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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The FBI became interested in the Russian medalists Sochi 2014

The revelations of the former employee of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Vitaly Stepanov, who had issued a broadcast channel CBS, has attracted the attention of the FBI. American intelligence agencies became interested in the Russian winners of the Olympic games in Sochi, which allegedly took performance-enhancing drugs. Russian experts are not inclined to trust Stepanov, who also refers to another person, and he is silent.

The FBI in Sochi

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States became interested in the charges brought by a former employee of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) Vitaly Stepanov against the Russian winners and medalists of the Olympic games in Sochi. This was reported by the American CBS TV channel, citing a source familiar with the investigation.

“So the FBI and other ABVGD now will unearth this topic”

Further details are given. However, the canal has linked the actions of the security services with his latest film. In the night of Saturday was published an announcement of the film, in which Stepanov has told that at least four Russian athlete, won the gold medal of the 2014 Games, used steroids. The film was released on Sunday.

It was also reported that the Russian athletes systematically took banned drugs as directed by their coaches, reports TASS.

Stepanov noted that the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, also leave the country, allegedly told him that the cases of concealment of doping involved the Russian special services. And Rodchenkova supposedly has the list of Sochi” with the names of athletes who used steroids.

World champion and silver Olympic medalist in athletics Olga Bogoslovskaya in conversation with the newspaper VIEW, first of all, expressed extreme surprise constant “links” Stepanova on Rodchenkova.

“I can’t understand what is happening. Stepanov, who seems to be already a canadian citizen, shares his revelations with us TV that he was told sitting in the same America Rodchenkov, she wonders. – I would have understood if Rodchenkov in Russia were, but he in the United States, in charge of the laboratory there. So why would anyone refer to it? If Rodchenkova there is such data, documents, names, then let them and give instead of through someone to share baseless accusations”.

“Interference” FBI theological perceived with irony. “It is clear why this is so. Many results at the Olympics didn’t like… That the FBI and other ABVGD now will unearth this topic. Don’t know, maybe the American intelligence services do nothing else, except the athletes and their urine,” suggested she.

By the way, “get” Rodchenkova suggested and the former head of the independent Commission on doping WADA Richard pound, writes “Kommersant”. The former head of the Moscow laboratory pound calls a “slippery man”, but notes that without him what-for will be able to prove very unlikely.

“Sculpts not for the first time”

A former chief sports doctor national teams of Russia Valentin Saninskogo said the newspaper VIEW that did not take new applications Stepanova seriously, “read and forget”.

“It’s sophomoric, not supported by any evidence. And he sculpts not for the first time. Who is he, tell me? Where it came from? No one he could call him. I do not think he can know about such things in principle. As far as I know, no serious role in the anti-doping Agency he did not play” – the expert believes.

Thus, according to saninskogo, Stepanova and his wife have reason to make such statements. “It is necessary to dig deeper in the dirty rags of some, to a positive image to create. I associate with this. Here and saying to his wife that way,” he commented.

Experts do not know who first started to inflate this scandal: Stepanov himself or his initially “led” by foreign media or any organization.

“But the fact that Americans now are interested in this, nothing surprising, – he admitted. – All they are interested in. And for every mark want to hang on to, if only to hurt Russia. That used nonsense, which says Stepanov.

Information attack

We will add that on the eve Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko announced that the United States is preparing another material on doping in Russia. We are talking about the upcoming publication in the New York Times, where it is expected the appearance of the names already 66 Russian athletes participating in the Olympic games in Sochi, which allegedly used doping, reports TASS.

“It’s sophomoric, not supported by any evidence. And he sculpts not for the first time”

The American edition of sending letters in the Russian national Federation for winter sports, wanting to get comments from their executives and athletes who allegedly are on the list.

“For me, this is not surprising, – said Mutko. – Ongoing information attack on the Russian sports. It’s like a baton is passed from one foreign media to another. All links in the chain. In fact behind all this is worth nothing. No facts”.

“Go successive attempts to influence public opinion on the decisions of international organizations. For example, to restore the rights of Russian athletics. Or to establish our relationship with WADA” – he explained.

According to Mutko, all athletes of the Russian team, which participated in the Games were under the watchful supervision of international organizations could not be involved in the anti-doping rule violation. Thus, in their “purity” is not responsible to Moscow.

Film CBS with the revelations Vitaly Stepanov, the Minister connects with the meeting of the Executive Committee of the world anti-doping organization WADA, which takes place may 11-12. “To highlight those people who are closely monitoring the situation. We saw the Director of the USADA (anti-Doping Agency U.S. Tygart. But there’s nothing really to comment on. The CBS film was specially shown before the meeting of the Board of Directors and shareholders of WADA. All not easy to do so,” added Mutko.

In General, according to him, the charges Stepanova based on speculation, and it will long continue.”

The background

In December 2014, a former employee of RUSADA Vitaly Stepanov and his wife is disqualified for doping athlete Yulia Stepanova were the main protagonists of the film by the German broadcaster ARD, whose name can be translated as “top Secret “Doping”. It was reported that Russian athletes systematically took banned drugs as directed by their coaches. In the film sounded accusations against Russians Tatiana Mesinai, Catherine Postolowo, savinovo by Maria, Anastasia Bazdarevic, Christina Parovoi, etc.

The theme was picked up and disseminated by many foreign media.

She continued to have “Meldonium scandal” – the use of Meldonium are prohibited for use since January 1 of this year, accused of many athletes from Eastern Europe, especially from Russia, and disqualified them.

In March, Vitaly Mutko reported that the total number of Russians, passed a positive doping test on Meldonium, reached 30, just as it is about 126 cases from seven countries.

However, already in April, after the explanation by the world anti-doping Agency the majority of Russian athletes who consumed Meldonium, in fact, came under the Amnesty. In WADA decided that the drug is eliminated from the body longer than previously thought, and made the content less than 1 microgram of Meldonium in doping test of sportsmen, rented till March 1.

All these scandals probably had an effect on the fate of the former leaders of the Russian anti-doping Committee (RUSADA). The former head of the Moscow laboratory of journalist Grigory Rodchenkov and his Deputy Timothy Sobolewski in January of this year went to the United States.

On 14 February of a massive heart attack at the age of 50 years died, the former Executive Director of RUSADA, Nikita Kamaev.

3 Feb RUSADA announced the death of the President of the Executive Council of the organization Vyacheslav Sinev, who had headed it for two years since the founding in 2008. He was also only 50 years old.

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