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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The missile defense system the U.S. is close to Russia

On the basis of Deveselu in Romania earned the American defense system. Begins construction of a base for a similar complex in Poland. Washington says that the elements of the European missile defense not directed against Russia and does not violate the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF). Both statements are problematic. How can Russia protect itself from the American “dual-use complexes”?

Russia has repeatedly offered the United States cooperation on missile defense, but deployment of us missile defense elements in Europe poses risks for strategic stability, said Thursday the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Destructive activities of USA and its allies in the missile defense is a violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF), said Zakharov. “We do the appropriate conclusions, including in the context of the adoption of retaliatory measures of military-technical character,” stressed the spokesman.

“The next Poland, hereinafter – the active development of the US missile defense in the Baltic and Black seas, Arctic and Asian segments ABOUT”

Earlier Friday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, speaking at a Romanian military base in Deveselu (OLT County in the South of the country, 180 kilometers from Bucharest), officially announced the operational readiness of located here the American missile defense systems Aegis Ashore.

The launch of one of the key elements of the American missile defense system near Russia’s borders is concerned by the Russian Parliament. The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov (CPRF) intends to prepare a draft statement about the possibility of Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF).

“Now I believe that there is not only the exit from the start, but from the Treaty on intermediate-range missiles. From that agreement, we generally must go, because it is absolutely flawed to us. We must now put this issue”, – said the Deputy.

In the Baltic and black sea routes

We note again that although the task is placed in Romania of the missile defense complex called defense of NATO infrastructure in Europe, it is not about NATO, and specifically American military facility – the element of the system of the European missile defense of the United States.

If in Romania the complex ABOUT the US, Aegis is already open and was on combat duty, then the next day, Friday, in the Polish town of redzikowo, near the Baltic coast, 150 km from Warsaw) will be held the ceremony of laying the Foundation stone for the construction of a base for similar American complexes. In Poland an advanced system of ground-based Aegis will be ready by 2018. By the time the American command plans to upgrade and Romanian missile complex.

As reminds “Interfax”, the two Eastern European database created in the framework of the second and third phases of the plan, the United States and NATO to deploy a European missile defense system. In accordance with this plan four warships equipped with Aegis missile defense systems already deployed in the Mediterranean sea.

On 5 may, the U.S. assistant Secretary of state Frank rose “reassured” Russia, saying that the U.S. does not plan to place a missile defense system in the Black sea. This statement is a sly, given the location of the Aegis of the black sea in Romania.

No violations?

A spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy to Russia William Stevens said earlier that Washington “has made clear that the deployment of the Aegis systems in Romania and Poland is in full compliance with the INF Treaty”.

But, as explained by the newspaper LOOK military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski, in ground-based Aegis Ashore complex used exactly the same universal shipboard firing complexes, which are installed on US Navy ships.

So, the complex Aegis, earned in the base in Deveselu, equipped with anti-aircraft guided missiles-the SM-3 interceptors. Launch these missiles is made from launchers MK-41. Launched from MK-41 missiles are dual purpose.

“And these complexes are known, also can be used for launching air defense missiles, such as SM, and to launch cruise missiles “Tomahawk” sea-launched. That is, to distinguish what is loaded in such a UKSK (universal shipboard firing complex), it is impossible”, – said the expert.

Therefore, says Murakhovsky, Russia suspects that, if necessary, Americans can use these firing systems for cruise missiles, and this is a direct violation of the letter and the spirit of the INF Treaty”.

Recall that the Russian foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that Moscow is considering the use of American launchers dual purpose as a violation of the INF Treaty.

By the way, recall that the average flight range “Tomahawk” with nuclear warhead is 2.5 thousand km, with high-explosive warhead is 1.6 thousand km In the case of the placement in Poland and Romania, the distance from the Russian borders is not great.

“Remembered” about Iran

The already mentioned U.S. assistant Secretary of state Frank rose, explaining the actions of Washington, stressed that the missile defense system placed in Europe, “is not directed against Russia.”

The United States for many years, explained the deployment of interceptor missiles in Europe (including Eastern Europe, near Russian borders) the presence of the Iranian threat. In 2009 Barack Obama, speaking in a keynote speech in Prague, has assured the world that after reaching an agreement with Tehran, the European missile defense system is minimized. In July 2015, after such a historic agreement with Iran was really reached, foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov has reminded Washington about Obama’s words. However, responding to Mr Lavrov, the state Department actually disavowed the promise of their own President. “The successful resolution of the nuclear issue does not obviate the need for (creating) ABOUT to counter the Iranian missile threat”, said the representative office.

And this time, opening a complex ABOUT the United States on the basis of the Romanian Deveselu, the representative of the Pentagon in NATO Robert bell again mentioned Iran. “We now have the opportunity to defend NATO in Europe. The Iranians expand their opportunities, and we need to play in advance. The system is not aimed against Russia”, – quotes the representative of the Pentagon Reuters.

The correlation of the military potentials of Russia and the Moscow National believe such claims are unconvincing. “Now we know that the situation with Iran has changed dramatically, the question has been repeatedly asked from Moscow, including President Putin, does not lose its relevance,” – said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. “From the very beginning of this story we said that, in the opinion of the experts, and we are convinced of this, of course, the deployment of a missile defense system was indeed a threat to the security of Russia”, – RIA “news” words Peskov.

The head of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control of the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov said that the missile program of Iran cannot serve as a justification for European missile defense. “It is not clear what the basis of allegations that Iran’s missile program is a threat. For whom? If for the United States, it is not serious, because the range and the range of Iranian missiles does not exceed two thousand kilometers. Even the American forces in Europe are at a greater distance from Iran,” – said Ulyanov.

“The dialogue was discontinued by the leadership of the Alliance”

Another “explanation” of the actions of the United States is that supposedly Russia stopped NATO dialogue on missile defense even before the Ukrainian crisis in 2013 – this, in particular, said Thursday at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Us diplomats say that NATO tried to establish a dialogue with Russia on missile defense for many years, but Moscow has not responded to offers of collaboration.

The US charges that Russia withdrew from talks with the U.S. on missile defense – gross and low-quality propaganda, said in comments the newspaper VIEW military expert, chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko. “The dialogue between NATO and Russia was suspended by the leadership of the Alliance at the initiative of the United States. To discuss their missile program, they did not want and never will be. In this sense, Russia should more actively develop its strategic nuclear capabilities and modern weapons,” – concluded the expert.

“To shoot sparrows with Golden buckshot”

Victor murakhovski recalled that initially, the Americans explained the deployment of such a system in Romania by the desire to prevent the threat of missile and nuclear program of Iran. And now, when the “nuclear part of the disappeared”, they say that protection is provided against ballistic threats from States, which they consider dangerous, first of all, the same Iran.

“But it is not clear why defend against missiles in conventional arms is so monstrously expensive system? It is like to shoot sparrows with Golden buckshot. About the same efficiency criterion is cost,” said the source.

The main goal of the American PRO – Russia

According to Igor Korotchenko, the U.S. missile defense system in Romania is a first step in the construction of a global missile defense system. Iran has no relation to the us missile defense system does not have, is absurd, designed for fools, the expert believes.

“The U.S. missile defense system directed against Russia. The main goal is to devalue our nuclear capabilities. In turn, Poland and several other countries. The United States will also actively develop the marine component of missile defense in the Baltic and Black seas. Next will be created by Asian and Arctic segments of the us missile defense. Then the Americans will be able to blackmail Moscow. This possibility, if this continues, they will have in 25 years. Then the world will be the only military superpower, and the Russian nuclear system will lose meaning” – said the military expert.

The source said that the Americans believe in anti-missile defense is impossible. “All of their statements regarding the threat posed by Iran and the need for their missile defense system in Europe are worth nothing. It is designed for fools. Analysis of the situation shows that the main goal of the American PRO – Russia. The Crimea and the Russian black sea fleet is not playing a role. The purpose of American missile defense is to intercept Russian ballistic missiles,” Korotchenko said.

“Intercepts virtually impossible”

However, with regard to the threat to the Russian strategic Missile forces, in its current form Aegis Ashore practically it is not, says Victor Murakhovsky. “But the fact is that the Americans are going to develop our missile defense system is to use SM-3 missiles. Now they put the so-called Block 1B missiles. Is also very expensive. Each missile costs about $ 20 million,” – said murakhovski.

Simultaneously, the missile test Block 2A, which is the expected specifications will be to possess the outer the height of the intercept of the order of 240-250 km and can pose a potential risk for those located in the European part of the strategic missile forces, armed with missiles of the previous generation, said murakhovski. “However, for the modern and especially the promising Russian missile systems the Aegis system, including Aegis Ashore, the threat, in fact, will not submit”, – said murakhovski.

The expert explained that the new Russian missiles can fly without energetically favorable trajectories, and on the set. “In this case, the interception almost impossible,” – he stressed.

Recall that in July last year, the defense Ministry said that Moscow has prepared a response to the construction of the base us interceptor missiles in Romania. It was announced the intention to strengthen air attack force HQs in Crimea, a squadron of long-range bombers – strategic bombers Tu-22M3. As noted then in an interview with the newspaper VIEW former chief of staff of strategic missile forces Colonel-General Viktor Yesin, if necessary, these aircraft can strike at the base of the missiles, without entering into the zone of air defense.

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