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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The creation of a US base in Poland is fraught with surveillance of Russian objects

In the Polish redzikowo may 13, will begin the ceremony of laying the Foundation stone for the construction of the missile bases of the U.S., which is expected to be placed missile defense systems “aegis”. Analysts believe that Russia, at this stage, the creation of such a facility threatens the detection of its missiles.

photo: AP

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (center) in Romania

According to the authorities of the USA and NATO base in Poland and a recently opened base in Romania needs to intercept ballistic missiles of Iran and North Korea. As for the Polish of an object, even it is not planned to modify to intercept Russian missiles. However, interviewed by “MK” the expert is sure of the opposite.

“The United States created a global missile defense system, says “MK” military expert, head of the Department of Eurasian integration and the development of the SCO of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev. – Base in Romania and the one that is created in Poland — base forward-deployed U.S. missile defense system. If this task is not the defense of Europe against missiles, and we are talking about, to the extent possible, identify the launches of Russian missiles, because a missile base, in addition to the interceptors, are equipped with radar detection and target detection. This station, according to one, has a detection range of 1900 miles, others 1000 km reliable detection purposes. It turns out, creates a system of interception. Put a radar station, which will be directed towards the Russian Federation and will cover its territory. It is clear that we don’t like it”.

The expert believes that Russia has the opportunity to respond. “We can, for example, in the Kaliningrad region to deploy the s-400 and throw the air defense system on the territory of Poland, – said the “MK” Vladimir Yevseyev. – The same thing that we did, for example, in Syria. When you are landing, the aircraft Polish will fix that they are in the affected area. I think they will be just frustrating. You don’t always need to pay just for the shock system is important and that is information system that will be included in the General system of global missile defense.

Radar stations have a significant space superiority over foreign systems of missile attack warning (early warning system). They have higher reliability and accuracy. When there is a missile launch, space echelon EWS is triggered only after the missile leaves the dense layers of the atmosphere, about 100 km To 100 km, the satellite is almost not see a rocket flying. Radar takes much lower. Plus if the satellite is usually something to check, then the station has more confidence. In the case of a hypothetical conflict, the United States will have a system that detects missile launches from a specified direction.”

According to the interlocutor of “MK”, the database will keep track of different goals. “Not only ballistic, says Vladimir Evseev. Is the first thing that bothers. Second, the system that is in Poland, will be modernized. When upgrading, for example, will increase the height of the intercept, the speed. It turns out that now the danger may be the information system, as will be further opportunities to intercept, which could be implemented against Russia if, for example, the launch will take place in Kaliningrad region. It is clear that this is not against Iran…”

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