be the only run to check the material itself – there will be some videoscrazy, other interesting numbers, and to rehearse more, we will not, not to knock the first impression of the program. We also want to experience this evening the same buzz as our guests.

– I want a little dip in the distant past. Many years ago ago, you had a collective “Shock”, and at one point, a fateful meeting with Vladislav Zorin, who invited you to speak instead of some other “Timeout”. Easy if you have agreed to this proposal? Was there a feeling of substitution, and quickly if you “fused” with a new name?

– No, that feeling was – it all happened very organically. “Timeout” was a project that could change parties (familiar to all similar example from the world of pop – group “via GRA”, where several times changed the composition, but left the brand). Roughly the same thing happened with us, but in our case, the brand was looking for a team that was ready to perform under the name “Time Out” with his program. It was the transition from Amateur to professionals.

– How difficult was the path to her audience? Have you encountered any difficulties?

– They are now. As we skomoroshenko team – such “fools” on stage, many perceived us as in life, the thought that “Time Out” – not a serious group, although the level of performance of our ensemble has always shown very good results and Vice versa is very responsible attitude to what they are doing. I remember when we released the album “mu-Mu” and came to the General Director of the label, which we knew only through the radio. When we gave him the recorded material, he is very long he listened, and then looked at us his eyes and said, “Yes, you still are able to play”. Similar situation was with the legendary Gorbushka. For a long time we were not allowed to play there. When the first concert on this stage in 1995 still held, we gathered a full house and after that began to hold regular there their motologichesky new year. We don’t believe a word – probably because we wore leather jackets (laughs).

– Are you trying to sneer at the surrounding reality in the songs or create them in some kind of its own special reality?

– Personally, I’ve never claimed to be a guru to over someone to sneer. I write about what is written, if nothing comes to mind – pause. That’s how we feel about our work. The main thing – not to strain, and to enjoy the process, even if there is something wrong.

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