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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Russia revives military Ghost train for retaliation in a nuclear war

The Russian military-industrial complex has begun to develop individual elements of the combat railway missile system (rail-mobile missile systems) “Barguzin”, designed to strike at the enemy in a nuclear war. This was reported by TASS source in the industry.

photo: ruwikipedia

He said that the exact timing of the creation of all bzhrk not yet, they will become clear in 2018, however, at this point already worked out the design documentation and creates individual elements of future trains. Previously due to the difficult financial situation the completion of the creation bzhrk were postponed to a period later than 2020.

Development bzhrk was conducted in the Soviet Union since 1969 and was completed only to the disintegration of the country — 1987. In 2005, the commander of the strategic missile forces, Colonel-General Nikolay Solovtsov stated that all 12 missile trains, carrying 36 launchers, removed from combat duty.

However, in 2009, the military leadership are thinking again about their creation, however, to replace the complexes “Good” had to come “Barguzin”.

The idea of the train, which was carrying strategic missiles, attracted the attention of the military primarily by the fact that because of the maneuverability it would be hard to destroy in the first shot, and he would be able to inflict retaliatory damage to the enemy in a nuclear war.

In this regard, bzhrk and was called “train of ghosts”, also in the Soviet Union on the railroads they were called “train zero”.

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