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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“The return of Shirokino” emphasizes preparation for a new war

Take the APU of the village of Shirokino in the defense Ministry DNR commented to the effect that Kiev invents a victory to raise the morale of the military. Indeed, in Ukraine, they know how to present the defeat as “Peremoga”, as well as to win this “Peremoga” out of the blue for the sake of PR. Examples of this are many. But this time for propaganda hype may be hiding something more.

Ukrainian military fully back under the control of the village of Shirokino near Mariupol, said the press officer of sector “M” APU Alexander Kindsfater, adding that the militia left the occupied part of the village a few days ago. Currently, the village engineers are working.

“Fighting in debaltseve, allegedly allowed to disrupt the plans of the Kremlin to dismember Ukraine”

Pan Kindsfater – perhaps the main storyteller not only of the sector “M”, but all of the APU, if we forget about the professionals. He’s not an easy task. In the sector of “M” is always something going on. Usually events are bound to the clashes between the battalion “Azov” (a couple of times already reformatted, but still existing) and the Marines. The latter are considered the elite of the Ukrainian army, because some of them received training at the Yavoriv training ground under the supervision of Americans. However, the battalion “Azov” for the people they did not consider: real combat experience with the Marines there, and at the first collision with the BCH in the same Shirokino they fled. So between the two “heroic troops” began a struggle for life and death – a struggle for life and the so-called “neutral”, that is, anyone not under the control of the village on a relatively stable section of Mariupol front.

To follow the “neutral” was intended to be the OSCE in the face of the monitoring group, Deputy head Alexander hug which regularly goes with the personal inspection in the former neutral villages. Such villages only two, but they for the OSCE “worth a mass”. Shirokino one year ago was declared a “demilitarized zone”, and these zones – the exclusive invention of the OSCE. Hug in July last year had personally witnessed that in Shirokino no militia there. And where they now took pan Kindsfater – a question for him.

From a military point of view Shirokino no interest. For six months no one lives there, and former resort town in ruins. Yes, it is mined, as rightly pointed out by Kindsfater, but this led the very nature of the battle for Shirokino. When part of the VSN occupied the village, we did not install him in full control (just because of his failed geography) and retreated to the hilly ridge to the East. But last winter the fighting in Shirokino, as in several Greek villages around it, were very serious. It turned into a trap, in which the APU was repeatedly caught trying to break through to the center and get a bonus for “taking”. Especially, indulged in the same battalion “Azov”, in some point considered Shirokino personal Klondike. I only had to run to the administration building, to make the collective self against the backdrop of the Ukrainian flag and ticking back until the ridge on the East are not covered by mortars. Continue this until infinity, but the OSCE has coined the term “demilitarized zone”.

Over time, the status of the main neutral territory in the sector “M” moved in Kominternovo, located on the other track (just to the North, leads to Mariupol). Constant attempts to overcome each other, this tiny settlement has led to the fact that he, too, called for Alexander hug and in the best traditions of European propaganda began to squeeze under there cameras hungry children. When the Hg went, and the children fled in kominternove tried to come to the Ukrainian Marines, since they have not been there, but the victory did not happen.

“The lesson Shirokino” the Ukrainian part (still not clear what exactly Mr. Kindsvater avoids this topic, not to provoke new clashes between “Azov” and the Marines) no military purpose has not. And have to strain to come up with a military rationale for the same movements around the nearby Kominternovo. In General, it is solely the propaganda campaign, the usual for the APU. The direction of Mariupol (in the terminology of the Ukrainian command – sector “M”) is relatively stable. Yes, a small neutral zone is the cause for the constant clashes, but they are noticeably smaller than on other fronts. In anticipation of the “Russian offensive on Mariupol Kiev threw in so awkward a lot of troops, that kid is now trivial to do nothing. So constant skirmishes between its become the norm, and “forced off neytralke” – a way to feed themselves.

Another thing that Shyrokyne was organized contrary to all agreements (God bless him, with Minsk-2, but it is so beloved by the OSCE in Kiev). Perhaps we are talking about Amateur level of the battalion group and pan Kindsfater turned this episode in the next propaganda card.

Kiev permanently is an information war for domestic consumption. Pointless, both from the military and from a human point of view the massacre there has been repeatedly turned into something heroic and educational, forming the basis of “Ukrainian nation” and “a reference for youth”.

It all started with the sad defense of the ruins of the Donetsk airport. Locked the group, partially devoid of supply, at some point, survived solely due to the fact that BCH would allow a planned rotation and to bring the most “cyborg” food. These people died for nothing, a pile of concrete, but Kiev propaganda turned them into heroes of epic of duty and defenders of the Fatherland – even despite the fact that some gave up in batches, while others dig up so far. After the lesson, the BCH of the upper floors of the old terminal resistance was pointless, but the Ukrainian command does not withdraw the troops that it was not so much military as political decision.

The airport has become a symbol of Poroshenko for which he was put many. Militarily the airport cost approximately the same as and Shirokino, and now turned into a mass grave, remaining a propaganda asset of the government in Kiev. And so far Poroshenko as the commander-in-chief puts the return the ruins of the airport as a base task that causes stress on this sector and provokes the shelling of residential areas of Donetsk.

Particularly significant in this respect be a mockumentary, filmed in Kiev in the contracts of the Ministry of defense and on the patterns of Bi-bi-si. The first was the RAID. The power of the unconquered – an epic story about the March several kilometers of the Ukrainian brigades in the rear of the BCH in the direction of the Russian border in the summer of 2014, in which they were defeated at the Saur-Tomb, and then finished off under Ilovaiskaya. Filmed by the Americans, who said that this “RAID” is the longest kilometer in the expression of the individual since the Second world war. To regard the modern war on the patterns of the 40-ies of the at least strange, but in Kyiv and Lviv such works.

This was followed by the film “Airport” which is clear about. At its premiere in Kiev was attended by President of Ukraine handed out awards and touching to communicate with “cyborgs”. The genre has so much sentimental by nature Poroshenko that some scenes and scenario approaches began to walk out of the film in the film.

A few days ago on three Ukrainian channels hosted the premiere of “Debaltsevo” rife with falsehoods, factual errors and just stupid. This cultural event was timed to the anniversary of the defeat, but the propaganda continues to claim that it was Peremoga. This thesis is confirmed by the infographic, which shows that the main reason for the retreat from of the boiler was a betrayal of the individual Junior commanders, to surrender together with his subordinates or refused to follow orders. And Peremoga happened because some of the troops was still withdrawn from the boiler. Moreover, the fighting in Debaltsevo allegedly allowed to disrupt the plans of the Kremlin to dismember Ukraine. Next comes the list of awardees, including four heroes of Ukraine, of which two – colonels, which in the Ukrainian army, to put it mildly, ambiguous. Now there is no need to parse the debaltseve operation, it has its pros and cons, and it’s purely about the fact that in terms of the ideological lies of the Ukrainian propagandists have outdone themselves here.

Any event on the front – real or invented – in record time, issued propaganda for the Ukrainian Peremoga. Fighting for the Donetsk airport became a “model of heroism” and “a symbol of the struggle for independence”, though they were meaningless wrap hysteria. Fights for the Lugansk airport “the RAID unconquered,” the efforts of American PR has evolved from a strategic error in “sample tactical art”. Shirokinskoye kominternovskoe, and looting presented as “tactical success, which did not require victims”. Last year’s massacre in Marinka on the Pavlopil direction are considered to be “a major defeat of the separatists”, even though APU fled from the battlefield.

But behind all this propaganda background (first and foremost, for the “liberated Shirokino”, where no people live) is hiding a large-scale movement of the entire Northern front of the APU. The shelling of Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Gorlovka acquired the character of a total that was not even last summer. Several teams of the APU more than 25 thousand people were in motion throughout the arc around Donetsk to Gorlovka. The fighting with heavy artillery observed even in the traditionally quiet Lugansk direction, and in the most dangerous zones, Marino, the airport, Peski, opytnoe, Gorlovka – it smells already a full-fledged war. A significant APU power on the first line is replenished with reinforcements, and rear staffs is given in full combat readiness. And this is not propaganda.

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