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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Our “Student” in Cannes

On may 13 the program “Special view” 69-th Cannes film festival premiere of the film “Student” directed by Kirill Serebrennikov. This is the only feature-length film, representing Russia in the official program.

photo: Alexey Yushenkov

Alexander Rodnyansky, the President of the festival “Kinotavr”, where the painting Serebrennikov will depart from Cannes, happy for his colleagues: “it’s Nice that the film “the Student” — the young producers. The first picture, “Cold front”, they did with Roman Volobueva, and already their second project invited to Cannes. It is a great success”. “The apprentice” filmed on the play by German playwright Marius von Mayenburg already supplied Serebrennikov in the “Gogol-center”. The performance is there, under the name “(M)student”. After the film was ready, one of our colleagues suggested that the authors of the film to appeal to the Patriarchy, as long as the affected religious theme. But the question arose: whether the Patriarchate rental company?

Here is what Kirill Serebrennikov before its debut in Cannes.

— As your picture appeared in the second most important competition? You acted on your own, or showed her the selector of the festival, Mr. Joël Chapron?

— We have sent our film to the festival and learned that participate in the competition after the official press conference in Paris, where he was advertised program. No special letters before the Board of Directors has not received.

— So how do you correctly call your film “the Apprentice” or “(M)student”?

— “Student”. You know if the film will be released under the second name, then immediately the questions arise: “What kind of a Martyr? What he actually is suffering?” And people won’t go to the movies. To the martyrs we have no interest. Unfortunately, the author’s cinema is perceived with much more interest somewhere in Europe, than in Russia. Although now and Arthouse has changed. It is not as fierce. Filmmakers shoot movie, which is at least interesting to some viewer. Personally, I would have come in a state of panic, if the public began to compare my film with the play. This is a different product. However, performance in the “Gogol-center” was seen not so many viewers across the country. In the Western hire such films as “Student” are not considered to be insurmountable dull, difficult for the average person. “Student” already bought several European countries. It will show not in art schools or basements, where very smart people, and in conventional theaters. Russian distributors we have.

— It is impossible to believe that you just shot his own film, as they say. Certainly not all was vague in the play and wanted to continue the theme.

— I don’t want to talk about it before the premiere. But the movie almost always there is strange. To you the producer comes in and offers to take something off. We discussed various ideas, sometimes nothing specific. The producer goes on your show and said: “well, it should be removed”. So we had an idea. A lot of them, and what at one time or another is implemented, I don’t know. In the seed of a million sperm, but what will become of the person is unknown.

— What are you hoping for, coming to Cannes?

Festivals exist to ensure that the paintings were brought by the viewer. Participation in them is essential for the promotion of the film. It’s not in the competition. We’re not race horses. In the art competition there. What is more important: yesterday about your picture, no one knew, and today know many. Mention of our film appeared on many sites, buy it: different countries interest in him. The festival is part of the industry, and he brings the film to a wide audience.

— Your painting done without government intervention?

— Yes, she even charged for peanuts. I love that in Russia there is independent cinema. It is like a reaction to what we are trying to accustom to the idea that he who pays the Piper calls the tune. But this strategy is disastrous. She’s not working. Well, order their music, and we will compose your. The desire to make a movie out of the state protectorate.

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