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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Ukrainian elections without Donbass: Kiev failed negotiations in “Norman format”

Elections in Donbas this year, apparently, will not. Exactly (or approximately) can be translated with the German diplomatic practical on the statement of Russian Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier made following the meeting, the Ministers “channel four” in Berlin on may 11.

photo: AP

Literally, Mr. bundesminister said: “We still can’t come to a consensus on the issue of local elections in the Donbass. Training them is difficult, and views differ. It is difficult to reach consensus, but for the first time the proposals of the Ukrainian side discussed with the Russian side. (…) We talked about it, and there are several proposals, in particular, will try over the next few months to reach a compromise on the political process. I hope that this compromise will be clear and we will see real steps. Both Russia and Ukraine will cooperate together for the sake of security in the Donbass”.

In General, you understand. Especially considering the fact that “to try to reach a compromise on political dialogue”, the parties began more than a year ago, and things are there.

Such results are so promising (as someone thought) appointments confirmed by the participants of the talks from Moscow. Time perspective of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in the Donetsk steppe becomes more and more distinct – with the amendment that the role of the Arab world in the current situation serves Russia.

But if Israel came to the necessity of negotiations with the Palestinians, the leaders of Ukraine, contrary to historical logic, continues to resist the beginning of a direct dialogue with representatives of Donbass. The problem, as always, in the details – despite the fact that the Minsk agreements speak directly to the need for coordination (i.e., negotiation) of all accepted parameters of Kiev with Donetsk and Lugansk, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Mr. Klimkin continues to insist on formula before negotiating, you need to re-elect those with whom to negotiate.

And since with the current government of Kiev Donbass does not want to have anything to do, then the question of elections, it is not possible to agree with her, demanding the immediate end “to regain control of the border”. And no calls in Berlin, Paris, Moscow and even Washington can not yet change this traditional its persistence Ukrainian logic.

Stupid everyone in this situation, the German Minister, has repeatedly announced the adoption of the law and the holding of local elections in the Donbas “to the middle of the year.” However, prior to that, he was a signatory of the famous “letter of guarantee” from Yanukovych 21 February 2014, fleeing under which the President had not run, and transfer power in democratic elections only at the end of 2014. But history (the American partner) decided otherwise. Alas, the famous national trait of the Germans – pedantry and attention to detail – in his case, absolutely not justified. Although he may do with it. Traditional cheating partners, why it is considered in Ukraine with cunning, can stained the reputation of any world politics, dared to enter into business relations with Kiev. Don’t be surprised if in some time in a similar situation would be and, Ms. Nuland, in late April, also said about the prospect of local elections in Donbas later this summer”.

The fact that Ukrainian politics is done solely on a call from Washington, does not negate the need “to work hard” not only with the senior, but sometimes with the middle and even younger commanders of the Ukrainian politicians. Schedule last Kiev visit of Victoria Nuland brightest example – in addition to the President, Victoria had to look in almost every faction Happy and to pay attention to ordinary MPs. Obviously, because more from anyone they are not ready to hear the electors.

And given the upcoming visit to Kiev, John Kerry is scary for American’s Secretary of state and his doctors have not recommended such busy schedules. No joke, for the adoption of pseudogestational reform-the imaginary need to speak with 301 MPs. Master Lee, Mr. Kerry such a scale?

Against this background, the result of the Ukrainian persistence may be the separation of Poroshenko with the prospect of a total geopolitical loneliness of Kiev. Most dangerous in this situation, just the fact that at the time of shift change of elites in the United States, the presidential election in France and parliamentary in Germany, namely Ukraine could become the detonator useless explosion. Just because Poroshenko and his entourage once again decides not to fulfill its obligations and still want to haggle. For example, as it is now – when the Ukrainian President does not need early elections – the only obvious for him a consequence of the announcement of local elections in the Donbass. So? until the next conversation with uncle Joe (Biden) or spontaneous political crisis is not about what to say.

Meanwhile, the people’s Republic of Donbass on the days noted for the second anniversary of its (self -) proclamation of the referendum on may 11. Such holidays have become almost routine. And on may 4 held the second “direct line” Alexander Zakharchenko with the people of Ukraine. After successful communication with Kharkov the leader of the DNI answered questions of inhabitants of Odessa. And Kiev would cost about that to think well. Unless of course, he still has what it calculates.

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