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Friday, October 21, 2016

The mayor of Kiev Klitschko caught Smoking nervously at the bus stop

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, who is not left alone neither journalists nor the press and media, once again gave food for ridicule. Although perhaps not a laughing matter — the mayor was caught Smoking at the bus stop of public transport. Ash gently shook mayor in the ballot box.

photo: youtube.com

In the recent past the famous boxer and now mayor of the city of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko got again on the Amateur footage taken.

Not yet subsided passion in his falling off the Bicycle in the city centre: Almost Boris Johnson: Klitschko after the fall will not abandon the bike

As there is a new topic for discussion especially for the “cushion politicians” – Klitschko caught Smoking.

In Facebook published a photo in which the mayor, standing with his back to the electorate at a stop of public transport near Kurenevka depot, quietly smoked (in Moscow, for example, is prohibited by law to smoke on the pending transportation of the citizens, it is correct – sometimes you have to stand for a long time).

Klitschko stood behind a security guard, languidly watching as the mayor, hiding in her fist a cigarette and satisfy nicotine addiction.

The inhabitant of Kiev Maxim novokhatsky was outraged and even a little disappointed that actively promotes healthy lifestyles the mayor, it turns out, smokes!

However, a user of the social network has noticed that the city respects your Klitschko — cigarette ashes, the mayor gently shook in the adjacent box. Still had to speculate, where Klitschko Affairs goby?

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