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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Agency for the fight against “propaganda of Russia and China” want to create in USA

To create a Federal Agency to combat “the propaganda in China and Russiaproposed to establish in the United States. One of the authors of the project were a member of Congress from the Republican party of the USA Adam Kitzinger.

According to the publication the Washington Examiner, the bill says that Russia and China have used many tools of propaganda to reduce the global influence of the United States.

“A bill to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation” aimed at creating a Center for information analysis and response at the state Department.

“It will analyze the progress of the information war – disinformation stuffing with which to fight, and that will expose. The focus will be on the propaganda directed against US national security, said Kitzinger. – Russia spews his misinformation, undermining the interests of the United States in Ukraine, and contributes to the spread of instability in some countries. The establishment of an appropriate Agency will give US a unique opportunity to direct a powerful stream of truth, ensuring global stability and preventing conflicts”.

Foreign propaganda is not only spreading anti-Western sentiments, but also manipulates public perception, subverts democracy and undermines the interests of the United States, said the co-author of the bill Ted Liu.

The bill was supported by more than 10 congressmen from both parties, reports TASS.

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