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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The chief Prosecutor of Ukraine became a criminal without a legal education

On Thursday the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine did what it was expected from the first day of “victory of the Maidan” all ill — wishers- appointed chief Prosecutor for the former felon without a legal education. Lucky was Yuri Lutsenko, the leader of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, which at the time of Yanukovych, was sentenced to 4 years in prison for abuse of office and misappropriation of state property in especially large size. For that he became the chief Prosecutor of Ukraine, voted 264 deputies.

photo: youtube.com

The idea to appoint Lutsenko attorney General to have evolved in parallel, as for the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine began to heal Volodymyr Groysman. Apparently, President Petro Poroshenko wanted at once to take possession of both the government and the repressive apparatus. But if the first all went more or less smoothly, the voting for the second item, the Verkhovna Rada managed to fill up twice. But attempts to push the law on which the Prosecutor is not required to have legal training and work out on time in the Prosecutor’s office, have been made since April.

Why all of a sudden, the deputies agreed to vote this time, history is silent, but, according to the MP Mustafa Nayem, the bill would never have passed the approval, if not for the support of the deputies of the Opposition bloc. As a result, he recognizes: all that the Maidan fought, destroyed, and now we need to gather at the Central square of Kiev to disperse power and to restart the reforms.

How much more Ukraine will have to endure coups, to meet its logical end, hard to say, so back to how may 12 Lutsenko to push through in the Prosecutor’s chair.

First, the legislation that paved the leader of the presidential faction the road to a new purpose, was adopted one day, first voted for by the deputies, then the law was immediately signed by the speaker Parubiy, and hours later he has already signed Poroshenko. On this occasion, even made a special edition of the newspaper “Voice of Ukraine”, after the publication in which the laws enter into force.

Secondly, to Lutsenko is sure to become a Prosecutor, the President has decided to personally attend the evening session of the Verkhovna Rada. The vote tried to disrupt the members “of the Radical party Lyashko,” but their colleagues from BPP prudently occupied the rostrum and one to her did not admit. “We protect it from all sorts of absurdities,” not ashamed to say, Deputy head of the faction Alexei Goncharenko.

Third, even in profile Committee of Parliament on legislative support of law enforcement found only 2 senators who opposed the appointment of a felon to the position of chief Prosecutor. The rest of the 13 elected representatives of the people, this idea seemed great. In turn, Lutsenko, before the cries of opposition lawmakers “Shame!” began the vote, said that he is not going in a new position to prosecute the deputies, but illustrates about 400 prosecutors. New appointees, presumably, will gain as well from criminals.

Assurances the controversial policy did not affect the decision of “Batkivshchyna”, “Zamoose” and “Radical party of Lyashko” – all three political forces refused to vote for Lutsenko. But the remnants of the ruling coalition in the face of “popular front”, BPP, and adjacent to, of necessity, the “Opposition bloc” was enough to protege Poroshenko became the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

We will remind, the predecessor of Viktor Shokin. In the US it was called corrupt, which prevents the reforms. In February, he on the advice Poroshenko has submitted his resignation, but taking advantage of the hype surrounding the thwarted overthrow Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk quietly went on vacation. The Verkhovna Rada failed to dismiss Shokin only at the end of March, and on April 11, he happily retired.

According to Director of the Ukrainian branch of Institute of CIS countries Denis DENISOV, which he expressed in an interview with “MK” designation Lutsenko became a technical reshuffle, which will not affect the country’s political system:

– This is the most acceptable candidate for Poroshenko, because he repeatedly demonstrated his loyalty. Besides, he does not have sufficient capacity to make this post to reveal how a strong politician capable of competing with the President. In principle, Poroshenko would agree to Shokina, but he did not suit the West. The opinion of the United States and the European Union is very often to Kiev direct call to action, to ignore which is very difficult.

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