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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The oligarchs moved in ocean-going yachts

The global war on offshore announced worldwide, and particularly in our country. Russia joined the common standard of exchange of financial information (CRS), developed at the initiative of the “Big twenty” and the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD). We are not the first. With 2014 to these requirements has been joined by more than 100 States and offshore territories. The agreement is intended to increase the transparency of financial schemes and to facilitate the fight against tax evasion due to the withdrawal of funds to offshore. Finally, this mechanism, as stated by the Secretary General of the OECD Jose angel Gurria, is due to start in September 2018. However, it is now clear that the life of rich people is becoming every day more difficult. Earned similar to the us FATCA system. Even on hearing “the Panama scandal” in which result were made public thousands of offshore accounts, including citizens of Russia. That is, “tax havens” are closed, and those who lead a shady business, have to make deals on ocean yacht.

photo: pixabay.com

To reduce the tax burden trying. Even the candidate for the post of President of the United States Donald trump. Despite his statement that he is not hiding his tax returns, he was the author of the book “the Art to make deals”, which is the actual allowance for cheating business partners and tax evasion. By the way, not so long ago in the American media has reported that trump will optimize their tax payments to the state of Delaware. There in the usual two-story office registered more than 285 thousand firms and companies, which due to its incorporation save for the payment in the budget of the United States hundreds of millions of dollars annually. This is a legal offshore company in America. According to the American journalists, here is a registered company of the other candidate for the Oval office, Hillary Clinton.

In the history of the United States were far more successful deviators from taxes. Remember, the infamous American billionaire Kenneth dart, the son of the inventor of disposable tableware William Darth.

After numerous accusations of fraud related to the attempted takeover of another business (including oil companies Sibneft and Yukos), Kenneth Dart renounced his American citizenship and since then could not be in the US for over a month. Dart then moved to the yacht without Windows, but equipped with torpedo and anti-aircraft protection. In it were abundant phones and monitors that track the movement of financial assets of Darth. From your cabin it’s not coming out for days. Most of his confidants had never met Darth Vader in person, about what “MK” was told by one of his former employees.

Here, said the American media, he evaded paying taxes, because his yacht was in international waters and was really a miniature offshore. After that then-President bill Clinton tried to impose a tax on persons who refuse the American citizenship, but continues to profit from located in USA enterprises. But this step failed.

To conduct transactions in international waters is not the most stupid thing to do — here you can perform cash transactions and resell specific products. Customs are not there.

However, the governments of most world powers do not suit such schemes of tax evasion. As you know, at the first summit of “Big twenty” in late 2008, in Washington, a decision was made on the elimination of all “tax havens” in the world. It was not actually on the abolition of offshore companies, and about the need to pay taxes in their countries. Only then businessmen can transfer funds (stocks or other ownership) in the offshore zone.

As a result, in 2014 at the next G20 summit in cooperation with the OECD has developed a Uniform standard of financial information exchange. It provides for disclosure to all countries in automatic mode literally all data — not just on taxes, but also to other financial transactions (transactions for the purchase and sale of assets, payment of dividends, interest on deposits).

To this agreement have joined more than 100 countries and offshore territories. As a source told “MK” in the Ministry of Finance, Russia also signed this document.

He will finally enter into force two years later. Then, given similar mechanisms, for example the us FATCA system and the Russian restrictions on offshore companies, businesspersons who evade taxes, have to benefit from the experience of Kenneth dart, and to move to ocean-going yachts.

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