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Friday, September 22, 2017

Psychologists: a man that hides a terrible secret, give out messages in social networks

A group of researchers representing the University of Maryland, have discovered an incredibly simple way to find out that the person hides from others a secret, the disclosure of which very negative impact on his life. As it turned out, these secrets make them the guardian unwittingly change the style in which he writes the messages to social networks or communicating with friends.

Experts interviewed about a thousand people to find out whether they are hiding any truly significant secret from other people for at least seven years. As it turned out, by the secrets, for example, could potentially ruin a career or family, they had 179 among which to continue to participate in the study agreed 61. Among the “terrible secrets” were, in particular, adultery, do not accept human environment sexual orientation, is unacceptable from an ethical point of view, the sources of income and so on.

Then the specialists with the help of special programs for text analysis examined the reports of research participants in social networks. Just so we analyzed nearly 60 thousand messages.

According to scientists, keepers of secrets, oddly enough, on average, were socially active users who had nothing to hide. Especially operational people, hiding some information, were answered by those from whom they had kept it secret in the first place. This message is for those to whom the secret was already known, went often and were forget.

In correspondence with those to whom the secret was known, the study participants often used words that carry a negative connotation, as well as associated in meaning with a sense of caution. In the messages to those from whom the secret was hidden, began to frequently used the present tense, and for those who knew the secret — in the past. Finally, the researchers noticed that in correspondence with those from whom the secret was hidden, people often used the pronouns of the second person — as it is supposed, was behind this subconscious desire to change the subject of conversation of the interlocutor.

Experts admit that on the basis of their work can help both psychologists seeking to help their clients and representatives of special services who will be able to use the revealed regularities for finding people with secrets, dangerous to others. The researchers even admit that a system which would on the basis of acquired knowledge with a high degree of accuracy to detect cheating automatically.

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