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Friday, March 23, 2018

Obama has not kept his word about the cancellation of the European missile defense in the case of transactions with Iran

The state Department confirmed that the US does not intend to abandon the deployment of missile defense in Eastern Europe, ostensibly to protect against Iranian threats. Despite the fact that in 2009 Barack Obama assured the world that after reaching an agreement with Tehran, the European missile defense system collapsed – what Washington recalled on the eve of Sergey Lavrov. Experts do not doubt ABOUT whose creation is forced by the “war party” in Washington, directed against Russia and not Iran.

The state Department saw no reason to renounce the deployment in Europe of elements of antimissile defense (missile defense) after the agreement with Iran. “The successful resolution of the nuclear issue does not obviate the need for (creating) ABOUT to counter the Iranian missile threat. That is why a new resolution of the UN Security Council, which will be codified in the joint comprehensive plan of action that will continue the UN sanctions against ballistic programs of Iran for eight years,” – said the representative office.

“War party” is now the most influential in the corridors of power. Because of it the US is in one or two steps from war with Russia”

Earlier, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow hopes that Washington will change its intention to create the European segment of missile defense in connection with the agreement by Iran. He recalled – and last but not least recalled it to Washington, as U.S. President Barack Obama in his speech in Prague on 5 April 2009 stated that after the settlement of the situation around the Iranian nuclear development problem of the European segment of the missile defense system will lose relevance. “We will be ready to dialogue on this issue”, – said Lavrov. He also added that the normalization of the situation with Iran eliminates the excuses for the use of force against him that some people thought “real alternative” to negotiations.

However, we can say that Obama has not kept his word in spite of this them five years ago, the promise of European missile defense is not “lost its relevance” for Washington.

“If not for the willingness of Russia”

We will remind that the day before Iran and six world powers reached an historic agreement on the nuclear issue, after 10 years of negotiations – then it would seem logical to US that gave tribute to the diplomatic efforts of Moscow, changed their tactics against Tehran. Note that following the talks Secretary of state John Kerry has put forward for the Nobel peace prize along with his counterpart, the head of Iran’s foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

As you know, the biggest conference ended with the adoption of a joint comprehensive plan of action, which is completely removed from Iran’s previously imposed economic and financial sanctions by the UN security Council, US and EU.

In the document, in particular, said that Tehran agreed not to enrich uranium more than 3.67% for 15 years. Six world powers and Iran agreed to intensify economic cooperation and to ensure the access of Iran to all possibilities of foreign trade, and financial and energy resources.

According to Lavrov, the agreement allows Iran to expand opportunities for military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Tehran. In addition, Lavrov said that the agreement on Iran eliminates obstacles on the way of forming a broad coalition to fight ISIS.


“I was surprised, as (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and the Russian government shared this (these two issues: Iran and Ukraine), and we would not have reached this agreement, if not Russia’s willingness to work together with us and other members of the “six” in order to achieve a good agreement,” complimented Barack Obama. However, it is possible to notice that the White house continues to mix the issue of Iran and the strengthening of the American military (including “missile”) presence near Russia’s borders.

The party of war “has passed the roller”

Likely, statements about the continuation of the previous line in relation to European missile defense are designed to reassure “hawks”. Note that, as told by a former counselor of the state Department James Carden in a column for the magazine The Nation, at the last Commission meeting of the Senate on the armed forces “warriors” literally “roller” walked on Obama’s foreign policy, which he called “dangerously naive”. The role of the main opponent of Secretary of state Kerry made notorious Senator Michael McCain.

“It is the “party of war” is now the most influential in the corridors of power, says a former employee of the state Department. – From-for it the US is in one or two steps from war with Russia – a collision that will destroy the national security of the United States to the Foundation.”

Note that the “party of war” and accompanies the main possible successor to Obama – the democratic candidate, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Such a conclusion can be drawn from her statements against Iran: welcoming a nuclear deal with Iran, as well as responding to skeptics from Congress and Israel, Clinton pledged that Iran will never get nuclear weapons if it is headed by the White house, told The Guardian. “As President I would use every tool in our Arsenal to force the Iranians to comply with the terms,” said Clinton.

“The message to Iran must be loud and clear: we will never allow you to acquire nuclear weapons; not only during the term of the agreement. Never,” said former U.S. Secretary of state.

Imaginary threat as an excuse

No change in US plans for a European missile defence system after an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program indicates the orientation of this system against Russia, has declared “to Interfax” in the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

“You would expect that the possible agreement with Iran on nuclear matters would entail at least a partial modification of the plans to establish missile defense. But this is out of the question. This is not surprising, since from the outset it was clear that the imaginary “Iranian threat” to Europe is only a pretext, and quite unconvincing, to create a missile defense shield with the projection on the Russian nuclear deterrent forces” – said the Director of the Department for non-proliferation and arms control, the Russian foreign Ministry Mikhail Ulyanov.

Earlier, U.S. Undersecretary of state rose Guatemalan said: “the United States never said that after the settlement of the Iranian nuclear issue, the placement of a missile defense system in Europe will become redundant or useless operationally. We said that if the United States, together with partners in the six party talks will be able to reach an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program and Iran will carry out, we will be able to eliminate one of the biggest threats to our security”.

What Ulyanov also reminded of the Prague speech Barack Obama 2009, when he quite clearly stated that if the so-called Iranian threat is eliminated, there will be no incentive for the deployment of a missile defense system in Europe.” “However, for the sake of objectivity it should be noted that, speaking about the “threat”, the us leader included in this concept not only nuclear but also missile program Tehran,” the source explained.

He added: “during bilateral consultations with Western partners, we repeatedly asked why they are so confident in Tehran’s motives or plans of missile strikes on their territory. In response, the interviewees were either confused, or began to openly laugh. The reaction is significant,” – said Ulyanov. For its part, the Guatemalan reaffirmed the US position: “We have repeatedly stated, and, as shown by scientific evidence, our missile defense program is not directed against the Russian Federation and cannot threaten Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.”

“Shahab” will not reach the middle of Europe

Meanwhile, a NATO spokesman said that an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue does not negate the missile threat to Alliance in connection with which the Alliance creates a missile defense system in Europe. “The threat posed to NATO of the proliferation of ballistic missiles continues to grow. Many countries have or are acquiring ballistic missile technology. The recent agreement between Iran and the international community does not change the situation. The NATO missile defense system is protecting European NATO allies from threat of ballistic missiles and is justified as long as there are ballistic missiles capable of reaching the European part of NATO,” said NATO spokesman, who requested anonymity.

He also recalled the statement of the Alliance that the establishment of a NATO missile defense system is aimed against all threats outside the Euro-Atlantic region”. “It is not directed against Russia. It does not threaten the Russian strategic deterrence. Geography and physics do not allow the NATO to shoot down Russian Intercontinental missiles from NATO facilities in Poland and Romania”, – said the representative of NATO.

“The problem of American missile defense is far-fetched. In 2009, everyone knew perfectly well that any Iranian missiles that can reach Europe, no”, – said the head of the Center for the study of the Middle East and Central Asia Sergey Bagdasarov, the TV channel LifeNews. “Besides, the situation with the missiles “Shahab-3 and Shahab-4, which they had armed, was unclear: this serial the features, or just a few pieces, the range of “Shahab-4” does not exceed 2 thousand km, All well aware that no relation to the Iranian missile program, U.S. missile defense has not. This is against Russian missiles. Tomorrow the new Americans “Mulk” think about the missiles that can threaten by the “Islamic state”. Go find, whether they had or not,” – said the expert.

“Russia is an existential threat”

“Nobody doubted that ABOUT unfolded primarily against Russia, not Iran. Today, the American military clearly say that Russia is an existential threat, i.e. a threat to the existence of the United States. Today, the States actually do not hide this fact, so for professionals there is nothing surprising in the current situation there,” – said the newspaper VIEW, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences, Director of conventional arms project and ATT of the PIR Center Vadim Kozyulin.

“Yes, there is conflict, when words from the United States with deeds, and nobody has yet disavowed the statement that the PRO was formally aimed at a potential Iranian threat,” – said the source. In his opinion, need to continue our diplomatic efforts, dialogue to defuse the situation, which today is rightly not overly tense.

While some diplomatic steps are not able to defuse it, “this requires certain measures of confidence,” acknowledged the expert. He pointed to the presence of signals that “confidence-building measures begin to recover”: “In particular, the Iran deal by which Russia and the United States very closely partnerstvovala, and the last message that Obama and Putin had discussed possible cooperation on Syria. That is, for all our differences there are common interests, the need to cooperate, visible opportunities for constructive in this area”, – concluded the expert.

The President of Academy of geopolitical problems, doctor of military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov believes also: state Department statement on the continuation of the program European missile defense system “suggests that the US missile defense of the theater of war in Europe was created not against a mythical Iranian threat, which could not get the missiles in Europe, namely against Russia. It disavows all the explanations that the US presented to justify the creation of this ABOUT” – he said in comments to RIA “Novosti”. For all it should now be clear that the United States will not remove the missile defense system in Europe, emphasizes the expert. In this regard, in his opinion, Russia should create controltime destruction ABOUT US and more powerful missile systems, able to overcome it.

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