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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Scientists have found genes standouts”

An international team of researchers, which included scientists 234, 74 found a genetic variant influencing the academic performance of children in school and their willingness to dedicate large amount of time education. While experts stress that impact each of the discovered regions of DNA and even all of them together is not as significant as the impact of other factors, including genetics are not related.

The experts examined data on the human genome and 300 thousand people. Previous research on the same topic was covered 100 thousand people and has revealed only three genetic variant associated with academic performance. In the course of the new work took advantage of the 64 different databases containing information about human genes from 15 countries.

The researchers note that each individual genetic variant had only a minor effect on the average academic performance of students. Most likely, different regions of DNA that influence the learning process in the human genome can be several hundreds of thousands or even millions. Scientists emphasize that to overestimate the influence they discovered variations, even taken together, should not be, especially when you consider that even genetics in General plays an important role in “ensuring” academic results than environment and upbringing of a person. For this reason, researchers are encouraged to avoid simplistic interpretations of their discovery.

Although experts and asked not to overestimate the significance of their discovery, in many ways, it can be useful — in particular, it will be possible to create a more effective educational program, taking into account individual peculiarities of students. Also, experts do not exclude that further study discovered DNA regions will allow you to learn more about the mechanisms of weakening cognitive abilities with age, and even some mental illnesses.

The experts presented their study in the journal Nature.

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