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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sweden broke the flying pilot of the Russian plane

Scientist Gennady Belyaev, responsible for the Russian part of the StratoClim experiment to study the upper atmosphere, said the failure of the Swedish authorities of flight experimental aircraft M-55 “Geophysics”.

photo: ruwikipedia

In his words, quoted by “Interfax”, the aircraft arrived in Sweden on test trials that were supposed to hold and control 70 specialists from different countries of the world. Also on the ship it was necessary to install four crates of scientific equipment.

Test flights, however, did not take place. According to Belyaev, the Swedish authorities demanded as soon as possible to take the aircraft from the territory of the country, ignoring the fact that he did not pose a danger to flights, since its working height is 17-18 kilometers and civil aircraft flying at a height of 8-12 kilometers.

In the end, were only performed ground testing, though all approvals were obtained in advance.

Belyaev explained that the Swedish authorities took M-55 to state , that is, military aviation, whereas according to the classification it refers to an experimental type vessels.

In this case, after crossing the border with Finland the country without any problems allowed to “Geophysics” to fly to the destined altitudinal range.

The scientist added that the M-55 flew over the Arctic, the Antarctic, Australia, Africa and South America, in particular, he was able to fix over the Indian ocean the lowest temperature of the atmosphere in -91,8 degrees Celsius.

The main stage is scheduled for StratoClim weaving summer in India, Belyaev sure that porting it is not necessary.

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